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best stores in canada for grunge clothes??

Ayee Canadia! I’d suggest forever 21, h&m, urban outfitters and thrift stores!! Also if you can find random stores from walking around that look sorta grunge and dark don’t be afraid to check those out

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Name/Nickname: Eve/Egg/Sinner/etc

Gender: Feman. I mean female.

Height: Somewhere between 5′5″-5′57″

Hogwarts house: Harry Potter is still for dweebs

Favorite Color: Gray. Alternatives are orange and turquoise. 

Fictional character I’d like as a sibling: Maybe Steven Universe? Or Dipper Pines.

# of blankets I sleep with: 3, I think.

Dream vacation: Take me to Canadia-land.

What I’m currently wearing: Gray shirt & jeans.

When I made this blog: September 2015. 

What I post: Memes. Art my friends make. Sometimes some really cute fan art of my ships.

Do you get asks on a regular basis: Nah. 

Aesthetic: Vibrant colors. Cartoony stuff. Really good character designs. 

Sign: Cancer.

Time right now: 11:50 PM 

Last thing I googled: Keddie Murders

Favorite music artists: Marina & the Diamonds, Of Monsters and Men, Neon Trees, Mystery Skulls, Daft Punk, Gotye, bo en, Gorillaz, and La Roux

Song stuck in my head: Shirobon’s Regain Control

Do you have any other blogs: @scoundralcook-art which is my art blog, and @crowlspaceswip which is where I post about my oc’s.

Why did you choose your URL: It’s a shorter version of my previous username. I shortened it because it was too long. I just have no clue why I misspelled scoundrel, but I did. 

Pokemon team: I-I haven’t played. 

Average hours of sleep: 6-7. Going to bed at 1 am is a bad idea. 

Favorite characters: Bojack Horseman. Peridot from SU. Huey from Boondocks. Uh, Maya Fey from Ace Attorney. Etc.

Dream job: Something relating to animation pls.

Following: 302.

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“A lesson in history, my love…”

Posting this in the spirit of Valentine’s Day since I did not manage to finish it in time to post it on the day.

Call back to one of my favourite moments of the 2015 election campaign that took place during the final French debate on October 02, 2015. At one point, Justin Trudeau accidentally called Gilles Duceppe “my love” when he meant to say “my friend”. Gilles reaction was priceless.

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