I often get asked for “proofs” of Camila’s sexuality and why I don’t believe that she could be straight, and I often answer with gifs of her looking at women, mostly Lauren, because those looks are indeed very obvious, but I’ve realized  over the years  that Camila’s facial expressions and her body language are also very revealing of how she feels. 

In this particular interview it’s painfully obvious that she’s uncomfortable with an heteronormative question. 

Her face says it all. Watch the way her facial expression tenses when he says “man”, and then the obvious “I’m so tired of this bullshit” face she’s pulling, which then slowly turns sad and then pissed.

When the interviewer implies that the guy could be him (🙄🙄🙄 ) she jumps at the occasion, hoping that that answer would be enough, but then he asks her again, observe her body language, she’s defensive, she really doesn’t want to answer.

Then she mentions Andrew Garfield but is very quick to add Emma Stone to the mix, putting the emphasis on the fact that she likes the “couple” and not the guy. She then talks about the movie, subtly changing the subject - she ended up not answering the question directly.

I know right now she looks the happiest she’s ever been and that a lot of amazing things are happening for her, but my personal opinion is that she’s also having a really hard time having to hide who she is and having to play along with the straight game. 

I know she won’t come out now or anytime soon, because her new campaigns, especially the GUESS one, are straight oriented, and Alessandro even if it’s not official, is serving as her new love interest - I’m just really hoping that with her album coming out the focus will be back on her music and that she won’t have to answer that type of question too often. 

I just can’t wait for the time when she will finally be able to be free ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜  


Camila Cabello - Havana (Audio) ft. Young Thug