Important Dates for the Signs in June - 2018

Z O D I A C G U I D E / / I G

Aries: 9, 10, 29

Taurus: 4, 13, 26

Gemini: 2, 8, 21

Cancer: 4, 15, 24

Leo: 2, 14, 23

Virgo: 11, 19, 22

Libra: 7, 17, 21

Scorpio: 12, 18, 24

Sagittarius: 9, 18, 29

Capricorn: 6, 15, 19

Aquarius: 10, 22, 29

Pisces: 4, 14, 25

Frida Kahlo Quotes for the Signs

Aries: “Passion is the bridge that takes you from pain to change.”

Taurus: “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.”

Gemini: “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”

Cancer: “I am that clumsy human, always loving, loving, loving. And loving. And never leaving.”

Leo: “You deserve the best, the very best, because you are one of the few people in this lousy world who are honest to themselves, and that is the only thing that really counts.”

Virgo: "I paint flowers so they will not die.”

Libra: “Since I fell in love with you everything is transformed and is full of beauty… love is like an aroma, like a current, like rain.”

Scorpio: “Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything rovolves, everything flies and goes away.”

Sagittarius: “Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light. Tragedy is the most ridiculous thing.”

Capricorn: “I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.”

Aquarius: “To feel the anguish of waiting for the next moment and of taking part in the complex current not knowing that we are headed toward ourselves, through millions of stone beings – of bird beings – of star beings – of microbe beings – of fountain beings toward ourselves.”

Pisces: "They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams, I painted my reality.”

Qualities, elements & polarities

The 12 zodiac signs can be divided in smaller groups according to the 3 qualities, the 4 elements or the 2 polarities. Each one of these components has different characteristics associated to them, as explained below.


Positive Signs are ACTIVE (YANG)
Aggressive, direct, extroverted, giving.
-> Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Negative Signs are REFLECTIVE (YIN)
Passive, indirect, introverted, receptive.
-> Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces


Cardinal Signs are DYNAMIC LEADERS
Initiators, assertive, influential, go-getters.
-> Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn.

Steady, consistent, stubborn, persistent.
-> Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius

Adaptable, restless, intellectual, social.
-> Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces


Fire Signs are ENERGETIC 
Inspirational, explosive, enthusiastic.
-> Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth Signs are PRACTICAL
Efficient, grounded, reliable.
-> Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Communicative, knowledgeable, flighty.
-> Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water Signs are SENSITIVE
Perceptive, imaginative, compassionate.
-> Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Aries  Dynamic, Active, Energetic ♈ The Pioneer
Taurus ♉ Strategic, Reflective, Practical ♉ The Owner
Gemini  Flexible, Active, Intellectual ♊ The Student 
Cancer  ♋ Dynamic, Reflective, Sensitive ♋ The Healer
Leo ♌ Strategic, Active, Energetic ♌ The Warrior
Virgo ♍ Flexible, Reflective, Practical ♍ The Assistant 
Libra Dynamic, Active, Intellectual ♎  The Mediator
Scorpio  Strategic, Reflective, Sensitive ♏ The Investigator 
Sagittarius  Flexible, Active, Energetic ♐ The Wanderer
Capricorn  Dynamic, Reflective, Practical ♑ The Manager
Aquarius ♒ Strategic, Active, Intellectual ♒ The Visionary 
Pisces ♓ Flexible, Reflective, Sensitive ♓ The Dreamer

The Signs As Summer Aesthetics

*Just for fun, but I made sure everything was related to each signs’ traits*

Aries: fireworks, late night swims in the lake, loud concerts, tattoos and piercings, messy hair from windy car rides, sneaking out with friends, bonfires, truth or dare

Taurus: the smell of cook outs and barbecues, fairs and music festivals, silky hair, art shows, a chilled bedroom and layers of blankets, snow cones, flirty gestures

Gemini: movie nights with friends, weekend vacations, lightning bugs, popcorn and soda, ice cream truck jingles, risky texts, theme park rides, cards against humanity

Cancer: windy summer nights, sleeping in all day, cotton candy, the sounds of swaying wind chimes, bath & body works, gummy candy, binge-watching tv shows

Leo: new haircuts and styles, pool parties, upbeat music, summer flings, bathing in the sunshine, body glitter, stories by the bonfire, watching the summer blockbusters

Virgo: binge watching YouTube videos, thrift stores, nature parks, fresh fruits on a hot day, re-decorating and de-cluttering, iced tea, strolling through the garden, butterflies 

Libra: blasting old pop songs, watching the sun set, spending time with your crush/lover, art museums, reminiscing on past summer memories, visiting the boardwalk

Scorpio: late night confessionals, ghost stories by the campfire, visiting abandoned places, sleeping through thunderstorms, swimming in the creek, horror movies

Sagittarius: hiking through nature parks, trying new foods, water balloon fights, summer camp, collecting crystals, rebellious trips with friends, driving down back roads

Capricorn: iced coffee and frappes, secrets revealed at sleepovers, sunrises, rock concerts, sparklers, visiting antique shops, choker necklaces, soft rain, fireflies

Aquarius: stargazing, summer themed memes,  cups of ice, spontaneously dyed hair, deep conversations with friends, weird snapchat stories, the smell of chlorine

Pisces: daydreaming by the waters, snuggling into bed, slushies, volunteering at shelters and rescues, collecting seashells, gazing at the moon, angel kisses

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my opinion on zodiac signs ! (sun and moon signs) 💘☀️🌜

capricorns: there’s something sexy and mysterious about them, social but can be cold and distant, act tough and pretend like they don’t need anyone on the outside when really they have a bunch of issues on the inside, y’all need to learn to open up and ask for help even if you hate it!! kings and queens of self-control. also, sentimental asf and love deeply, needs to be protected at all cost

aquarius: don’t give a fuck!! loud, very upfront and always have something to say but can’t take criticism, y’all never mind your business lmao, know it alls and love showing it, super caring and helpful, great friends, smart, secretive at times and love their space 

pisces: the cutest and softest babies, love y’all, must be protected at all cost, kind but get taken advantage of the most. crybabies and super emotional. spend a lot of time over thinking, give great advice, usually artistic in some way or another and y’all are very idealistic 

aries: THAT BITCH, usually sexy, loves to act tough, moody asf, impulsive, possessive, have a great sense a humor, can have the ugliest attitude and can be intimidating like relax lmao.. best in bed hands down, can lack compassion sometimes and can be insensitive, hustlers, don’t like to open up but amazing friends 

taurus: always attractive, stubborn asf!! don’t like people telling them what to do, take FOREVER to let shit and people go, give great advice, people naturally gravitate towards them, extraverted introverts, fall in love every day, bad with change would rather stick to a routine, sexual as fuck, can be super manipulative, crave security 24/7, loyal and super chill 

geminis: wild cards, never know what to expect , a lot to handle in relationships, you will have the best conversations of your life with them, best to party with, hella flirty, super smart, multiple personalities, moody, childish but overall fucking fun people 

cancers: love y’all but can be annoying, love to talk, attractive, competitive as fuck, social, make friends quick, super emotional and sensitive and suck at hiding it!! think they’re all that, super great friends, will always have your back if they fuck with you, hard workers

leos:  can be very annoying!! y’all talk too much, huge egos, prideful, love when the attention is on you but suck at giving it back, relationships with you sounds exhausting, great with advice loyal to a fault, family oriented, don’t get comfortable very quick and very careful with who they trust

virgos: can never be satisfied, kings and queens of self-destruction, too hard on themselves, always criticizing something or someone, very competitive and super hard workers! control freaks,  self-reliant, loving and loyal. y’all need to take a moment to breathe sometimes.. you’re amazing and you’ll be fine 

libras: favs! flirty fucks, funny, witty, corny asf & you can’t take them seriously lmao, have this way to attract anyone towards them, positive, can have a bad temper & lowkey sensitive but get over things and people quick. social as fuck, everyone loves y’all. the type to laugh during uncomfortable situations, all over the place, ALWAYS MIA, hard workers, the type of person you always want to have around. however, indecisive, don’t know what they want in relationships, they’re heartbreakers & will probably play you, people always fall for y’all…

scorpios: problematic favs! get angry fast, super emotional, sexual asf!!! sweet talkers, tell it like it is, when in love hard for them to let go and can be super possessive, amazing friends, will fight anyone for you if they really fuck with you, can ruin your life, have trust issues and are very skeptical

sagittarius: why are y’all so attractive? flirts 101!! seem like the sweetest people but can ruin your life. only nice when they wanna be but can switch up real quick, great as friends, always down to do anything, entitled, walk around like you can’t touch them, can be sensitive but won’t admit it, so irritating when angry and likes to pin things on others!! 

Rising Signs 🌅

and their Friendships 🍻💃🏽💘

Pisces ♓︎

  • Devoted and supportive of friends
  • Needs to be wary of negative relationships
  • Relies on friendships for strength and encouragement
  • As they get older, will attract those with strong karmic bonds

Aquarius ♒︎

  • Nonjudgmental of friends
  • Very “live and let live” attitude
  • Drawn to funny and passionate people
  • Attracts very outgoing, enthusiastic people

Capricorn ♑︎

  • Usually the one who is organizing and planning for the group
  • Loves being around those who allow them to let loose and live a little
  • Can attract people with very powerful, charismatic personalities

Sagittarius ♐︎ 

  • Ability to have friendships with various groups of people
  • People are drawn to their charm and humor
  • Friendships are very important and play an important role in their lives
  • Social Butterfly

Scorpio ♏︎

  • Values intelligence in friendships
  • Trusted as a great advice giver
  • Very protective of friends
  • Attracts stimulating, intellectual types

Libra ♎︎

  • Supportive and proud of friends 
  • Drawn to people with a more dominant personality
  • Very loyal
  • Can make friends with basically anyone

Virgo ♍︎

  • Mom Friend
  • Sympathetic and protective towards friends
  • Drawn to those they feel need “rescued”
  • Must be careful to not be used!

Leo ♌︎

  • Extremely loyal
  • Attracted to witty and intelligent people
  • Lives for those interesting late night conversations

Cancer ♋︎

  • Peace-keeper
  • Drawn to artistic and charming people
  • Seeks affectionate, easy-going relationships

Gemini ♊︎

  • Inclined to have one “best friend” among many acquaintances
  • Invests a lot of energy into relationships
  • Drawn to energetic, dynamic people
  • Can feel like they are sometimes competing with friends

Taurus ♉︎

  • Puts loved ones on a pedestal 
  • Selfless and giving in relationships
  • Attracted to artistic (and maybe troubled) souls

Aries ♈︎

  • Drawn to unusual, free-spirited types
  • Values spontaneity in friendships
  • Ability to form friendships quickly
  • Must be careful of unreliable relationships

just a cute, light-hearted post I wanted to make. thanks for reading! 💕 

How the signs show they care:

ARIES: It’s obvious. They are super protective over you and would fight someone for you. They’ll tease you but don’t want others being mean to you. They’ll always have your back.

TAURUS: Very touchy, feely and supportive to those they care about. They’ll pay a lot of attention to you and always remember small details about your life. Will be there for you 24/7.

GEMINI: They will always want to have fun with you and go on adventures. They will try to cheer you up with laughter when you’re down and never abandon you. They’ll talk with you for hours.

CANCER: They will tell you and they’ll be very affectionate towards you. They will be there for you all the time and always want to be around you. They’ll always want to talk about your life.

LEO: A Leo will shower you with gifts and affection so you know they care about you. It will most likely be obvious because they will tell you or pay a lot of attention to you constantly.

VIRGO: A Virgo will joke around with you a lot but at the same time they will always be there for you and be very supportive. They may not say they care but they will definitely show it.

LIBRA: If a Libra cares about you they will open up to you. They love to share their lives with people they care about and they’ll tell you personal things. They will also be there for you no matter what and make you feel good about yourself.

SCORPIO: There’s a good chance they won’t just straight up say it but they will show it by always listening to you and offering advice as well as defending you no matter what. Also, super protective of you.

SAGITTARIUS: Would literally do anything for someone they care about. They are super loyal to the ones they love and stick by their side with uplifting support and openmindedness.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns are very loyal to the ones they care about and stick up for them no matter what. They also love to help others so they’ll give lots of advice and support to you.

AQUARIUS: They’ll want to talk and be close to you all the time. If you’re upset they will try their hardest to make you smile or laugh and they won’t ever give up on you.

PISCES: They show they care by being a comforting presence and just letting you vent. They will give you great advice and listen to you no matter what. They will check up on you.

Distinctive things about your dominant sign
  • Aries: Full of energy, gets overly passionate in heated discussions, big cheesy grin
  • Taurus: struggles with spontaneity, seeks honesty, loves animals, shy smile
  • Gemini: Talks a lot, doesn’t plan, bad with direction, beautiful eyes
  • Cancer: Naturally funny, raises eyebrows a lot, infectious giggle, brought to tears a lot
  • Leo: Always smiling, fiercely determined, surrounds themselves with a small group of people, short tempered
  • Virgo: A signature smirk, always wants the last word, dry humour, straight forward
  • Libra: likes to be surrounded by others, laughs a lot, fidgeter, rolls their eyes often
  • Scorpio: Easily fascinated, sighs a lot, mood changes quickly, loves to take in information
  • Sagittarius: Easily bored, confident, creative, not trusting, very passionate
  • Capricorn: Very independent, hates to argue, endearing, honest, awkward
  • Aquarius: Cares about the important things in life, likes alone time, loves to debate, artistic
  • Pisces: Puts other people first, a lot of eye contact, a kind smile, seems unsure often

The Signs As Beautiful Things They Remind Me Of:

Aries: A Dangerous Beauty, The beauty of lava running down a volcano. The way the clouds look as if they’re glowing red above the destructive volcano. You wish you could touch the lava but you know that if you did, well… there goes your hand.

Taurus: A Warm Beauty, The way the sun sets and the warm feelings it brings. Imagine sitting in a meadow with the one you love, watching that sunset and having no worries in the world. You’re comfortable and content here.

Gemini: An Electric Beauty, Like a storm and the way it lights up the world on dark, cloudy days. The rush of excitement and fear you feel during a storm because it is unpredictable. The electrifying feelings of loving someone for the first time.

Cancer: An Oceanic Beauty, The way blue waves crash onto the rocks and little splashes of water fly off into the air sparkling like stars. The beauty of the waves when they are both calm and chaotic. You can either float or drown in them, but you can escape them.

Leo: A Glowing Beauty, The way the morning sun shines through white curtains and gives the room a heaven-like glow during the beginning of Spring when everything starts blooming again. This is the calm before the storm.

Virgo: A Vintage Beauty, Timeless and iconic. Like the aesthetic of black and white movies from the 40’s-50’s. The sophisticated, innocent kind of beauty. The way old music sounds on a vintage record player during the middle of a summers day, when you have no worries.

Libra: An Ethereal Beauty, Like an angel that watches over you in a pink, cloudy sky. She knows all about you and you wish to reach her but you can’t. So you dream about her, that’s the only way you can ever be with her, in those pink clouds.

Scorpio: A Magnetic Beauty, The way haunted homes at early hours of the morning make you curious. You are afraid of them but you gravitate towards them. There’s something beautiful about darkness, and you know that inside of the haunted house , there lies secrets nobody knows of.

Sagittarius: A Wild Beauty, Like poisonous wildflowers swaying beautifully in the wind, you can admire from afar and watch them thrive in glory but you cannot touch them or consume them, they’ll kill you. You have no choice but to let them be.

Capricorn: A Secret Beauty, Like finding hidden parts of a forest, safe and quiet. The forest trees are like a protective shield, making sure that only people who really deserve it and care find its hidden, sacred beauty.

Aquarius: A Celestial Beauty, The way stars dangle in the evening sky. It’s not yet night but you can just see the stars twinkle and the sky appears a ghostly shade of indigo. It’s eerie, yet calm and romantic. You hope to see a shooting star.

Pisces: A Hypnotising Beauty, The way the moon holds your attention and you know its glowing aura is wrapped around you and keeping you there. The oceans waves sound through your ears and you stand there feeling as if you’re fully immersed into a dream.

Undeveloped/Immature Signs

Aries: unhealthily competitive and aggressive, braggy, dishes out drama and criticism constantly but can’t take it, less goal-oriented and more sensation seeking (looks for quick thrills), brash, childish, fickle with opinions until someone challenges it, at which point they often stubbornly defend it without thinking, says things they often literally don’t mean and hurts everyone involved

Taurus: overly indulgent with money, food, material objects, holds onto anything of possible sentiment even if it were healthier to dispose of it (letters, clothes, journals, texts, etc), highly dependent on others for emotional support, unyielding and stubborn

Gemini: liiiiars (sometimes even on accident, as a reflex), focused on surface value, absorbs the personalities of those around them, uses charm and charisma as a more strictly manipulative means, feels isolated even when surrounded by dozens of acquaintances and friends, easily anxious

Cancer: inserts themselves into difficult situations in hopes of helping or playing hero but does not know how to balance or distinguish between others’ emotions and their own, overprotective and easily jealous, takes small, even meaningless gestures personally and seriously

Leo: doesn’t keep secrets but actively seeks them out (+ drama seeking), when ego is bruised will compensate with erratic, attention-seeking and selfish behavior, unforgiving and impatient, intolerant of everyone’s flaws, including their own

Virgo: what can be viewed to outsiders as organized is more obsessive internally, attempts to control/manipulate others, overly-focused on bodily appearance, highly critical of both themselves and others, chooses false ideals of perfection over reason or emotion

Libra: indecisive to the point where there will likely be no decision made at all, changes opinions and personality for others often unconsciously, leaving them confused as to who they actually are, self-pitying and sympathy seeking, like aries says things they don’t mean but does so on purpose (ex: apologizing to gain favor but not meaning it)

Scorpio: possessive and jealous to the point that it infringes upon normal boundaries, vengeful and victim-playing, holds grudges and pushes remorse to the back of their heads, moody and easily wounded even if there’s a refusal to acknowledge the hurt

Sagittarius: tactless and rude, will let anything slip like aries but often just genuinely means it, focused on thrills and adventure over substance and experience, easily frustrated with present circumstances and gets absorbed in thinking of possible future scenarios

Capricorn: cold, distant, and demanding (of themselves and others), a more noticeable division between their social and individual persona, excess energy and drive gets put into more self-indulgent habits that ultimately leave them confused and more empty

Aquarius: barely ever thinking in the present, often does not want to hear genuine advice but still asks for it, wishes to maintain people at a distance but expects to receive recognition and reassurance, often rebels against things and people without distinguishable reason

Pisces: completely uncommunicative and, purposefully or not, often incapable of listening due to being swamped in own thoughts and emotions, has difficulty establishing boundaries, unhealthy fluctuating sleep schedule, mistakes small glimpses of affection for intimacy

When in love, I am/feel [venus sign] and I’m down for someone who [venus house]

Aries: playful

Taurus: devoted

Gemini: creative

Cancer: protective

Leo: passionate

Virgo: motivated

Libra: fulfilled

Scorpio: understood

Sagittarius: stimulated

Capricorn: responsible

Aquarius: understood

Pisces: appreciated


1st house: is very open about their feelings towards you, mastered body language, is easygoing, can convince you to do something about the issue you’ve been overthinking for ages and has a positive impact on you in general

2nd house: doesn’t say ‘I love you’ within the first month of a relationship, can assure you about their devotion just by their presence, is sensual, romantic, likes to help you choose your outfits, prefers pubs over nightclubs

3r house: is talkative and courageous, likes to party and socialise, has self-distance, knows how to appropriately deal with awkard silence and knows how to react to the every mood of yours

4th house: has good relationships with their family and other people, doesn’t mind children, is romantic, likes long walks, shares with you their internal jokes and enjoys family gatherings

5th house: is good with people and will help you to settle in a new environment, is protective over closed ones, likes socialising, is active and shares their hobbies with you

6th house: is practical in their love, will always be there to help you, can find basic stuff enjoyable if they are with you, can stop something important to them to help you, notices details about you that others don’t

7th house: shares their collection of books with you, enjoys museums, will take you to a restaurant for the anniversary of your relationship, smiles whenever they see you, your friends and family are impressed by them

8th house: likes to watch horror/crime movies with you, discusses conspiracy theories with you, treats you like their best mate and in the same time feels passionate about you as a lover

9th house: likes to learn about other people, has interesting opinios on foreign cultures and beliefs, is happy to taste foods from various cuisines, often talks about the world, is up for probably anything you suggest them

10th house: is fun but still finds the time for their responsibilities, is older or mature for their age, can teach you or explain things you don’t understand, is happy to join you in whatever you are up to whether it is a zumba session or school project

11th house: is your best friend, shares their opinions with you, even the craziest ones, gives you space, is not jealous (more like curious), is free spirited, loves get-togethers with friends, gives you a totally different outlook of your problems

12th house: treats your problems like their own, shares their dreams with you, is in love with music, is quiet but doesn’t mind social events, respects that you are tired and doesn’t force you to go out and do stuff with them

signs as dates

aries: amusement park & laser tag
taurus: cuddle/nap & stargazing
gemini: thrift shopping & lake/beach trip
cancer: concert & cooking/baking
leo: see a play/musical & mini golf
virgo: escape room & hike
libra: spa night & picnic in the park
scorpio: bar hopping & bowling
sagittarius: road trip & working out together
capricorn: museum & movie theater
aquarius: arcade & going out to eat
pisces: animal adoption center & art projects

how do the signs show they love you? ☾

aries: cute good morning texts;

taurus: they share their food with you even though they hate doing that;

gemini: they let you rant;

cancer: they just say it;

leo: cuddles;

virgo: they put you before themselves;

libra: they’re honest;

scorpio: unexpected kisses;

sagittarius: they listen to you ramble -and they won’t complain;

capricorn: constantly remind you to “buckle up” and other little things;

aquarius: they treat you like a king/queen;

pisces: hugs.