Canadian memes

A summary of Canadian provinces and territories
  • BC: Weed and Salmon
  • Alberta: Oil and Cowboys
  • Saskatchewan: ?? Wheat???
  • Manitoba: ?????
  • Ontario: Center of the Fucking Universe
  • Québec: That's Actually Not France
  • New Brunswick: Lobsters
  • PEI: Potatoes
  • Nova Scotia: Funny Accents
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Funnier Accents
  • Yukon: Thats Actually Not Alaska
  • NWT: Polar Bears
  • Nunavut: Innukshuks and Polar Bears

me, extending a hand to help canadians fight for net neutrality after so many of those smart-asses joked about our fight, claiming how it’s just an “american thing” they were tired of seeing and how it would never happen to them despite us telling them it will absolutely affect them in the future

  • Gunther: How do you say ''im-going-to-steal-your-fortune'' in english?
  • Klaus: This is exactly how you say it, you stupid Canadian bitch