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You are adorable, Mayim.

January 15 - Ran across the street to get this picture of Jake Gyllenhaal walking into the premiere of the new Broadway show “Constellations”. Working in Times Square has its benefits, I suppose.

(By the way: The timing could not have been more perfect on this shot.)


Embarrassing Animal Photos Caught by Camera Traps

In his new book, Candid Creatures: How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature, out this month, Roland Kays takes us inside the world of camera traps, compiling over 600 photographs from camera traps set up by individuals and research groups around the world. They are incredibly helpful for researchers and scientists, but also sometimes capture silly, unguarded moments. See more.
Candid Camera Show Drops Two ‘Israelis’ in Gaza City and Waits for the Lynching to Start [video]
The actors walked around Gaza with Israeli flags on their backs. In many cases they barely made it out alive.
By David Israel

The funniest reactions were those of irate Gazans who grabbed the provocative Israeli before them and started beating him up, and the canned laughter loved those scenes. Some of the violent responses immediately followed the appearance of the blue Star and David between two parallel lines; others emerged following an exchange with the actors, in a clothing store, on a soccer field, on the street in front of a warehouse. Each time, the actor under attack, occasionally under a mob attack, would start yelling, “It’s a hidden camera” and urged the crew members to save his life.

But there were less violent, and more introspective reactions, too, when the subject would enter a lengthy argument with the two actors over their proposal that he become Israeli, for instance, because Israel is a mighty superpower. Unaware of being on camera, several subjects stood up to declare their fealty to their nation and their faith, expressing their anger at the provocation.