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Altoid Tin Survival Kit

Increase your chances of staying alive in the wild by taking along the Altoid tin survival kit. The compact kit fits virtually anywhere and comes jam packed with all the essential tools – like an emergency whistle, fishing wire, and a button compass.


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Libra | Camping Coffee Pourtables

Sublime taste mixed with superb aromas is what coffee should be. Now, we all know that coffee is necessary on a camping trip, but instant coffee is never as good as properly brewed coffee. A lightweight and easy solution is found in the Libra Coffee Pourtables. 

Vargo | A Survivalist Fire Starter

Lightweight, easy to use, and packable, this device is truly an amazing fire starter.So, if you are getting yourself some new camping gear, or looking for something to add to your survival kit, the Vargo has to be in it.