In 2024, Wally West is wheelchair bound and is permanently in a state of shock from his reckless fight with Savitar after Iris’ death.

In 3x19, we see no sign of Jesse Quick in the episode, and you would think that the fact that her boyfriend nearly died from a fight with Savitar would prompt her to leave Earth 3.

Now, in 3x16, Jesse also recklessly goes after Savitar after Wally is trapped in the Speedforce.

At 1:44, Savitar says “I have such plans for you in the future, Jesse Quick.”

What does that mean?

Well, tying in the fact that the reason Wally is in shock was that he saw something during his Savitar fight that fucked him up.

My theory is that during the fight, Savitar is going to murder Jesse Quick in front of Wally before nearly killing him, and that’s the reason why Wally is in shock afterwards.

The Flash 3.22 - “Infantino Street”

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS; WENTWORTH MILLER RETURNS AS CAPTAIN COLD - With only 24 hours left until Savitar murders Iris (Candice Patton), Barry (Grant Gustin) struggles to save the woman he loves and makes the choice to use any means necessary to do so. Realizing he has one option left to save her, The Flash turns to Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) for help. Michael Allowitz directed the episode with story by Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Grainne Godfree

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I got one question about the last ep of the Flash

If HR Wells is supposed to keep his identity a secret, because the Harrison Wells from Earth-1 is dead, then how was he able to have his face plastered all over the back cover of his books and no one be effected? I get the whole face morphing tech on his watch, but he legit ain’t even care about what was on his book cover…I need answers….