I went a bit crazy with the monthly overview for October. Was going to make a “clean” one, but I loved this one too much :P Even now as I’m posting it, I can’t wait for October to start so that I can start using this one :D 

Here is a PDF for those who want to print it 


Halloween Candy Wands!

Finally made something for Halloween (its little over a month away FYI) and I’m thrilled with how these candy wands turned out. Check out the complete tutorial here.

Finally I done it! I really wanted to do something like cover pic to RP what I have with @wocxdid. Thanks a lot buddy for helping me with Title and color of Asriel robe. Also I put there many things about Nightmare, like his memories and thoughts.  I didn’t expected this RP to go so far, like… I really have fun writing and drawing it.

No! Don’t think about me like about bad person who like see her muse suffer. Nightmare just must learn when he should shut up, like… REALLY! I guess I will put here this RP in chronology, for you to read it easy and don’t searching all our blogs for that or something. I also read many RP in free time from other people and *sigh* I just wish sometimes for some chronology like that.

“Crossroads Memories”







((More infomations about other things on blog will appear very soon, don’t worry))

((Oh and I know that some people are curious why I doing almost art to every replays… it’s easy… I just feel like a newbie and want to practice my imagination))

See ya! ~Tia