Audio Gift: Kara Lindsay in Mary Poppins (NC Theatre)

NC Theatre’s Mary Poppins - July 30, 2016 Matinee

Full show; fully tracked

Cast: Mary Poppins-Kara Lindsay, Bert-Nicolas Dromard, Miss Andrew-Jane Blass, Michael Banks-Micah Boan, Jane Banks-Riley Rose Campbell, George Banks-Gary Milner, Winifred Banks-Lisa Brescia, Mrs. Brill-Kathy Fitzgerald

I wish you all could have seen Kara and the rest of this cast. I’ve seen MP 3 times now (including on Broadway in 2009) and this is definitely my favorite production that I’ve seen, even with it omitting Bert’s high-flying and Mary’s flight above the crowd.

Notes on the recording: All of the files should have cast listings, track numbers, album art, etc already embedded. But since this was my first time tracking a musical like this, I cannot promise that it worked 100% perfectly.. I also dropped my phone briefly at the start of act 2 so that’s why it’s quiet for less than a minute.

Note to traders: This is a gift and I would like you to treat it as such. You can list it on your sites but gift it out to anybody who asks for it whether they can trade for it or not. If you do list it on a trading site, I ask that you note that it is my master. Thanks!!

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