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#look at her face #look how happy she is #and then look how quickly that smile fades #how she looks like she’s realizing something #and then suddenly she looks as though she’s going to cry #and how she begins to pull her hand away from luke’s face #it’s almost as though in that second #she realizes that she’s not going to make it #that this is the first and last time she will see her son #that she’ll never see her twins grow up #that she will briefly meet but never know either of her children #and they’ll forever know her as a stranger #if she’s even known to them at all


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3 More Things You Missed in the Season 1 Finale.

Every time I watch the finale scene I notice something different. I just finished watching it for the first time on blu-ray on my big TV. Oh it was beautiful. I actually rewatched it like 5 times so I’m probably going to need some professional help after this. You know Fitz sighs like five times throughout the scene? Yeah. But that’s not the new thing I noticed.

1. The scene is so DARK. I’ve watched it multiple times on big screens but I still missed this because it wasn’t blu-ray before now. The part where Simmons kisses him - you know the part - is especially dark. But the shot where it’s showing Fitz’s face as she’s kissing him, (when you can’t see Simmons’ face) at the second right before it cuts away, Fitz is smiling. It’s this tiny little smile that he makes as she’s giving him the last of her kisses. It says so much. That even though Fitz is afraid of dying and is hurting inside because of this goodbye, for just a second he’s happy because Simmons is kissing him. Look here. Even this is too dark to see. If you ever get the show on blu-ray watch this scene on a large screen. It is the best (and worst).

2. Also, Fitz does not cry during this scene and I don’t think I’ve ever pointed this out. I was hesitant to say I knew 100% that Fitz didn’t cry because I hadn’t watched the blu-ray yet, but now that I have I can say for a fact that Fitz does not cry during this scene. He has tears in his eyes, yes, but he holds them back. That is important. We know Fitz isn’t an expert at holding back tears, no matter how hard he tries. In this scene especially he clearly wants to cry, and probably even needs to cry. He’s scared, he’s come out with his feelings, and now he has to say goodbye to Simmons. Fitz’s very expression speaks of this, yet he doesn’t cry because he has to stay strong for Simmons. He refuses to cry no matter what, even when he sees her crying and even when she holds onto him. He holds it in for her, because he has to be the strong one this time. A similar thing happened in FZZT, when Fitz clearly had tears in his eyes but held them back because he wanted to be strong for Simmons (although one did slip out.) x

3. I remember the very first time I watched the finale (so many years ago lol) and I watched the part where Simmons wakes up and Fury’s telling her about Fitz’s condition, I was just a tiny bit disappointed that Simmons didn’t break down and cry right then. She seemed to be sort of okay (of course this was before season 2 gave me even more insight into Simmons and now we know Simmons has a tendency to smile even if her very world is falling apart.) But there was actually more going on in that scene with Fury than I thought, and it’s all thanks to Elizabeth’s subtle but amazing acting abilities. When she realizes what’s happened and she says “Fitz” and starts trying to get out, she actually does cry. It’s very hard to notice but when the camera goes back to her there is tear at the corner of her eye and it slowly makes its way down her face. Super subtle, and I wouldn’t have noticed it if not for the blu-ray. Iain and Elizebeth’s acting is so subtle sometimes you need HD to really see the micro-expressions. 

Yes, I analyze the finale too much. No, I don’t regret any of it. 


“I don’t understand why you guys act so scared [about Australia] because, I mean, a little Redback spider you can squash with your foot but over here you can’t kick a bear!”
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