A desperate plea to you guys!

Hi everyone, a couple of days ago a girl named Ichrak Aissi messaged me asking for help and if I could ask you guys as well. She’s a 19 year old student from Morocco who’s aspiring to be a computer engineer, but unfortunately her family live somewhere that’s extremely noisy, and due to strict religious reasons she’s not really allowed to leave the house (not even for study in her freetime). Her future really does depend on how well she does in these exams, but due to the fact she can’t concentrate, it’s left her in desperate need of      who really, really needs our help to donate money so she can afford to get a pair of special headphones which completely cancel out background noise so she is able to study.. Her academic future and her dreams of becoming a computer engineer could be so much closer if she was able to concentrate more, but due to her situation that is not possible at the moment.

This is her donation page, https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/please-help-me-study–3 it’s genuine and this is genuinely her story. I know times are hard but if anybody has any amount they would like to donate, it would be truly appreciated.

 Ichrak - “I just wanted to add that I’m not sending this request because I feel entitled to anything.It’s more coming from a place of desperation and hope to get help at creating a better future for myself.”

Thank you truly so much to anybody who takes the time to read this and donates, you are changing her life for the better <3


Aminoacid Boy graphic novel crowdfunding campaign 

DAY 4: 50% FUNDED!    :-))))

By contributing to this campaign you will receive an incredible 156 pages graphic novel with a unique style, very close to painting.

You can pre-order your copy of the book now on Indiegogo:


Original drawings in various sizes and other rewards are available.

Every contribution is very much appreciated and please, help me spread the word sharing this post!!!!



Do you love Mad Max? Did you go crazy for Fury Road? Are you an artist with an itch to draw awesome post-apocalyptic fanart? Have I got a deal for you!

My name is Leah, and I’ve just recently graduated from SCAD Savannah with an MA in Sequential Art. I also happen to be a rabid Mad Max: Fury Road fan, and I would like to celebrate that with a whole bunch of you in the raddest way possible:

I am looking for artists who would be interested in potentially submitting Mad Max-themed illustrations and short comics for a Kickstarter-funded art book campaign, curated by me!

This is nothing official, I just wanted to see how many of you out there would enjoy being a part of this project! The real call to submissions will probably not happen until September, when the movie is estimated for DVD release.

Did I mention you’d get paid? I will be adjusting the funding goal to include a financial reward for the artists, that will grow with every stretch goal we reach!

If you’re stoked about this idea and want me to reach out to you when it begins, please follow me and send me your email! I will be constantly updating with new ideas and details, so keep in touch!

Signal boosts appreciated–let’s get the word out and make this a reality!