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I can't remember which book it was from exactly, but I think it was TPP. Anyway, I remember a line mentioning safe places for the "good" side of the VFD and I know one of them was a cave that was taken by realtors, amongst other safe places/hideouts/whatever they called it. Do you know which book it was from and have any theories about the safe places?


“So I’m told,” Kit said. “I was four years old when everything changed. Our organization shattered, and it was as if the world shattered, too, and one by one the safe places were destroyed. There was a large scientific laboratory, but the volunteer who owned the place was murdered. There was an enormous cavern, but a treacherous team of realtors claimed it for themselves. And there was an immense headquarters high in the Mortmain Mountains , but-”
[The Penultimate Peril, Chapter Two]

The places Kit is talking about here are likely Curdled Cave and Anwhistle Aquatics. There’s a deep level of hypocrisy at play here since Kit is probably the one who made sure Anwhistle Aquatics was burned down in the first place.

All in all I think the “noble” side of V.F.D. is lying about the safe places. Lemony points out that Hotel Preludio is still up and running years after Hotel Denouement burned down. Hell, even the “Hotel Denouement is the last safe place” story is a complete lie. The “last safe place” is actually the secret library underneath it. The reasoning behind this is that the volunteers are pretending to be way weaker than they really are so the villains will leave them in peace. They can’t burn down headquarters if they don’t know the headquarters exist.


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Hello! I can't remember which book, but remember when Claire was thinking about how she loved to hear Frank's lecture's & the time he had the artifacts, from History & he had the paintings with unknown named & she said there was a little cameo, with a picture of her (Claire) in it? Was I understanding it correctly? Do you think it was Bree who painted them in the past & he knew it was Bree & that's why he was lecturing on it? Does anyone remember it? That has been in my head for so long! :)

Hi profoundlyunadulteratedduck - thanks for your ask!

We first hear of the miniature portraits of Claire and Jamie in Dragonfly in Amber, when Claire dreams of Frank giving a lecture to his students:

“A Gentleman…”

He held up the miniature, and Jamie’s blue eyes blazed out under the fiery thatch of his hair, combed for once, braided and ribboned into an unaccustomed formal order. The knife-edged nose was bold above the lace of his stock, and the long mouth seemed about to speak, half-curled at one corner.

“But they were real people,” Frank’s voice insisted. “They did much the same things you do—give or take a few small details like going to the pictures or driving down the motorway"—there were appreciative titters among the class—"but they cared about their children, they loved their husbands or wives… well, sometimes they did…” More laughter.

“A Lady,” he said softly, cradling the last of the portraits in his palm, shielding it for the moment. “With brown hair curling luxuriantly to her shoulders, and a necklace of pearls. Undated. The artist unknown.”

It was a mirror, not a miniature. My cheeks were flushed, and my lips trembled as Frank’s finger gently traced the edge of my jaw, the graceful line of my neck. The tears welled in my eyes and spilled down my cheeks as I heard his voice, still lecturing, as he laid down the miniature, and I stared upward at the timbered ceiling.

“Undated. Unknown. But once… once, she was real.”

I’ve always wondered whether Claire is dreaming, or “seeing” the future. Because, to your point, in A Breath of Snow and Ashes we see Brianna show Young Ian the miniature portraits she had painted of her parents:

“What do you think?” She held the pair of miniatures out for his inspection, one in either palm.

The look of expectation on his face changed to outright fascination, and he reached slowly for one of the tiny paintings.

“I will be damned,” he said. It was the one of her mother, her hair long and curling loose on bare shoulders, the small firm chin raised with an authority that belied the generous curve of the mouth above.

“The eyes—I don’t think those are quite right,” she said, peering into his hand. “Working so small … I couldn’t get the color, exactly. Da’s were much easier.”

…“Are they like, do you think?”

“They’re wonderful.” Ian looked from one to the other, then he put the portrait of Claire gently back into its place. “Have your parents seen them yet?”

As for whether Frank knew that Brianna had painted the portraits - I suppose anything is possible, but he makes a point of saying that the portraits aren’t signed. However - there’s no doubt that he’d recognize Claire anywhere, and since he knows that Brianna strongly resembles Jamie, he could easily deduce that the second portrait was of Jamie.

Making this connection when I read ABOSAA really sent chills down my spine…

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Hi, sorry for the random message, but I have a slightly silly question. I read somewhere that one of the terms for a book is appropriative and I can't remember which one - Book of Shadows or Grimoire. I don't want to use the wrong term if it's not something I should be using, do you know which term it is by any chance? Thank you!!

It’s not a silly question! But,I don’t actually know. I’ve never heard that either of these terms are appropriative.

Do any of my followers know the answer to this?