Tsukipara Event Drama Translation Summary: Woof woof! Festival ♪ Growth Version


Woof woof! Festival ♪ Growth Version

(This is the continuation of SOARA’s version so please read that one first~ ^^)

(I’m putting my own thoughts in parenthesis again~)

Part 1

SOARA and Growth are still at the “Tsukino Woof Woof Resort” for their magazine photoshoots.  The shooting of the members in the interaction zone, where they can play with the dogs, has started.  The staff brought a frisbee for Nozomu, and he started throwing it to the dogs.  Ren mentions that some of the dogs were shy but warmed up to them easily, even though it was the first time they had been there.  Nozomu asks the camera man if he got a good shot of the dog catching the frisbee in mid-air, but Ren reminds him that they are here to shoot the members, not the dogs. Sou and Mori mention that they are supposed to be here for work, but it’s great that they are having fun. Soushi’s dog is really attached to him and keeps licking his face, but since the dog is so big, Soushi keeps getting drenched, so Mori gives him a handkerchief.  The golden retriever brought a leash to them, and then Sora comes over.  Sora says that the staff told him there was a dog run corner, where they can lead the dogs and play with them.  Mori says that must be why the dog brought the leash to them.  Since they are all getting along well with their dogs, they decide to go check it out.

Part 2

At the same time, Growth was also in the interaction zone…  Ryo asks his dog if he can pet him before doing so and thanking the dog (I don’t know why but Ryota seems way too polite here xD). Ken is surprised that Ryo is giving off such a warm aura, and says it is amazing how comfortable the dog is with him. Ryo asks him what he said, and Ken gets scared, saying he was just talking to himself.  Ryo says Ken’s dog looks very similar to him, with the way the dog smiles with his mouth open.  Kou says that Mamoru’s dog has gotten used to him, especially since the dog stole his ears earlier.  Mamoru says that the staff told him the dog is only 1 year old, even though he is very big already, so he’s still very playful.  Kou says, “So he’s a naughty child, how cute…”  (ah, I think my heart just died >w<)   Mamoru says that Kou’s husky seems very calm.  Kou mentions that he doesn’t bark a lot. Mamoru says that he seems very elegant, and if Kou turned into a dog, he would definitely be like this husky. Mamoru suddenly got a melody in his head with the theme of the doggies, and starts humming it.  Kou says it sounds like a fun melody, and the dogs seem to like it too.  Mamoru thinks that if he used samples of the dog’s barks in the song, it might be interesting.  Kou agrees with him.  Mamoru tells Kou to gather everyone so they can get a mix of the dog’s barks, while he goes to get some recording equipment from the waiting room.  Kou says that it is a very fruitful day.

Part 3

The photoshoot with SOARA and Growth comes to an end, and the members parted and said goodbye to the dogs, ending their time at the resort.  They are all commenting that it was fun, to the point that it didn’t feel like work at times, and they think it will be a more natural shoot than usual thanks to the dogs.  SOARA talks about how they went to the dog run, and led the dogs over hurdles and through tunnels.  Sou says it felt great to run around along with them.  Mamoru says that the dogs led Growth on a walk around the resort.  Ken said that everyone was talking about how it felt like they were taking care of their own pet dogs while they were walking with them.  He says it was fun and that he wants one in the dorms.  Nozomu agrees.  Mori says they can’t get a dog, but they can always come back to the resort.  They all want to return again.  Kou says that he is happy that SOARA and Growth were able to have fun together, and says that 2018 seems like it will be a good year. They all agree that they want to do their best to make this a good year.  It ends with everyone saying “Please take care of us, in this year as well!”


This night is INSANE! Here’s our stunt-man-turned-camera-op @curtbracready to zip line. From director Kristin Windell’s instagram cc: @oliverdant

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Taking a Christmas picture with the Jims is actually really easy. “Okay Jim, stand here.” *two Jims move* “No, no, /Jim/.” *reporter Jim moves to spot* you set up the camera, and you set the timer. So when they’re all in place you press the button and rush over to get in the picture. It’s an adorable picture. You tripped over so you’re leaning on camera man Jim, who looks a bit flustered but he’s smiling. - 🎄

YAS I ship with CJ

The voltron crew on a reality tv show where they’re all stuck in a house together

  •  First off all, the confessionals would be gold
  •  Allura constantly shit talks everyone in the house. Nobody is safe. 
  • She and Hunk will often be caught gossiping on camera, which leads to some very interesting stories. 
  • By now, they all know everything about everyone. 
  • Pidge is constantly caught up at 3am eating dry cereal, usually straight out of the box.
    • Matt: what the fuck are you doing up at 3am? 
    • Pidge: what the fuck are you doing up at 3am? 
    • Matt: Touché
  • Keith and Lance maintain a secret relationship for a while before everyone finds out.
    • Lance, in the confessional: Oh yeah, Keith? I hate that guy. cuts to them flirting He annoys the shit out of me. cuts to them holding hands and gazing lovingly at each other I don’t think we’ll ever get along. cuts to them kissing
  • Of course, everyone else already at least knew they had a thing for each other, but they officially found out after Matt walked in on them kissing in the laundry room. 
  • He, of course, yelled as loud as he could and soon enough everyone came by to see a very flustered Keith and a “I’m trying to keep my cool but I’m definitely not cool” Lance. 
  • Shiro is seen handing Pidge ten dollars in the background. 
  • Coran is definitely the camera man/host. 
  • Shiro does almost everything. He can’t help it, exactly. Something in him just forces him to do all the laundry and clean the entire house. 
  • But, he does force everyone else to do the dishes and eventually they have to make a chore chart so Shiro doesn’t overwork himself with household tasks. 
  • Lance is a master at avoiding the chores. He knows exactly when to slip out and hide and is exceptional at faking sickness. 
  • Lance absolutely loves the cameras and the show.
  • Though, the show does come with consequences for everyone. It’s hard to be serious and discuss things that are meant to be kept in private. Sometimes, they have to ask for the cameras to be turned off. 
  • On nights they aren’t filming or doing other work, everyone squishes onto the big couch, microwaves a ton of popcorn, and has a movie marathon. They all fall asleep together by the end of it (Lance on Keith’s shoulder, obviously). 
  • Sometimes Allura and Hunk’s girlfriend, Shay comes to visit and the entire house radiates sunshine. 
  • Slav does technical management for the show, but he’s often a part of it since he causes Shiro to blow up all the time. 
  • A normal conversation is happening and a sudden crash is heard from the other room. Cut to Shiro in a confessional, “It definitely wasn’t my fault, Slav was there." 
  • The "Who Broke It?” scene from Parks and Rec actually happens 
  • It was Shiro. Shiro broke it. 
  • Hunk’s confessionals are the pettiest. 
    • Hunk: I’m just saying, I don’t think we can trust this Rolo guy 
    • Hunk, minutes later: I WAS RIGHT HE’S SHADY AND TWISTED
  • Pidge is too short to reach most shelves and cabinets and is caught falling off of counters multiple times. 
  • There’s a really long sequence of footage with Keith just biting normal household objects. Why? Nobody knows. 
  • Housewide debate: Was Keith Kogane hatched from an egg? 
    • Hatched Side: Lance, Pidge, Matt, Allura 
    • Not Hatched Side: Shiro, Hunk
    • Keith is just…confused.
    • Keith: What in the world makes you think I was hatched from a damn egg?
    • Lance, shrugging: I dunno, eggboy.
  • Matt joins the house later than everyone else so they decide to prank him with a very cult-like fake initiation, led by Allura.
  • It succeeds in freaking him out and he doesn’t talk to anyone besides Pidge and Shiro for about two days afterwards.
  • April fools day is dangerous
    • Everyone avoids Pidge and Matt at all costs. The dynamic duo is a force to be reckoned with. 
  • Lance and Allura occasionally hold spa nights where they give everyone face masks and paint their nails. 
  • Hunk is a huge fan favorite, all the viewers love him.