Women in Canada have no legal recourse against pickup artists filming them

  • Pickup artists in Canada are filming their attempts at negging women in public — and it turns out, legally, women don’t have much recourse.
  • This issue came to Casey Grace Ferneyhough’s attention five years ago, when she and her friends were walking in a park and a man approached them and relentlessly hit on them, as PUAs do
  • Eventually, he gave up and moved onto another group of girls in the park, which was when Ferneyhough noticed a second man trailing behind him with a video camera.
  • A couple months later, she found the video on YouTube. Ferneyhough, who’d been a minor at the time of the recording hadn’t appeared in the final version of the video, but she still felt that the taping was a violation of her privacy. 
  • While she could theoretically bring a civil case against the pickup artists, a lawyer told the Star it would be difficult to win. Read more (6/21/17)

Combination of Aurora Borealis and Star Trails created by stacking long exposure/timelapse images together.


Happy aboriginal day!

My sister and I (in the right corner) are white passing so we rarely face discrimination but id like to recognize my mom for being the only first nations (cree) girl in her entire catholic school and facing discrimination for it and my kookum and her siblings being forced to attend residential schools all around Alberta. They are so strong to me and I couldnt even imagine the things they had to go through