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“What are Your Pronouns?” A Guide to Common Pronouns and Their Usage

Respecting a person’s pronouns is vitally important to creating inclusive environments for transgender people. Beginning a conversation by introducing yourself and sharing your pronouns is an easy way to begin a conversation about pronoun usage, and encourages other members of the conversation to follow suit!

This is a great practice to take up, even if you are cisgender. Assuming a stranger’s pronouns, or assuming a stranger can know your pronouns based on your appearance contributes to transphobia. No person can “look” like they use a certain pronoun. If a person tells you their pronouns and you are confused about how to use or pronounce them correctly, it is okay to ask for clarification.

Here are some examples of gender pronouns and how to use them! This is not a complete list of all pronouns that people might use.

They / Them / Their

They rode their bike to school today by themself. The bike is theirs.

Using the first letter of a person’s name as pronouns  (Person’s name is Taylor)

rode T’s bike to school today by T’s self. The bike is T’s.

Ze / Hir / Hirs

Ze rode hir bike to school today by hirself. The bike is hirs.

Ey / Em / Eir

Ey rode eir bike to school today by emself. The bike is eirs.

Using a person’s name as pronouns  (Person’s name is Quinn)

Quinn rode Quinn’s bike to school today by Quinn’s self. The bike is Quinn’s.

She / Her / Hers

She rode her bike to school today by herself. The bike is hers.

Ze / Zem / Zir

Ze rode zir bike to school today by zemself. The bike is zirs.

Xe / Xem / Xyr

Xe rode xyr bike to school today by xemself. The bike is xyrs.

He / Him / His

He rode his bike to school today by himself. The bike is his.

Allison Marie Turner is an alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she studied journalism and mass communication and women’s and gender studies. She is a 2015 Summer Fellow for Campus Pride. Follow her on Twitter @amturner1993.

(Zimbits, slight AU, 2.8K, under a cut because it got long.)

They asked him every year. Sometimes, even more than once a year if he wanted to be on Samwell’s promotional material.

Jack said no every time because he really didn’t have any interest in having his face plastered on billboards and on every brochure and course calendar they handed out to students, both prospective and current. He’d had enough secondhand publicity from his parents’ careers and he wasn’t going to go seeking it out while he was at Samwell.

The only allowance he made was when he was photographed with the rest of the hockey team because he understood that hockey was a big selling point when it came to convincing people to attend their school. One of the team photos was enlarged and put up in the sports complex, right between the women’s volleyball team and Samwell’s dance team. It had already gotten vandalized this year by some drunk LAX bros and had to be replaced (which the university was not happy about and last Jack heard, the bros responsible were on suspension from the team).

The university couldn’t get Jack, but they got Ransom and Holster to agree to photos other than the team one. There were some of them pretending to study in the library, or looking happy and not-stressed as they socialized. These ended up on the cover of last year’s Campus Life magazine and both Holster and Ransom both joked that they were wasting their time at school when they should be modelling instead. It still didn’t stop the recruitment team from continually asking Jack who refused to change his mind.

Little did he know it was about to be changed for him.

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Have some Bittyholtz

Ok so instead of holster being the one charmed by sweet southern belle Bitty, we have Eric Richard Bittle being completely gone on Nice Jewish Boy™ Adam Birkholtz.

Like Holster is one of the first guys on the team to go out of his way to make Samwell and the team feel like home.

He is one of the first people Bitty comes out to.

Now let’s imagine that after him and ransom bombard bitty with options of dudes to go to winter screw with, Holster sticks back, and then /he/ comes out to bitty as bi.

And it changes Bitty’s perception a little, because this hulking jock who reeks of dudebro nohomo culture, is queer.

And so then Adam becomes Bitty’s first queer friend on campus.

And they spend a lot of time together as each others unwritten date to lgbtq events on campus.

They go to pride together and watch all of the terrible movies on the LGBTQ section of Netflix together.

And maybe let’s say that his first year, Bitty can’t go home for the holidays (maybe he can’t get a flight or his parents are going to be out of town for a family emergency or whatever) and so Holster invites bitty over to his house.

That’s how Bitty ends up celebrating his first Chanukah and he loves every minute and Holster is patient and kind and explains all of the traditions to him and tells him the story of the miracle of lights. It’s sweet.

But not as sweet as watching Holster interact with his little sisters. Eve and Hannah are nice, and they love their big brother.

Something warms Bitty over as he watches Adam (not holster, here he is Adam, he is softer) and there is a tightening in his chest and he knows, in that moment as he watches the tall dman singing to his sisters, that he is fucked.

Except, instead of what happens with Jack, bitty knows that Holster likes guys, he knows that there could be a chance that he might feel something too.

Bitty lets a few weeks go by after break to mull in this crush, but one night, they’re at a kegster, and Bitty is a little tipsy and Holster is a little half naked, and bitty just goes for it.

They’re talking outside on the porch about one of the movies they watched a while back when Bitty just kisses him.

There are butterflies in his stomach and he’s not sure if it’s nerves or excitement or the tub juice but he leans in and kisses Adam and it’s warm and perfect.

It takes him a moment of basking in how good it feels to realize that Holster is kissing him back.

They break away breathless, and Holster rests his forehead on Bitty’s.

Confessions are made, and Bitty tells him how he knew he wanted him over break, and Holster admits to knowing he wanted him after watching him at Faber doing his figure skating choreography.

Bitty is sobered with the knowledge that Adam “Holster” Birkholtz wants him. He smiles and they kiss again.

Weeks later Shitty will find them on the couch curled into one another. He will chirp them endlessly until Bitty tells him to leave his boyfriend alone. And then shitty is crying and threatening Holster “if you hurt my son!” And Bitty knows he doesn’t have to worry about telling the team because shitty will yell about it to the end of time.

For now He will snuggle closer to his boyfriend (Adam Birkholtz is his boyfriend!!!!!!!) and place a kiss to his chest.

Maybe he’ll make a blueberry crumble that afternoon.

March is Bisexual Health Awareness Month (BHAM)

The Bisexual Resource Center has declared March Bisexual Health Awareness Month (BHAM) to bring awareness to bisexual health, advocacy, intersectionality and resources

Written by Lindsay Betros, University of South Florida

Bisexual Health Awareness Month (BHAM) is March! Use #bihealthmonth on Tumblr, Facebook & Twitter to follow all things BHAM in the month of March via The Bisexual Resource Center.

Bisexual Health Awareness Month is a social media campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the disparities in the bisexual health community. The bisexual community continues to be marginalized and underserved. The theme of this year’s BHAM is mental health.

Why does bisexual health matter? Because bisexual individuals make up almost half of the lesbian, gay and bisexual community in the US, and research for bisexual health is understudied, it is extremely important to raise awareness.

“Bisexual people have long been impacted by the negative effects of biphobia and bisexual erasure from both LGBTQ and straight communities,” said Julia Canfield, BRC Board President. “They have also been denied access to critical services and resources that can enhance their mental and emotional well-being. Therefore, Bisexual Health Awareness Month aims to increase awareness about these issues and feature ways we can effectively address them.”

The bisexual community faces mental health issues as proven by research. Such research found that bisexual individuals experience higher rates of depression, suicidality, interpersonal violence, and other physical and mental health disparities compared to their homosexual and heterosexual counterparts.

Here are five things that YOU can do to be educated and support bisexual awareness:

-Create your materials (e.g. handouts, calendars, posters, infographics) or promote some from the BRC
-Host an event in your community or through your organization (e.g. panel, discussion group, speaker)
-Participate in the BHAM campaign directly through the BRC social media channels
-Blog about BHAM or write articles about mental health in the bisexual community
-Solicit local or national organizations to make their own BHAM proclamation

Fun fact: “The BRC uses bisexual as an umbrella term for people who recognize and honor their potential for sexual and emotional attraction to more than one gender (pansexual, fluid, omnisexual, queer, and all other free-identifiers). We celebrate and affirm the diversity of identity and expression regardless of labels.”

The BRC is the oldest national bi organization in the U.S. that advocates for bisexual visibility and raises awareness about bisexuality throughout the LGBT and straight communities.

Campus Pride is the leading national educational organization for LGBTQ and ally college students and campus groups building future leaders and safer, more LGBTQ-friendly colleges and universities. The organization provides resources and services to thousands of college students and nearly 1400 campuses annually. Learn more online at

anonymous asked:

college poe dameron. Is he: an active member of the pride club on campus and has a flag on his dorm wall and all that OR just a chill gay open about his sexuality. Discuss!

he’s absolutely an active member of the pride club on campus there’s no doubt abt it!

Haunted CH 4

“I’m so excited for tonight!” The girl in front of you squealed. “I bet BamBam will be there.” Her friend giggled.

“Everyone will be there!” She replied, sounding excited. She then turned around, quirking an eyebrow up, “Well, mostly everyone.” Her tone was demeaning, and you knew it was meant to hurt your feelings. And it did. It had been the second party that the entire school was invited to, excluding you. A boy in your class said that inviting you would be inviting your “bad juju” too, and of course they couldn’t have that.

Halloween was now right around the corner. The closer it got, the more you were mocked. You hated it, but somehow after speaking with Chan you weren’t mad at them anymore. You felt bad for the kids who bullied you, and you didn’t hold any grudges against your parents anymore. Only your thirst for answers remained.

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anonymous asked:

i’m going to be a senior in high school this upcoming year, which means i will be applying to colleges soon. i would like to apply to colleges far from home, however i’m not sure if that’s a good idea since i also want to begin transitioning when i turn 18. is it ok for me to to go to a college far from home, or should i stay nearby where there are people i know who support me?

Kai says:

It really depends. I knew I needed to go to college far from my parents because they aren’t supportive of me. Even so, if you find a college that happens to be far but has very supportive people & friends, that could be good for you. Ultimately I think you should weigh it out with the people you have support from and yourself - a lot changes when you go to college usually, especially if your’e far from home, but even if you’re close, things and relationships may change as well.

I recommend Campus Pride Index as a good place to be able to look at how trans friendly colleges are. Also I used to look at as well but it’s less detailed.