Middle of the Night 20

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Harry sits on the couch on his own for awhile. He knew Niall needed some time on his own to calm down but he didn’t want Niall to keep thinking the wrong thing. He wanted to talk. He wanted to work this out so they were good. After about 15 minutes, Harry went to Niall’s room and knocked on the door.

Niall knew who it was and he was actually a little surprised it took Harry so long to follow him. He’d locked the door expecting Harry to race after him. Now that he’d had a chance to cry for a few minutes, he knew he couldn’t avoid Harry. He had to just take a big breath, wipe the tears, and face his best mate. If they could just talk this through, they could hopefully go back to being best mates. Harry was leaning against the door, waiting for Niall to give in and answer. Niall took his time, but made his way to the door after he felt like he looked presentable enough. He still looked like he’d been crying, but Harry knew he had, so there really was no reason to try to hide it. Niall paused again and opened the door. Since Harry was leaning on it and didn’t hear Niall approaching, he stumbled and fell to the ground, just inside Niall’s doorway. They were both stressed but still couldn’t help laughing at Harry once again ending up on the ground by mistake. Niall leaned over and offered his hand, helping to pull Harry up.

“Sorry bout that,” Niall said shyly, pulling his hand away once Harry was standing.

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