A quick note from everyone here at Camp Cohen

First off, a warm thank you to everyone who has stopped by, we logged over 23,000 page views in May which is not bad at all for a first month in the woods.

Goodnight May, Hello June.

Our LA based Camp Cohen crew is now working full steam to prepare for the first day (04JUN2012) of full-band pre-season training camp. With an eye towards the bands first gig of the tour later this year in Ghent, there is mountain of work to do in just a couple short months; but don’t worry, we have a crack team of experts to handle all the logistics. So please stay tuned to the Camp Cohen blog for updates and we’ll keep singing our songs.

 - Camp Cohen ~ 03JUN2012

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Javier Mas, Mitch Watkins and Alex Bublitchi knock out a little variation on a theme during a break today in the camp rehearsal hall.

The newest addition to Camp Cohen opened for business today, the business of socially lubricating the Camp Crew.

If you find yourself in the neighborhood and you happen to possess knowledge of the manner and practice of relaying in proper fashion the pass and the sign of the pass, (aka ~ you know the secret handshake) stop by for a shandy and lies.

This is a closed set. Stage manager Paul Stratford suffers no fools and runs a razor sharp stage crew. The stage is Paul’s wheelhouse, do not muck about.