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11 year old Muggle borns getting their Hogwarts letter and being all flustered and confused (mostly confused).
They’re reactions would probably be along the lines of:
“Does Hogwarts have free wifi?”
“Does Hogwarts even have wifi?”
“Can I bring the cat?”
“I’m eleven how do they expect us to cope with the fact that we are going to do mag-HOLY FLOWER WE GET WANDS!”
“Why can’t I wear jeans and a T-shirt and be comfortable?”
“Mom how do I get an owl to send a RSVP?”

Voltron Sexuality Headcannons

KeithHomosexual–Keith is angry and emo and gay. Being gay makes him more angry and emo. Which makes him more gay. Also, notice how he only ever insults Lance

LanceBisexual–Yes we know Lance loves the ladies. But “I’d know that mullet anywhere”. Come on you guys. (Some people say he’s pansexual but I personally believe that Lance is attracted to people because of their gender. He like da dick and da vajajay)

HunkPansexual–Hunk is really nice and really sweet and he doesn’t care what you are he just loves you.

PidgeAsexual–Pidge would much rather be on the computer than be in somebody’s pants. In fact, Pidge would always rather be with technology.

ShiroDemisexual–Like Hunk, Shiro loves everybody. But he has to really get to know somebody before being sexually attracted to them. Yes he’s a romantic. But sex without romance makes space dad confused.

AlluraQuestioning–Allura really thought she was heterosexual until she ended up living with all of these dumbass boys and she’s wondering if being a lesbian would be a lot better. Honestly, there’s a war going on, she has other stuff to think about rn.

CoranHomosexual–Coran is fabulous with his mustache and his jokes and he totes had a thing with King Alfor. He is gay space uncle.

how the actual Almost Adults filming process went
  • adrianna: okay guys, so you remember that script we sent you for the auditions and all?
  • elise & natasha: yes, yes we know our lines, we're ready-
  • adriana: no! forget the lines. okay, we're setting you up on a date and we're just gonna film this. just, pretend we're not here.
  • elise & natasha: ...
  • adrianna: this is gonna be amazing. we'll say it's all platonic. best movie ever. you guys are so cool. keep having the moments.

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One of the first things you learn when you find out you have power is to never miss use it. It doesn’t matter what kind of power it is, you should never ever miss use it. The princess tells herself that all the time, but it wouldn’t hurt if it was just a little prank, right?

It’s easy to say Morgan loves scaring strangers, there was just something about the feeling after freaking someone out. And if it’s someone you don’t know it makes it easier to not get in trouble.

Transforming her face she leaned back till she was hanging upside down. With her face right in front of the man’s own, she stared with wide eyes. “The great and all powerful first dragons have sent me…to eat. Your. ~S O U L~