How old were you when you realized you were an artist?

I think I was 12 when I decided I wanted to rap, but I was 15 when I dropped that to become strictly a videographer.

How did you become part of IMC?

I created IMC. Along with Way & Reem of course though, It all started when I was in 7th grade and got a shitty Samson USB mic and Mixcraft, originally it was Ill Mind Creations but Way thought it sounded to corny so he pitched the Cillas (Killas) idea to me and we decided to go with that

What does IMC mean to you?

Family, this shit runs way more deep than just some friends that are a rap group, these are my brothers, i’d go to bat for them at any time & I know they would do the same for me.
Do you ever want to do more than just music

videos and concerts?

Of course, I don’t want to be boxed in anywhere, I have a great true story movie I want to create but I’m waiting until the funds and timing is right to pursue that.

People who have inspired you the most?

Dan Folger
Quentin Tarantino
The dudes who created the VHS series

Do you ever plan on rapping again?

Hahaha, Honestly I’ve thought about it a lot, even found dope ass beats to write to but my heads just not there anymore, id rather be behind the scenes and make other artist visuals.

People you want to work with?

Sonny Digital
Travis $cott
Fat Nick
Bukkweat Bill
Rae Sremmurd

Favorite stage Moment?

Either when Myles spilt a whole cup of Henny on Way at 1LV
Or Loadiee screaming in some kids face and the kid rapping with Loadiee like he knew the words

Favorite Fan moment?

Before I changed into Cleigh Visuals I use to have my face glitched out as my logo, We were out SourHour and Taxseason was like “Yeah you know the face that be on all the videos?” “Thats his face"

Whats your favorite piece of work you’ve done so far?

This is a hard question, anything i’ve made with my brothers is always my best work because we have great chemistry together, but my favorite piece to date has to be Max P’s “You Fufu” but that won’t ever see the light of day…

Shoutouts to your biggest Supporters?

Big shouts out to my girlfriend Amber for always being there to support me, shouts out to my IMC family, My parents, my girlfriends parents, and anyone who takes the time out of their day to watch something I created

I’m here for the cute chubby boys with a good/funny personality. Like Yoo Jae Suks camera guy on Running Man lol he is me as hell tbh


Here’s me just being curios as to what Naruto would sponsor and be like on camera.

Camera Man: Okay Lord 7th, I’m going to count down from three and you’ll just repeat your lines that we practiced, okay?

Naruto: I’m the Hokage, I can do anything.

Camera Man: Alright here we go. 3, 2, 1…

*Everything goes silent*
*Lights Dim*
*Spotlight is now on the 7th Hokage*

Naruto: *Serious* Hello citizens of Konoha. I, your fearless leader, have come upon your televisions to report on a serious matter.

Camera Man: *Quietly* He’s doing fantastic.

Naruto: Since I was young, I have always been determined to become Hokage. I have had many enemies and especially many friends to help me get stronger.

Camera Man: Still doing great….

Naruto: But there’s one place that I am most grateful to–

Camera Man: Hold on, this isn’t what we–

Naruto: – the place that I hold closest to my heart

Camera Man: We definitely did not go over–


Camera Man: What the–

Naruto: OH YEAH!

Camera Man: HOKAGE-SAMA!!


Camera Man: *Defeated* This was meant to be a commercial for the upcoming Chunnin Exams…


Camera Man: