We hide behind walls of our own making…built from the bricks of our past. They get so high you can’t see what’s on the other side. Even for a man who can fly. It casts a shadow over our lives. But all you need is one little crack to let the light in. I can’t predict what this world has in store for my husband, my son, myself. But if we let the right people in, we won’t have to face it alone. From strangers to friends. From friends to family. Lois Lane, Trinity #6

Reasons to read Captive Prince it has quotes like

  • What’s a death but easy, quick. It’s supposed to haunt you forever that the one time he beat you was the one time that mattered.
  • I don’t share your craven habit of hitting only those who cannot hit back, and take no pleasure in hurting those weaker than myself.
  • Like a man who enjoys owning an animal who will rake others with its claws but eat peacefully from his own hand, he was giving his pet a great deal of license.
  • A golden prince was easy to love if you did not have to watch him picking wings off flies.

It also has quotes like

  • You hit like a milk-fed catamite.
  • How lucky I am to have servants to point out my shortcomings.
  • “Is there anyone at this court who isn’t my enemy?’
    ‘Not if I can help it,’ Laurent said.
  • Laurent could inspire homicidal tendencies simply by breathing.
  • Nephew. you were not invited to these discussions.’
    ‘And yet, here I am. It’s very irritating, isn’t it?’
  • Damen had never before seen half a dozen soldiers reduced to compliant housekeeping by the sheer force of one man’s personal arrogance.
  • Yesterday I brutalised him. Today I am swooning into his arms. I would prefer the charges against me to be consistent. Pick one. 
  • Yes, apparently I have fucked my enemy, conspired against my future interests, and colluded in my own murder. I can’t wait to see what feats I will perform next.

*stabs myself repeatedly* I SPENT THREE DAYS ON THIS AAAH-

Anyways, I’ve heard in previous games you play as a tactician but get a sprite on the battlefield, only they can’t do jack. It’s implied by many characters the Summoner can’t fight, but I thought it’d be cool if they had a sprite on the battlefield. Only, when they’re attacked, it glitches the game in a sense, because they’re a person from the real world and not just a character encoded into a game, therefore they don’t have proper stats or a “health bar”. Sometimes they live through an attack, sometimes it’s a Game Over. I added glitches on the name part too because not every player is Kiran (and I was too tired to edit the font together haha)

I used Robin’s sprites as bases since they’re the same anyways, the last two are the transparents.

Jillian Holtzmann taught me to embrace and not be ashamed of my sexuality. Furiosa taught me that I don’t have to fit into this world in order to be seen and heard. Wanda Maximoff taught me that no matter how scared I am someone is always going through the same thing. Ellen Ripley taught me to be my own woman and stand up for myself when faced with a challenge. Sarah Connor taught me that a woman can be strong and still be emotional. Wonder Woman taught me to respect myself in a society that might not always respect me. Mako Mori taught me to keep fighting even if it feels like there is nothing left to fight for. Rita Vrataski taught me to not take any shit from anybody. Rey taught me that even in dark times I can always find hope.
Don’t ever doubt the strength of fictional characters and the power they hold. These fictional women have taught me everything about myself and who I can strive to be, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for strong women everywhere giving me and every woman and girl in the world the opportunities that we deserve. 

this is my contribution to the captive prince series which ruined my life and shattered my soul. if you haven’t read it yet please love yourself and do it, this is a gift from the gods and we should all be grateful 

fcking beautiful princes 

♨️ 10. Is there a character that explores your interests or fetishes (orrrr is that just all of you characters)?

“Interests” as in design-wise, yes, I make every character one I enjoy drawing! There are also some hobbies that I give my characters so I have excuses to study and/or do them myself. I suppose some favorite tropes also apply…like Gentle Giants and Long Flowing Hair? Haha :’D

Oh! Also, I love surrealism and body horror… to an extent. A very specific, a little strange, extent – so I create my own content for that :’) Part of my Inktober was finding out how much of those visuals I can handle.

🌻 15. Which character is your guilty pleasure?

This could technically fit a lot of my characters, but the most “guilty pleasure” one I have now is still in development. I noticed a while back that I have a Tragic Fairytale Prince(ss) Type, and decided to design my own for fun. I’m still ironing out her design & story, but here’s a sneak-peek!

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you please write about Ren, Eiichi, and Camus having an s/o who's nervous about a test? Thank you!!!

I can relate to this so much! I myself have test anxiety >///<

S/O with test anxiety

Ren Jinguji 

Ren never really took school seriously, so when he heard about your nervousness about an upcoming test he would brush it off at first thinking it was just lack of confidence. Once he sees that you are genuinely torn up about it, he would clear his entire schedule and give you all of his attention! He will help you with reviewing and testing your memory if he can. However, he will make sure you do not over work yourself and get enough rest. He will often make you take breaks and offer a ‘massage’. He will even cook your favorite meal for you, of course he wants his little lamb to be well fed! Don’t worry about your test, little lamb! Ren will be there for you every step of the way.

Eichi Otori

Eichi is very smart and understands the importance of exams! If you are having trouble with a certain math problem or memorizing a term, he knows all the tips and tricks to help his Angel out! He doesn’t care how long it takes, he only wants the best for his Heaven sent Angel. While he himself has experienced anxiety from tests, he knows exactly how to help you out. He will make a cute study nest for you to do all your work and be comfortable. While you study he will go on snack runs for you and bring any extra supplies needed. Neck feeling stiff? He has you covered! In the end, he knows you have have nothing to worry about because you are an amazing person anyways! 


GLASSES Oh boy. If Camus even catches a hint of someone taking an exam nearby, he will go into full senpai-mode. He believes exams are of utmost importance. When he finds out his s/o has an upcoming exam, be prepared for major study sessions! He will not allow you to go out anywhere until you know the subject in and out. Though he means well, he might become frustrated time-to-time when you don’t understand a problem that quickly. However, he will try to pace himself and be understanding. If you are feeling stressed, he will make you some of his famous tea to keep you well hydrated and relieve any pains and aches in your body. After you passed you exam, he will reward you will lots of sweets and pastries! 


Her naïveté and his reaction to it? Adorable. I hope that since Ji Mong stated that things have changed they are able to avoid bad things happening to these two, but I don’t think that that is in the cards… I’m bracing myself for pain. :’(


January 7, 1796 – Birth of Princess Charlotte of Wales

The family at Windsor had to wait another three days for news of the happy event which came in a brief note from the Prince of Wales dated Carlton House, 9.45 a.m., 7 January 1796. ’The Princess,’ he wrote to his mother, ’after terrible hard labour for above twelve hours, is this instant brought to bed of an immense girl, and I assure you notwithstanding we might have wish’d for a boy, I receive her with all the affection possible, and bow with due defference and resignation to the decrees of Providence… Pray have the goodness to apologize to my dear sisters for my not writing to them, but I am so fatigued that I can only sign myself.‘ 

As the fashionable and respectable world flocked to pay its respects in proper form at Carlton House, within the family circle there was much relief an some genuine pleasure. The Queen begged her congratulations, ’and a kiss to the young lady’. Princess Elizabeth added heartfelt wishes that ’every blessing and happiness may attend my (already) dear little niece’, and the King was delighted, ’the dear King’, reported Princess Elizabeth two days later, ’talks of nothing but his grandchild, drank her health at dinner and went into the Equerries room and made drink it in a bumper.’ Thursday 11 February in the Great Drawing-Room at St James’s Palace. Here the baby was baptized by the same Archbishop of Canterbury who had married her parents ten months previously and given the names Charlotte Augusta after her grandmothers, who were also godmothers.

 Caroline & Charlotte by Alison Plowden

Shout out to all the closeted or unaccepted trans boys who have to wear a dress or girly clothes and/or makeup for Easter Sunday. You’re all handsome princes and you can get through this.

Shout out to all the closeted or unaccepted trans girls who have to wear a masculine suit and tie for Easter Sunday. You’re all beautiful princesses and it will get better.

Shoutout to any closeted or unaccepted non-cis person who is made wear something that is against their identity and makes them dysphoric. You are all beautiful. Keep your chin up and power through this. It will get better.

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do you have any lgbt+ fiction recommendations??

Not really, unfortunately? I don’t read a lot of fiction these days. I’m mostly into nonfiction history and politics, or classic fiction where the queer is hella subtext. I wish I could be of more help.

But I do know I have several friends who are poc who say to steer clear of Captive Prince due to some hella uncomfortable racist themes.

Also I never got the appeal of Song Of Achilles myself. I just found it all very annoying purple prose, and I’m not a fan of first-person anyway.

So sadly I can’t say much more than that.

janecara101  asked:

I have a prompt request! It's about a prince, with his three female protectors. It's set in the modern times! Thanks!

hey hey hey! i’ll try some out!

“This wouldn’t be nearly as hard if you would just follow our rules.” 

The boy’s face turned solemn for a moment, before his face cracked into a smirk.

“What would be the fun of that?”

“Stop suffocating me would you? I can take care of myself.” He said, attempting to shut the door, but his protector wouldn’t take her foot out of the doorframe.

“Hmm thats strange you would say that, considering your father basically hired three babysitters for you.”

“Where do you think your going?” His protector snapped as he shouldered on a jacket.

“Out.” He said, keeping his voice even, maybe even bored.

“I’ll come with you.” She said, hopping up from the couch.

He groaned. It was like having your mom tag along to a party.

“He’s gone.”

The first protector’s stomach dropped. “What do you mean he’s gone?”

“As in, he’s not here. Who was responsible for looking after him last night?”

The second protector sunk into a corner, who knew getting a few blinks of sleep could cause so much trouble.

Hope these were what you were looking for! Happy writing! - adi 

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I see that you use "prince of hell" warlock in a lot of your tags, what does that mean?

oh my god this is kind of embarrassing because my feelings about this are so intense. like i’m not even sure i can fully articulate what it’s genuinely about but i will try. also book spoilers.

Warlocks always have a demon for a father and Magnus’s father in particular was revealed to be Asmodeus, one of the seven princes of hell and a fallen angel. It’s the reason he’s so powerful and since Asmodeus erased someone’s entire life as if it were nothing, it’s likely why Magnus has a particular talent for memory spells. We also see Magnus activate a witchlight at one point, which normally only responds to Shadowhunter (angel) blood.

And yet it was used more for relationship drama than anything, even though Magnus going through the centuries believing that he has the purest form of demon blood is a huge deal for his character. He’s clearly ashamed of it. Plus, what does having something so similar to angel blood mean for him? We’re told time and again that he’s powerful, that he has all this rich heartbreaking history, but we only get glimpses of it at best. What happened after he killed his human father after nearly being drowned? I mean, he was six or something and literally the first time he used his magic was to burn a man alive. How did he end up in Spain all the way from Indonesia? Did someone bring him to the Spiral Labyrinth? Magnus says Silent Brothers took him in, but that only appears in deleted pages of CoA; in CoB he simply calls them “churchmen.” How did he discover Asmodeus was his father? What was their conversation the first time he summoned him? What is even Magnus’s birth name before he took this one? A name, by the way, that unlike other warlocks speaks not of mourning or solitude (Loss, Fell, Fade, Gray) but of pure destruction, which says everything about what Magnus thinks of himself and his origins.

In short, the entire concept of him being the son of a Prince of Hell represents everything I wanted and nothing I ever got. That tag is purely about my extreme thirst for Magnus being Magnus. Not the guy who’s one half of a ship, not a glittery warlock with a great fashion sense, but Magnus Fucking Bane, the man who understands exactly who he is and what he’s capable of, who loves with all of his heart and would prefer to tell stupid stories about how he was totes BFFs with Julius Caesar but who will not hesitate to fuck your shit up if you mess with his people and when he’s done, his eyeliner will not have a single smudge. It is for Magnus lounging at his nightclub like a king. It is for Magnus carving his history and tainted birthright into his own name, but still clinging to the belief that he’s human and a good man.

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I reread 117-9875 tonight & I regret nothing. Your writing is so good! I love how you enabled the paladin armor to change colors to match the wearer. Like can you imagine Shiro being away for x years doing recon missions w/ Voltron & planning to come home soon only to find his silver armor turning back to black cause something terrible happened to dearest prince Keith while he was gone? Boyyy why do I do this to myself. ANYWAY, JUST WANTED TO POP IN & SAY YOU HAVE MY INFINITE KUDOS & SUPPORT!

Wow, guys. Looks like 117-9875 needs a sequel. Holy shit. (Thanks for reading and sending me this. This is awesome and just like, exactly what I needed to read this morning. I’m glad you enjoyed the fic and I love the thought it inspired. I don’t think I ever considered this concept, but damn.)