Canadian sniper Alex McCrae, serial number 118087. He was part of the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles and fought in Ypres 1915-1916 and Ghent in 1916.

His inscription has been in darkness for a hundred years. He like hundreds of other young Canadian and British soldiers wrote messages to the future hoping that someone, someday would know that they once lived. This underground site was very close to some of the most violent fighting on the Somme. Many of these young men lost their lives in battle not long after they wrote their names.

Because of the unimaginable destructive power of the high tech weaponry of WWI, many of those who died would virtually disappear from the earth without a trace, their bodies blown into nothing more than small, unrecognizable pieces of flesh and bone.

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NO TIME - Stompin’ oi tunes from the hills of Pittsburgh. From the blokes who brought you Hearltess, Bloodred, and Masakari.

CANADIAN RIFLE - Loud fast melodic jammers from the windy city. Bolt will rain beer cans on them.

Martin - hard hitting pop punkers

Low Charge - punk

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Column / Gallery: I Didn’t Go To Riot Fest

The Replacements, Rancid, AFI, Joan Jett, Screeching Weasel, Pennywise, Against Me!, Danzig, Bad Religion, etc…yeah, I didn’t see any of those bands – I didn’t go to Riot Fest Chicago 2013.

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Interview Podcast with Canadian Rifle

A dark cloud hung around the Canadian Rifle guys that weekend. Things hadn’t necessarily gone according to plan. Call it bad luck, call it reality, shit happens. You can either let it beat you, or you can preservere. They accepted what they had to do and kept going. Didn’t miss any shows, did the interview, played the cards they were dealt. 

Below is the audio that was transcribed for their interview in Razorcake #69 ( Hopefully the sound of their voices will add to their story.

Thanks for listening.





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Buffalo, New York’s long-standing indie/pop/rock bands’ third full-length album! For fans of Gin Blossoms, Goo Goo Dolls, Cheap Girls, Lemuria & other indie pop good-ness. Digital download code included. Limited to 100 copies on YELLOW & GREEN MIXED VINYL.

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The debut full-length album from Brooklyn’s technical, chaotic, melodic punk rock-metal trio featuring members of: I FARM, GSD, Man Without Plan, The Shemps & more. This insane monster-piece will totally freak & satisfy your minds eye and ears. The best new record you’ve never heard. (Comes w/ download).

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Cassette tape version of Canadian Rifle’s amazing new album. “Deep Ends is the second LP from Canadian Rifle, arguably Chicago’s best melodic hardcore band. The band plays confessional punk with brash vocals (reminiscent of Leatherface and early Jawebreaker) with themes that range from crossing lines when you know you shouldn’t, trying to keep something alive when you’re running on empty, as well as struggles with addiction. Needless to say, it’s pretty bleak in its lyrical and musical approach, but played with an angered energy that’ll keep you fist pumping for the duration. Pretty fucking great for a band with no dreams and no goals.” LP Available on Dirt Cult Records.

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Split Cassette Tape chock full of snot-nosed lo-fi pop-punk rock! GREASY WHISTLES is Spent of Closet Fairies/Maine Coons fame, blurting out some of his token hi-speed garage punk jams. While, THE LITTLE RICHARDS from MASS. blaze through some fun party pop-punk. (Comes w/ download).

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Pelican, Goatsnake, Cloakroom, & Canadian Rifle Live Show Review: Empty Bottle, Chicago, 12/15


For a band, the end of a tour is simultaneously bittersweet and a respite from grueling time on the road hopping from city to city. But for beloved local instrumental metal band Pelican, whose final night of their tour with the recently reunited Goatsnake took place last night at The Empty Bottle, it was important to go out with a bang. Playing a sold out Tuesday night show that was originally supposed to take place at Thalia Hall but switched to the smaller older sibling venue, Pelican were clearly having a lot of fun, raising their guitars like gods during their songs’ peaks, intently focusing on their deft playing during the valleys. “Global warming is real,” said guitarist Trevor de Brauw randomly during the set. Perhaps he was referring to the heat emanating from the stage, the music that undoubtedly shook the earth’s core. From the progressively catchy and dark “Ephemeral” to City of Echoes’ “Bliss in Conrete”, Pelican showed what seemed impossible: that they’ve become increasingly tight. I guess it’s somewhat believable; after all, the band has not released a new studio album since 2013′s Forever Becoming, and deBrauw is busy with his RLYR project. Here’s hoping for new music sometime soon.

Unsurprisingly, Indiana’s Cloakroom, celebrating a 2015 during which they released a solid debut album called Further Out and seemingly opened for every metal band that came to town, were another highlight of the night. After a short, youthful set from local punks Canadian Rifle (a set in which, during the first song, some band members came on stage only to sing the chorus), Cloakroom was all gloom. At first, they encountered a few sound issues: They were too treble-heavy, and lead singer and guitarist Doyle Martin’s nasal voice droned over Bobby Markos’ bass and Brian Busch’s drums. But as soon as they launched into “Starchild Skull”, it was apparent that their sound issues were fixed, and the melodies took over. Cloakroom is one of the rare bands for whom the more their songs have room to breathe, the less they have an impact on listeners. While the band impressed at this year’s Do Division, seeing them in a venue where their sounds can collide with the walls and those inhabiting the space makes you realize why they open for metal bands: because they’re experts at creating beauty out of sludge, not afraid to let the emotions of their songs shine through. At the same time, they consciously stray from metal, as they include in their live show lots of fuzz petals, pre-recorded samples of harmonic distortion, and looping. Cloakroom’s set last night was triumphant–even if they didn’t play “Paperweight”.

Ultimately, the band who had most to prove was Goatsnake. Having earlier this year released Black Age Blues, their first studio album in 15 years, the bluesy, doomy band certainly brought it: Lead singer Pete Stahl preached and wailed on the harmonica like he was John Popper. But their new album’s critical and fan reaction was a bit lukewarm, the songs fun at best and stale at worst. Fortunately, their older, sludgier material, tracks that were released before bands like Kylesa were the crossover metal bands du jour, reigns supreme. Last night, Vol. 1′s “Innocent” and all Flower of Disease tracks were the most impressive, guitarist Greg Anderson’s solos and Stahl’s tambourine playing giving the songs a simultaneously playful and heavy feel. (They also shouted out legendary Aurora doom metal band Trouble!) Goatsnake may need the refining of a Pelican or Cloakroom, and they’re definitely not as “Led Zeppelin” as they’ve always tried to be–they’re not even at the level of Kylesa. But over the next few years, should they keep playing and making music, they’ll get there.
Gallery + Review: Toys That Kill, The Brokedowns, Benny the Jet Rodriguez & Canadian Rifle

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Gallery + Review: Toys That Kill, The Brokedowns, Benny the Jet Rodriguez & Canadian Rifle

Gallery + Review: Toys That Kill, The Brokedowns, Benny the Jet Rodriguez & Canadian Rifle

Back in June, Patrick and I had the pleasure of attending this amazingly stacked show. I had spent the whole of the show taking notes and planned to post a review within a week. But, …
88 Fingers Louie announces Riot Fest after show

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88 Fingers Louie announces Riot Fest after show

88 Fingers Louie announces Riot Fest after show

* featured image by Patrick Houdek Chicago punk veterans 88 Fingers Louie have announced that they will be playing a post-Riot Fest show at Liar’s Club on September 11th, 2015. They will be joined by locals …