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Huey and campfire songs.

ok yes bless this

Huey’s devotion to the Junior Woodchucks taught him a lot of things including how to play the guitar and sometimes the constant strumming annoys the crap out of his brothers to the point where they hide the guitar from him.

Dewey and Louie dropped out of junior woodchucks eventually and one of the reasons was that the sheer embarrassment of Huey whipping out his guitar and bursting into song every single time they had a campfire was too much to handle. Huey doesn’t care though he just lives his best life.

(Also the urge to just answer this with the lyrics to Camp Fire Song Song from spongebob was very strong)

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~ In The Arms Of A Stranger by Mike Posner

~ Beale Street Blues by Eartha Kitt

~ I Was A Teenage Anarchist by Against Me!

~ Never Enough by Brendan Maclean

~ Koi by Le1f

~ Dixie Biscuits by Tape Five

~ Ain’t Dead Yet by Charlie Parr

~ Treat Me Like Fire by Lion Babe

~ Back Pocket by Vulfpeck

~ Brass by Campfire OK

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“Campfire” Tangled Soundtrack

ok, did anyone else notice that at one point during this song (the part where Eugene is telling Rapunzel about his back story) there is a flute playing and it sounds sooo beautiful and celtic (similar to the kingdom dance music) but it’s not in the movie? I’ve always wondered why, but i think it’s probably because they are talking in the movie and their voices would’ve been drowned out by the music. BUT nonetheless, I love this sound, it makes me think of Eugene’s childhood in a more vivid way, sad and unfortunate but still hopeful that one day he would find happiness :)


If you live in or around Seattle, make sure you go to the next Cathedrals on November 5th put on by the Fremont Abbey. Words cannot express how beautiful this night was and I can’t imagine the next one falling behind. GO!

PS: As always, Melodie, I think you are just so wonderful. 


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Campfire OK 

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Perhaps due to the fact that all of their performances/videos seem to be recorded live in action…or maybe just because acoustic harmony’s are my kryptonite.