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someday Cameron is just going to snap and yell "OH MY SHIT CAPTAIN OBLIVIOUS, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT IM IN LOVE WITH YOU!?" and Kirsten will, for once, be completely speechless and awkward and blush like crazy while everyone in the lab mutters "finally" under their breaths

OMG YES. i can totally see that happening eventually! They’re literally so cute like 

At the same time though, I can almost see Camille saying that rather than Cameron saying something. Camille seems to be more blunt and straightforward than Cameron, but that’s just me. 

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Nee Mira-chan. Since Cryszard is Camus first name, Do you think 'Chris/Crys' sounds okay as his nickname? XD

I usually try to forget that this is a thing… I still can’t believe that Haruka named him like this, and even worse, that it’s his birthname and she guessed right. Oh lord why… But maybe Kotobuki-senpai should be named like this, it would suit him better *insert here a lame Everybody Hates Chris reference* xD

Quartet Night reactions to being taken care of while sick

Here’s Quartet Night’s reactions to being taken care of their S/O for anon~
Also I realize what I did were more like little one shots than reactions- from now on I won’t make the mistake again, unless anon was okay with one shots?

Reiji:  You don’t bother to knock as you let yourself into your boyfriend’s apartment. Turning on the lights you sigh as you see the mess left behind by Reiji trying to take care of himself. Dirty dishes stacked in the sink, the TV on, and a sleeping Reiji asleep on his small couch, dark brown hair falling into his face, tissues scattered on the couch, the floor, and the table.

You sigh, Reiji always has been like a little kid, although part of it is a carefree act. You go about tidying his apartment, making a face when it comes to picking up the tissues.

When you’re finished, you go back to the couch only to be met with open gray eyes.

“When did you get here?”

“When did you wake up?”

“Why were you cleaning?”

“Why did you go to work?”

Back and forth, this is how it always is, you sigh and gently place a hand to his forehead, it was still warm, “I came because I was worried about you.”
His eyes widen, “Ah, really?” for some reason his voice makes your face flush, and you try to pull your hand back only to have Reiji grab your wrist. He pulls you onto the already small couch that you are suddenly all too aware of- your body pressed right against Reiji’s.

“I’m happy,” he mumbles into your hair, his fingers combing through your tresses with a practiced ease, “Really happy.”
Together like that, the two of you drift to sleep.
Ranmaru: “Don’t come in” You hear your Ranmaru rasp out, but you pay no heed to him, instead opening the door and stepping into his room. You hear another noise from his place at the bed, and a moment later meet heterochromatic eyes narrowed, a scowl forming on your boyfriend’s face.

“You’ll get wrinkles if you make a face like that,” you tease, treading lightly. A normal Ranmaru was grouchy, so a sick Ranmaru was something you could only hope would be tolerable.

“Shut it.” He grumbles lying back down on the bed with a sigh, and you take that as your cue to make yourself at home. Dropping the shopping bags on the counter, you begin pulling out the ingredients for soup. This got the silver haired idol’s attention as a loud rumble filled the comfortable silence of the room.

Well, you try not to laugh, but somehow a giggle still escapes your lips, and not a moment later so does a squeak as you feel strong arms wrap around your waist.

“It’s not funny” he mutters into your neck.

“Did you eat today?” You ask, receiving a shake of his head in response, “Then let me cook for you, and I won’t be able to laugh at your stomach.”
Ranmaru open his mouth, most likely to protest, but you tap him in the stomach, effectively getting another growl to come from his stomach, “Sit down,” you order, and he relents.

You spend the rest of the day cooking together and talking, eventually settling down to watch a movie together on the idol’s couch. You have no complaints when Ranmaru falls asleep, head resting on your shoulder.
Camus getting sick was a very rare occurence, but when it did happen, the normally cold count was much more irritable than usual.

So when Cecil asks you to take care of him, you almost spit out your drink. It was no secret that Camus liked your company more than others, but just because the two of you were a couple, it didn’t mean that you were immune to the count’s anger.

Nevertheless you tell Cecil not to worry about it and head to Camus’ room with a tray of tea and his medicine. Knocking on the door, you hear the rumble of his voice as he tells you to enter, and you open the door with a smile.

“Camus I brought-” your eyes widen as you take in the sight of Camus sitting in a chair, reading a book, looking as regal as ever. ‘Is he even sick’ you wonder to yourself, then you see the way his hair seems just a bit more unruly than usual, and how is hand shakes as he holds the book.

His eyes meet your own, and he opens his mouth- to make some sort of comment on how 'ladies shouldn’t stand around with their mouths agape’ you’re sure- but instead he launches into a coughing fit, the book falling from his grasp as he tries to cover his mouth to keep from coughing.

You sigh and walk over to him, kneeling to pick up his book and then taking him by the elbow towards his bed, shifting the covers from their perfect state and gesturing for him to get in.

Just as he opens his mouth to protest you push him with all you’re strength into the bed, moving the covers over him with a glare in his direction as he makes to swat your hands away.

“Pride is a very un-gentlmanly quality,” you tell him instead.

You have to turn away to cover your laughter as he gives in.
Ai: “I thought you didn’t get sick?!” you hiss at your Ai as you help him into his bed.

“I’m just overheated, give me a moment to-” Ai is cut off by a sudden spasm, and for a moment you think he may shut down again.

But he doesn’t, instead he reaches for your hand and moves the covers aside to allow you to slip under the covers with him, “It’ll be fine, this isn’t contagious anyway.” he says bluntly and you grin at him, kissing his nose.

“I wasn’t worried about that.”

“Then what were you worried about?” he asks, curious as ever.

You shake your head, burying your head into his chest as his arms automatically wrap around your waist and pull you even closer, “You.”

He doesn’t reply, and for a moment you think he may not have heard you, but when you try to pull back his grip on you tightens, “Can we…stay like this, for a little while longer?” he asks, and ignoring the blush rising to your cheeks, you nod and snuggle in closer.

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How would Starish and QN react when witnessing their s/o get explosively angry for the first time?

[Every one of them would be suprised by their action,that’s for sure.They would try to calm them down so I would write more how they calm them down.Hope that you don’t mind it.But it’s hard to think of different way to act for 11 people.]


Ren Jignuji: He would be suprised by their outburst.But then he would tease them a little by patting their head and in teasing voice says:”Little explosive today,aren’t you?”Maybe he would get one slight punch in the shoulder,by his lover.

Ittoki Otoya: Suprised a little,like everybody,he would try to calm their partner down with hug.If they don’t want him to touch them he would be little sad but he would understand and let them have some space.

Cecil Aijima: Exactly like Otoya he would try to calm them by some touch or kiss.It’s about their significant other if they would like that or no.

Syo Kurusu: He is known for his own explosive character so he is definitely suprise that his lover can explode too.He doesn’t really know what to do.

Ichinose Tokiya: He didn’t really know that his partner has side like that,but in some way he liked that.He would try to talk with them and calm them with his cool attitude.

Hijirikawa Masato: Same as Tokiya,would try to talk to them.If that won’t work he would maybe play some calm piano balad for them and maybe their heart would melt and anger would go away by it.(A/N:This would definitely work on me.)

Natsuki Shinomiya: This big child doesn’t know much about anger by himself.He maybe can’t even be angered by anything to act explosively.(If we don’t count his Satsuki side).He would try to calm them down by his sweets.


Kurosaki Ranmaru: He have some memories of his anger times and everybody knows about his short temper,he is quiet taken back by his lovers actions.Maybe even little proud of them,when they are always too obedient.

Ai Mikaze: He doesn’t really get why is his significant other so angry,so he would ask why is their heart beating that fast and if they are okay.

Reiji Kotobuki: He is another one who would try to hug them to calm them down.Or maybe trying to say some joke or do some magical trick to make them think about something different that the thing that made them act so explosive.

Camus: He would be mostly annoyed by the action.”Don’t be so loud,human!”Would he say and maybe anger his partner even more but maybe it would cool their head down a bit,seeing him getting anger himself.

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Hey~ Thanks for making this page, I'm loving it so far <3 may I request on Quartet Night's reaction seeing their S/O's room still lit while they were getting a midnight snack, entering the room, and seen that their S/O fallen asleep on a pile of papers the S/O were working on for work (pencil or pen still in S/O hand)? [maybe there was a better way of explaining the scene...]

|| No no! It’s really detailed~ I hope you like it! Tell me how I can improve!  ||

Reiji:- “Mmm, ara? You’re still awake _____-chan~ー” Reiji stopped midsentence as he saw you asleep. He had gone to eat some Pocky and he was surprised to find you here. He softly giggled.“Mou~ you work too hard my girl.” He said as he princess carried you to bed. He pulled the covers and made sure you were warm. He came back to the other room, arranged up your things, turned off the lights and went back to the bedroom, falling asleep next to you, whispering a sweet “I love you. Have sweet dreams” as he dozed off, an arm holding you close.

Ranmaru:- Ranmaru washes up the plate and heads back to his room. While going back he was wondering why the lights were on in the drawing room. He yawned as he walked in only to find you fast asleep on the couch, holding a sheet of paper and pen. “Composing at this hour..?” He mumbled as he walked closer to you and took the sheet. He placed a kiss on your forehead. “Really, you don’t even know when to rest. You’ll fall sick you know? But your hard work is showing in this song.”

Ai:- Ai walked out of the kitchen with a tall glass of orange juice. He looked around the place and saw something unusual. He walked in the living room and saw you sleeping on the sofa, sitting upright with one of your arms supporting your chin. He kneeled in front of you, observing you. “_____ has a cute sleeping face”, he thought as he stared at you with those cyan eyes, sipping the juice. He softly held your hand, and put you to a good position on the sofa, careful to not wake you. In the morning when you woke up, you were surprised to see Ai holding your hand, asleep next to you.

Camus:- Camus slowly took the last bite of the rich chocolate cake he was holding. He savored its taste as walked back to his room. He stopped at the door as he saw the lights on in your room. “She’s awake at this hour?” he thought as he opened your room door. He found his dear asleep on the table with papers scattered all over her desk. He sighed. He certainly did not like it when you overworked like this but you wouldn’t listen. He lifts strands of your hair and kisses them. He then decided,  “She better sleep in my room from now so I can keep a better eye on her” as he lifted you up and took you to his room.

—Nicole oxo

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There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.
—  Albert Camus