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Appointment of Russ Brown extends Harper's influence on Supreme Court
Brown, a former barrister and law professor, is taking over for the retiring Justice Marshall Rothstein, whose departure takes effect as of Aug. 31

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has named Russ Brown, a conservative judge from Alberta, to the Supreme Court of Canada – the third appointment in 15 months to the country’s most powerful court without parliamentary involvement.

In his early 50s, Justice Brown gives Mr. Harper the possibility of a quarter-century of influence on the court. Some see him as a future chief justice when Alberta-born Beverley McLachlin reaches the mandatory retirement age of 75 in four years.

With a doctorate in juridical science from the University of Toronto, Justice Brown has been fast-tracked by the Conservative government. He was associate dean of the University of Alberta law school when the government appointed him in February, 2013, along with another rising conservative star, lawyer Thomas Wakeling, to the Court of Queen’s Bench. Just 13 months later, the two were promoted again to Alberta’s top court, the Court of Appeal.

The married father of two is a former member of the advisory board of a conservative legal group in Alberta, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. Its website says its core views include a belief in “economic liberty,” including property rights as part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – which has never been accepted by the Supreme Court. It also says equality before the law means “special privileges for none,” which also runs counter to the Supreme Court’s view that the Charter’s equality clause is primarily for individuals from historically disadvantaged groups and its second part permits affirmative action for the disadvantaged.

“Current events remind us that the notion of limited government – particularly as it pertains to freedom of conscience and freedom of expression – can never be taken for granted in Canada,” Justice Brown said in a website endorsement of the JCCF and its executive director, John Carpay, a former candidate for the Wildrose Party in Alberta.

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Adele Perry reminding us that the erasure of much of the conversation around the wildfires (esp outside BC) may be because indigenous populations are more greatly affected than are white populations in the north. but, you know, compare it to Toronto, THEN the fact that thirteen THOUSAND people are not in their homes tonight becomes comprehensible. [x] [x]
Conservatives hiding budget details ahead of election, opposition says
NDP and Liberals call on Finance Minister Joe Oliver to explain discrepancies between his forecasts and those of the PBO and Bank of Canada

Opposition parties are accusing the Conservatives of hiding the truth about Canada’s finances in advance of an election, as expert projections contradict Finance Minister Joe Oliver’s declaration that the books will be balanced in the current fiscal year.

The New Democrats and the Liberals sought to embarrass the Tories by forcing a special closed-door meeting of the Commons finance committee on Monday, when they asked that Mr. Oliver be called to explain why his forecasts do not align with those of the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) and the Bank of Canada. They were quickly overruled by the majority Conservatives.

The commitment to a federal surplus in 2015, after seven straight years of deficit, was at the core of the budget that Mr. Oliver released in April, and failure to meet that pledge could feed unease about the Conservative economic record as the country heads to the ballot box.

It could also make it more difficult for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to pay for campaign promises and voter enticements, including the $3-billion in cheques that arrived in the mailboxes of Canadian parents last week as a result of changes to his government’s universal child-care benefit.

“The gifts that the Conservatives are throwing around on the eve of an election right now – the cheques that they are handing out – if deficit-financed, will actually be paid for in the future by cuts to services or higher taxes,” Scott Brison, the Liberal finance critic, told reporters after the meeting ended. “Which is not responsible fiscally and is dishonest to Canadians.”

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The Canadian government just passed Bill C24, a racist and xenophobic bill that allows the government to REBUKE CITIZENSHIP to people who were naturalized citizens (were not born in Canada, but had to go through the citizenship process) or who hold dual citizenship (targetting those diasporic Canadians that hold Canadian citizenship as well as citizenship of the motherland).

So with Bill C51 the government can now arrest people without due process, and now under C24, they can deport someone even if they are a Canadian citizen. Harper claims this to be a part of his “anti-terrorism” measures…

Harper needs to go. Seriously.
Harper could be trying to deplete NDP, Libs to benefit Conservatives after election, say Hill sources
Prime Minister Stephen Harper, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.
By The Hill Times

If Prime Minister Stephen Harper launches the election campaign early in order to outspend opponents over a longer writ period, he may be looking beyond Oct. 19 to the leverage that depleting the other parties’ finances would provide in a minority government.

There are various signs that Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) will drop the writ before September in order to take advantage of his party’s deep coffers over a longer writ period.

But part of the motivation could be what happens after the election. With the Conservatives in a tight three-way race with the NDP and Liberals, most are predicting a minority Parliament after the ballots are counted. If the Conservatives, who have proven more capable fundraisers than their opponents, can drain the other parties’ coffers during the campaign, it could make a Conservative minority government more stable.

“I think everyone’s of the mindset that this is going to be another minority government,” a former senior Conservative speaking on condition of anonymity told The Hill Times. “If you can put the other parties in a big financial hole, it makes them do this second-guess on whether they bring you down.”

It would also help the Conservatives if they found themselves in opposition, the source said, as it would embolden them to try to defeat an NDP or Liberal government quickly as those parties wouldn’t have the financial resources to fight another election.

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Little Canada Things! :)

- the systemic oppression/abuse/harassment/murder of First Nations people by the government/cops, especially FN women, all while sweeping the residential school narrative under the rug

- the rampant epidemic of sexual misconduct in the Canadian military against female soldiers, ranging from harassment to assault

- the increasing monitoring of our activities online and the threat of revoking citizenship in the name of “fighting terrorism” 

- the current government’s extreme disregard of environmental conservation 

- the current government’s extreme silencing of Canadian scientists, removing them from both sharing findings with the public and participating in the international scientific community

- the passive and apathetic attitude Canadians can take towards their own politics

The list goes on….
Anonymous Leaks Canadian Spy Documents, Says Stephen Harper Tried To Spy On Barack Obama
A secret document leaked by the hacker group Anonymous appears to show the existence of over 20 unofficial surveillance bases.

Hackers affiliated with the Anonymous group leaked confidential Canadian intelligence documents Tuesday, revealing the country’s spying activities abroad. The documents exposed the widespread reach of the surveillance network operated by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

Officially, CSIS only operates three foreign stations – in Washington DC, London and Paris – but the leaked document marked as “secret,” purportedly from the country’s Treasury Board, lists a total of 25 foreign stations, “many of which are located in developing countries and/or unstable environments.”

The stations handle about 22,500 messages a year, though that does not include “the high volume of extremely sensitive traffic from the Washington station,” the February 2014 document stated.

The classified document also includes a plan to expand CSIS’ intelligence network at a cost of approximately 3 million Canadian dollars ($2.3 million). The document criticizes the “inefficient and labor intensive data-processing and analysis systems [used] to process and report intelligence information obtained at it foreign stations. … These outdated processes result in delays that impact the Service’s operational effectiveness and jeopardizes the security of its personnel.”

The hacker group also posted a video alleging that the Canadian Communications Security Establishment (CSE) attempted to spy on U.S. President Barack Obama under the orders of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and, when caught, endangered the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Alberta in Canada through Illinois, Texas and Oklahoma. There was no proof posted for this claim.

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Part of Bill C-24 went into affect on Friday in Canada.

Canadian political rant

This means that anyone not born in Canada is not “Canadian”, they are now second class citizens. This is so fucked up. Canada is a country built on the systematic genocide of the native american people. Canada is a country that was invaded and colonialized by white people, and yet we have the audacity to create a bill labelling anyone who was not born in the country (regardless of how long they’ve lived here) as second class, out of fear of terrorism.
This bill, along with bill c-51 are removing the rights of Canadian citizens, primarily those of minorities, thanks to a government that supposedly acts for the greater good?

Elections are coming.
We need to make a change.

I’m sorry for the rant, but this cannot go on. This country needs change or it will die.