Hobo Stove Pakoras with Backyard Foraged Dandelions

Our backyard has exploded with dandelions, and I’ve been keen to try out a camping recipe.

Hobo stove.

Upcycled from its previous life as a giant can of chickpeas, this simple device was also begging for a test drive.

Tinder. Twigs. Light.



I plucked these golden nuggets straight from the yard and gave them a quick rinse. The moisture trapped in the petals hold the perfect amount to adhere the flour and spices - no need to add more. My take on the pakora mix consists of chickpea flour, coconut flour, fine cornmeal flour - a 3:1:1 ratio. For seasoning, add a pinch of garam masala, turmeric, salt, and chili powder.

Toss in bag. Coat.



Let the pakoras slide around the pan. Careful to turn and not burn. The hobo stove can pack a lot of heat. 


Serve with a chutney or your favorite condiment. Can’t get more seasonal, local, homecooked, and energy-efficient than this!



Everyone just read that in the voice of Gordon Ramsay from FWord right? Right…? Because otherwise I just wasted 30min of my life concocting this.


BioLite BaseCamp Stove

Today’s piece of great news for lovers of outdoor adventures is called BioLite BaseCamp. The advanced off-grid cooking and energy solution especially designed for camping trips, BaseCamp Stove by BioLite allows outdoor enthusiasts to cook their meals and charge electronic gadgets at the same time.


A simple, low coast backpacking and S24O bike touring stove.  Given the simple nature, the low cost and the DIY philosophy that is very Ecotopian, I plan on building one for the S24O bike tours I plan on doing later this spring.  It also removes the dependency on packaged fuel sources that not only cost additional money, but are typically dependent on petroleum based fuel sources and since the Ecotopian region is blessed with an abundance of wood, finding small twigs, pine cones, etc to use as fuel in this stove makes both environmental and financial sense.


BioLite CampStove

You can cook on wood while, at the same time, generate electricity to charge your gadgets!  Typically used outdoors, the stove works in the following way: the heat from the fire generates electricity via a thermoelectric generator to power a fan creating airflow for improved combustion.

Go to school, take extracurriculars. Go to college, get decent grades. Get an office job. It pays alright. It’s fine. Try dating. It’s fine. Spend weekends watching tv or finishing your workload. It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. It's— “Fuck it,” Bokuto and Kuroo decide one day. “Fuck it all”. They fish around. They start saving up. They find a big old house in the north country, dilapidated and cheap, on a drive to nowhere, and save up. Save up.

They quit their jobs and leave the city. They take out a loan and start fixing the house up. They’ll turn it into a bed & breakfast, they think. They get to know the locals. About a mile down the road lives a farmer, a youngish man named Ushijima. He knows some people and recommends them. They help with the plumbing. And the wiring. And the carpentry. And everything that this great lumbering beast of a house needs. Bokuto and Kuroo camp in the living room while the rest of the house is made habitable, using an actual tent against any leaks, and use a portable camping stove for the first few days before the gas and oven are working. “This is crazy,” they think laughingly, as they grill hot dogs and marshmallows over their dinky little stove, mocking themselves and this ridiculous idea of theirs.

They meet a guy in town named Terushima. He’s from the city too, like them (and his style of fashion certainly shows it, with his bleached hair, undercut, and tongue piercing), but he’s lived out here in the boondocks for the past five years. He teaches snowboarding and skiing to tourists at a lodge, up in the nearby, looming mountains, in the wintertime, having taken a lifelong passion and made a job out of it. He’s a little uncouth, but easy-going and has a good sense of humor, and they become quick friends. They tell him they’re opening a bed and breakfast. He laughs; he says he wouldn’t have pegged them for the type, they reply they didn’t either. He’s intrigued, and seems to nearly whoop with excitement when they invite him to come around once they’re open, and thanks them with vigor.

They post flyers around town and take an ad out in the paper to recruit employees. They chat up the local librarians hoping to get to know the town better, as well as maybe get the word out if it wouldn’t be too much trouble? The librarians tell them soliciting is frowned upon but they do have some brochure maps for the town if they’re interested, and then ask them to move out of the way for the people behind them in line. They don’t expect much, but when they’re in again a week later, one librarian, a calm, authoritative yet kindly woman in her fifties, tells them they have a potential candidate if they’d like to meet with her? They agree, and she leaves them and comes back a minute later with a small young woman who nervously, timidly introduces herself as Yachi Hitoka. She volunteers at the library after school but would like to try working as a maid, or a server, or whatever they need, and they tell her with a smile they’ll keep her in mind. The librarian tells them knowingly before they leave, after Yachi has gone back to work, that despite her timidity she’s a hard worker, and very good at what she does, and they’d honestly be lucky to have her as an employee. “We understand,” they say politely, and thank her.

They don’t have enough money to fix up the house, they realize, or at least not all of it. They make the painful decision to make sure everything needed is done for structural integrity, and then to leave several of the rooms untouched cosmetically. They’ll only have a handful of rooms for guests, but with hope and luck they’ll have the rest of the house fixed up with revenue within a year or two. On the bright side, the limit for capacity prevents them from taking on more customers than they might be able to handle; it’ll almost be like a trial period for them, a training run, and they’ll get sorely-needed practice in.

They hire Yachi. They open in time, and they get customers, though not many. Bokuto takes a day job at a restaurant to help pay the bills, and Kuroo translates some English literature into Japanese and vice versa for hire in his nights. Bokuto, the better cook, should be the one cooking for the guests, but he’s the only one who’d been able to find a job among the limited options the town holds for them, so he helps Kuroo improve his own culinary ability in the mornings and evenings before and after his shifts. “God bless his endless energy,” Kuroo thinks, his heart brimming with love as the other explains the finer points of a more complicated recipe.

Their first winter in the town they head up, at Terushima’s invitation, to the lodge he works at, and get to see him in action. He’s wearing a sleek winter sport suit that looks expensive as hell, and he swaggers a little as he moves around, until they get his attention, and then he comes bounding up to them, almost a bit like an excited dog, with a whoop and a holler. He shows them around the lodge and buys them lunch on his break, and then insists to try teaching them how to snowboard, or ski, their choice. Bokuto chooses snowboarding, Kuroo skiing (Terushima seems put out at that, and Kuroo supposes with amusement he chose wrongly), and Terushima does his best to teach them the basics. His efforts fruitless after one hour, he goes back to teach his afternoon class, and they decide to loiter and watch him teach. He’s calmer than they expected from a rebel punk, and more authoritative, and he’s surprisingly good with the children in the group.

They put out ads every once in a while, and they slowly build up local knowledge of their existence. They work hard, and it’s slow going, but eventually they get more customers. They finally manage to fix up the last few rooms, and their capacity expands. Yachi is a hardworking little champion, and in the evenings, on the days she can stay late, Kuroo helps tutor her in preparation for her entrance exams (she’s brilliant, clever, and innovative, and Kuroo laughs at the idea of her getting anything less than a scholarship to even a good school, but her mother is overbearing and Hitoka, sweet, and likely anxious even by nature, is riddled with insecurity, so Kuroo is happy to help assuage her fears any way he can). Bokuto sometimes sits in while they study and watches, leaning in, and his frequent gasps and exclamations of incredulity and praise earn laughs and blushes from her, and snickers, eye-rolls, and rebuttals of “Shut up, go do something useful” from Kuroo as he shoves him away by the face.

They’re studying one night when Yachi thanks Kuroo again for his help.
“What’s this?” he asks, gasping in an exaggerated manner. “I told you to stop thanking me.” The first thirty times were more than enough, and he’s told her so.
“I know,” she says, “It’s just that—”
“What?” he asks, goading.
She pauses, working up her courage. “I think you’re the smartest person I’ve ever met,” Yachi says.
“Well,” he replies, regrowing his grin once his shock’s worn off, “that’s flattering, because you are definitely the smartest person I’ve ever met.” He manages to reply with his usual lazy smirk and drawl, but, unused to being complimented so straightforwardly,  he can’t quite help the blush spreading slightly across his cheeks.
Yachi, for her part, combusts and stammers out Thank Yous and Oh Noes with a crimson face, too shocked to notice how touched her tutor is. Kuroo waits for her to calm down, and then they continue as if nothing happened.

All the while, Kuroo and Bokuto are forced to examine their feelings, which slowly, imperceptibly, have been changing over time. “When did this start?” They ask themselves, ask each other, but neither has the answer; maybe when they hatched this scheme, probably long beforehand. Maybe in high school, even, when they were young and things were simple enough to categorize as deep friendship. Maybe there wasn’t a single point where they crossed the line; there couldn’t have been, they’re sure, with how gradual it all happened. How natural it feels, they realize. They start having a talk one quiet night, but neither can finish it, and words die on their lips as they go back to watching tv. It takes a few days to find the courage to finish.

It’s three years (well, three years and five and a half months, but who’s counting) after it first opened that all the invited guests gather on the house’s front lawn. Officially it’s an engagement-cum-life pledge celebration, and legalized gay marriage is still years away for Japan, but they all know what it’s supposed to be. Yachi’s there, along with the greying librarian her mentor; Terushima is there, filming the reception with a very expensive-looking video camera and a wide, ecstatic grin (when he’s not looking impish and smug, claiming he saw them coming years beforehand); Ushijima too, who, earthen and straightforward but believing in a take-life-as-it-comes philosophy, had become good friends with them and had never bat an eye (surprising them) when they themselves had become something more; along with the many other friends they’ve made in the town, including even a few former guests.


NEW!  BiPod Stove - By Snow Peak

This is the perfect choice in terms of camping stoves because it offers what is needed most for camping equipment: durability, reliability and easy setup. Compact in size and modestly priced, the Snow Peak BiPod Stove is an excellent option for cookinghealthy and nutritional meals while having your camping adventures.

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How would the chocobros react to a pyrophobic person in the party?

Ah, interesting ask- let’s seeeee :D (Also, just in case anyone doesn’t know, or is having one of ‘those’ days like me, pyrophobia is an irrational fear of fire- possibly dating back to man’s discovery of fire waaaay back when!). Note: Ignis’ drabble ended up being in his POV because I thought that would create more variety in the responses- plus I like the idea of having a rather hawt, yet friendly friend like Iggy okay? xD

Tagging some pals: @blindbae, @itshaejinju, @airlea-sicarius, @thechocoboexpress, @rubyphilomela, @nifwrites, @the-regalia and @xalexanderxkozachenkox!

Noctis: Noctis would kind of just take the situation for what it is. You’re pyrophobic? He refrains from using fire around you. It’s as simple as that. He may be aloof and he might look like he really doesn’t care about what’s going on around him, but he’s actually much attuned to his party members’ comforts and discomforts. Especially yours, given that he doesn’t really know too much about you. As such, ever since you joined the party, Noctis would adamantly insist that the chocobros stay at motels and caravans and anywhere basically that has a source of light that isn’t fire. During the times where you and the boys have absolutely no choice but to camp out under the stars, Noctis is the one who keeps you distracted with his “Prince of Derp” act, so that you’re too busy laughing to actually be freaking out about the roaring fire in the middle of your camping gear. Prompto says that Noctis does all of this because he might like you a little more than just ‘as a friend’- but when you try to ask Noctis about his potential feelings towards you, he merely flushes a slight pink before threatening to use fire on you. Invasive questions forgotten, you to Gladio and hide behind him- both from Noctis and the red hot flames threatening to engulf you into its fiery depths.

Prompto: Out of all the Chocobros, Prompto would be the most sympathetic to your irrational fear of fire. Prompto’s afraid of a lot of things- closed spaces, thunder, lightning, Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scientia, being left by himself, rejection- you name it! And so, when you divulge your fear of fire to Prompto one night after he finds you huddled in the corner of the tent, shivering to yourself, Prompto simply gathers you into his warm and safe arms. He rocks you back and forth and talks to you about all how his stupid irrational fears, even going as far as telling you some funny little stories about how his so-called-phobias got him stuck in terrifyingly-hilarious situations. Your favourite story is about the time Prompto had snuck into Noctis’ room in the Citadel because Noctis didn’t want to go back himself in the middle of the night to get his spare game console controller from his room. Noctis and Prompto had planned a gaming marathon and Noctis had accidentally stepped on Prompto’s controller on the way to getting the popcorn Ignis had pre-prepared for the boys before he left the apartment for the night. And so, apparently Prompto had to lock himself into Noctis’ small, dark broom closet (what kind of teenager had their own broom closet?!), and he ended up being found by none other than King Regis, because the blond had been screaming loudly, having had been terribly scared and freaking out, by 2 am in the morning. Hearing Prompto’s silly stories, whether they were made up or not, made you forget your silly fears and you absolutely adored Prompto for being such a supportive and sweet friend.

Gladio: Gladio found out about your fear of fire when you and the Chocobros were facing a rather crazed trio of iron giants in the middle of the night. Noctis had called for Ignis to enhance all equipped weapons with the element the iron giants were all relatively weak to, and unfortunately for you, Ignis decided that fire was the element of choice in that particular case. When you saw the warm elemental power racing towards you, your eyes opened wide in fear and you let out a blood curdling scream before ducking from the enhancement. The boys had all momentarily stopped in the midst of battle and turned to you in shock as you stood in the middle of the roaring daemons, absolutely terrified. Gladio had been the one who had literally thrown you out of the fray before joining the others to finish the daemons off. You were still shaking when he came back, a stern glare in his usually warm amber eyes.

“Are you serious? You’re afraid of fire?! And you didn’t even bother to tell us?” Gladio roared at you. Prompto had flinched at the roughness in Gladio’s voice and you couldn’t hold your tremors in any longer. You wailed- and it was freaking embarrassing- but you couldn’t help it. You were scared and shocked and Gladio was just making everything worse for you. You caught Ignis’ ram-rod straight stance slouch slightly at the sight of your distress, and you were almost sure that Ignis would be the one to comfort you- but then you felt large, heavy, but warm hands rest on your shoulders. You were pulled into a very warm chest, with your wet cheek pressed gently against bare skin and rock-hard pectoral muscles. “Ah, shit. Don’t cry… I was just worried. What if you’d gotten hurt or something? That would suck.” Gladio rumbled softly into your hair.

From then onwards, Ignis tried his best not to enhance your weapons with fire. Even when he absolutely had to, Gladio made sure he was in front of you and ready to take up the extra magical energy so he could pound into the daemons with extra vigour on your behalf.

Ignis: Ignis remembered the way you smirked uncomfortably when he introduced himself to you. Ignis Scientia. The fire of knowledge… or something along those lines at least. Ignis had been confused about your reaction to his introduction. He’d been rather self-conscious actually- was he really all that off-putting? Noctis had said that his personality was somewhat off-putting to those who didn’t know him. Ignis sighed quietly and fixed his glasses atop his nose so that they were in place in front of his deep green eyes. He didn’t have time to worry about your opinion of him- he had four hungry mouths to feed. And it was your turn to help him with ‘kitchen duty’- funny it was called kitchen duty. Ignis would hardly call the camp stove and folding table a ‘kitchen’. Oh well, you make do with what you have in your disposal…

“Y/n? Would you light the stove for me while I chop up these ingredients for the stew?” Ignis called out. He watched you fumble with your shoe laces on the ground before standing up and regarding him with a deer-in-the-headlights expression on your face.

“Huh? Why can’t I cute the veggies?”

Ignis sighed and shook his head at you. “Because you always either cut them too thick or thin- besides, lighting the stove is hardly taxing-”

“I’m scared!” Ignis heard you blurt out, your eyes darting here and there- anywhere but into his curious gaze.

“I beg your pardon, y/n…” Ignis trailed off, his perfectly groomed eyebrows raised. You shook your head and gulped, taking a step towards Ignis.

“I’m scared… of fire. I’m pyrophobic.” Ignis opened his mouth to speak, looking confused before he shut his mouth in sudden realisation.

Oh, that’s what… explains their reaction to my name…

Ignis shook his head and made his way towards you, grabbing your hand and gently placing the lighter in it. He led you towards the stove, and noticed how your hands shook in his gloved grasp. He let out another sigh, not of exasperation, but of sympathy, and helped you hold the lighter correctly. He heard you whimper.

“No… don’t make me!”

“Relax, I’m right here. You just,” Ignis pressed the igniter and you yelped loudly, drawing the attention of the other guys, and led your head towards the open stove top. With the gas running, he led both your hands towards the gas piece and you began sobbing in fear. Ignis held your hands tighter and the flame suddenly appeared on the stove. You screamed in absolute fear and rammed your back into Ignis’ solid warm chest, collapsing against him as you sobbed like an absolute baby. You were embarrassed, but you were also terrified. You could have been burned, you could have died, you could have passed out and fell into the flame… “Do that.” Ignis finished off, his voice close and comforting. You let out a muted scream through your shut mouth and squinted your eyes shut.

“I hate you.” You seethed at your fire-friendly friend. Ignis shook his head, a fond smile on his lips as he pulled you around and into his chest. You inhaled his comforting sense and punched him gently on his hard back before sniffing haphazardly into his chest. His hands soothed down your hair as he rocked you back and forth in his arms in an attempt to comfort you.

“I know. But you showed so much courage. You’re amazing, y/n. Simply amazing.”

Our spot

Our Spot
A/N: This is my first attempt at a fic. It sort of takes place between episode 5&6. I felt like I wanted to fill some things in and try for a more organic start. Let me know what you guys think, because I have a bunch of ideas for other Jughead fics.

Are you busy?

Not currently, what’s up?

I just need to get out. I feel like I’m going crazy. Everything is just too much. Can you meet me?

Sure, where?

Our spot.

On my way
Jughead stopped short of the edge of the clearing. It was bordered on one side by the back of a hair salon, a small cafe, and a disused alleyway. On the other three sides, a dense forest, the same one that surrounded the entire town of Riverdale and separated it from the rest of the world. Once upon a time the tower at the edge of the clearing was a fire watch tower, but the years had rendered it forgotten to all but he and Betty Cooper. Actually, truth be told they had forgotten about it too, they just stumbled upon it when they were looking into town planning for the Blue and Gold, and decided it would be the safest place to talk openly.

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How would the bros respond to their s/o trying to do some PDA? As in holding hands or a quick kiss?

Ohhh, this sounds delightfully fluffy, doesn’t it? 😚 This is right up my warm, fuzzy, feelings alley. Grab a soft blanket and wrap yourself up real tight - because this one is gonna be mushy as hell. 

(P.S. I threw in some music reccomendations for each one to help you get into the mood and vibe of each headcannon if you feel so inclined!) ❉


  • Song: “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes
  • Even though Noctis is usually portrayed as an awkward, boyish, and somewhat nervous kind of guy, when it comes to his s/o he finds reassurance and confidence
  • Before becoming exclusive with his s/o, any of the guys would have bet mad gil that he would rather run through Pitioss for an eternity in platforming purgatory than be caught sharing an intimate moment in the presence of strangers and their ever wandering eyes
  • The first time Noctis kissed his s/o he was so nervous he accidentally kissed their nose instead of their lips due to the fact that his eyes were clamped shut in fear

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Solo Stove

We are continuing with featuring the best camping gear there is currently on the market and the product we are about to showcase is one of those simple yet life-saving ones. This is one of the lightest and most efficient outdoor stoves you’ll find around. Also, it is an environmentally friendly cooking device which incorporates secondary combustion for a much more efficient and cleaner burn compared to regular, compact stoves.

Imagine Agent Florida dragging the other Freelancers on a camping trip
- Wyoming attempting to make tea over a tiny, really shitty camping stove, because he ran out of the stuff he was keeping in a flask within a few hours
- York’s failed attempts to get the disposable barbecue they brought to work
- Maine not fitting in any of the sleeping bags they brought, so he ends up just lying in the one-person tent with his feet sticking out the door
- Florida bringing a guitar and dragging everyone around a campfire to sing songs
- Wash finding a cat on the walk to the campsite and insisting on keeping it in his tent
- Carolina and Tex both attempting to sabotage the others’ tent by pulling out the pegs and cutting the ropes that hold them up. They both wake up to find their tents have collapsed on top of them
- North literally being the only one who knows properly how to put up a tent and he spends at least an hour walking around and trying to stop everyone from stabbing each other with the tent poles
- South and CT almost setting fire to everyone’s stuff when they thought it would be a good idea to pour the fuel for the camping stove onto the campfire

Bonus points if the ai are there too:

- Delta following York around while trying to inform him that no that is not how you turn on a barbecue Agent York please stop kicking it you need to use it
- Sigma having to remind Wash that he isn’t actually on fire, and that putting a stick with a marshmallow on it through him will not cause it to start toasting
- Everyone lying in their tents, and everything is quiet, until there’s a sudden statement of ‘knock knock’ from Gamma followed by a collective noise of anger from every single person’s tent
- Theta making a fireworks display by the campfire
- Omega threatening to fight every single bit of wildlife that they walk past