Dub Box USA Makes New Trailers Better Than Vintage

We could never quite place it, but there has always been a certain appeal to vintage campers and vans. Something about setting off into the great unknown with an actual shelter that you don’t have to erect with poles and nylon–that also has some of the more important creature comforts like a toilet and wall chargers–is comforting and alluring at the same time. Aside from a few similarities that are the same across all the models (16′ overall length, 6′ height, 6′ width, NASA designed ceiling insulation, insulated floors, wired for iPads and iPhones, toilets, faucets, etc.), the Dub Box USA is completely customizable based on your needs. They’ll help you pick paint colors, designs, hardware and just about everything else for your fiberglass home away from home  based on whatever your requirements for the trailer are. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even get a DIY rolling shell delivered that you get to outfit yourself.


Originally posted here. Please be on the lookout for this trailer especially if you’re in the Austin, TX, area. 

PLEASE HELP. As many of you know, my teardrop is more than just a get away to me, it is my home. As of June 1st I was to be living out of it full time. As happens with the world, I’ve been punched in the gut. I went out to get something this morning and it is gone. Simply vanished. I don’t know what to do right now, but if you can help me in ANY way, leads, look online, I don’t know. Please do. It is a teal colored Little Guy Teardrop Trailers T@G. It’s my baby. Please help.

*UPDATE: I am so so grateful for all the shares, but still feeling quite hopeless. Here are more details that might help:
LICENSE: B107695
VIN: 57HTT13S0FS001043
COLOR: White & Teal (teal is uncommon)
The plate is mounted to the door, not the plate holder
It has a Princess Craft logo/address on the back.
Stolen from Austin, TX - but may have made its way to other states by now.