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Harry was wandering down Camden high street, hair under a hat, hands in his pockets. He hardly ever got bothered in Camden. As long as he stayed low-key, he could go weeks without being recognised.

He was just out for a walk, that was all. And if he happened to walk past the only used bookshop in the area that he could recall, well, that wasn’t anybody’s business. He had no idea about Louis’ employees or anything, wasn’t sure if Louis would even be there. When he walked into the bookshop, he just knew it wasn’t Louis’. The vibe didn’t feel like him, or something.

He walked straight back out and rolled his eyes at himself as he pulled his phone out.

‘There is one bookshop on Camden high street and it ain’t yours. Did you tell a fib, Mr Tomlinson?’

‘Shit, are you even Tomlinson anymore?’

His phone buzzed with a reply almost immediately.

‘I’m down Parkway lad! If you hit pizza express you’ve gone too far. And yes, still Tomlinson :)’

Harry pocketed his phone immediately and headed down towards Camden Town station. He crossed over and turned right to head down Parkway, looking around at all the shops. He knew them all well enough, but he was looking for something he clearly had never noticed before.

Then he spotted it. Wedged between a sushi place and a beauty salon was an inconspicuous little bookshop entitled Parkway Books. Harry smiled to himself and slipped into the shop.

Louis’ fingers were in his hair, glasses perched on his nose as he held a book in his other hand. He looked up when the door opened and broke into a smile.


Harry smiled and looked around. The shop was small but seemed to go quite far back and there was shelves full of books everywhere he looked. There seemed to be far too many books for the space.

“You have… a lot of books.”


Alfie Solomons X reader

Request: thank you so much!my idea would be an Alfie and wife reader(I had Queenie Goldstein personality in mind), I know he’s the big,scary bear, but he’d be a whimp and totally do anything his wife asks of him and pretty much kisses the ground she walks. what do you think?

can you do one where alfie and reader fight and he thinks she’s left him but she hasn’t?

Author’s note: this is HELLLAAAAA long I am sorry, but enjoy!

Alfie barely ever lets you see his “work” side, as you call it. To you, he was a true gentleman who worshipped the ground you walked on, but to others, he was the cold, scary Alfie Solomons. He barely ever let his scary bear personality slip through around you.

But on this particular day, he came home in a big gurn, slamming the door behind him as he walked into your house and slumped on the chair. Normally you would stand behind his chair rubbing your hands down his chest while laying kisses on his neck. This was normally enough to make him calm down and snap out his mood. But you weren’t having the best day either, you had just found out your grandfather was pretty sick, very sick in fact. You didn’t know if you were ever going to see him again at this rate but you kept yourself calm and didn’t let alfie know that you were upset. It was a busy few weeks business wise for him and he would drop everything for you, you knew that would jepordise a few deals he was working on if he wasn’t giving it all of his attention.

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Camden Street, Camden, LONDON

Scared / Alfie Solomons

Hi, so I’ve just made this account and I’ve got no idea what I’m really doing!!! This is my first imagine so please be nice aaaa i’m super stressed ffffff 

WORDS: 2,213

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You had been working at the bakery for about a year, when he finally learnt your name. And after that he would not stop using it; he’d go on and on about how pretty it was for such a pretty girl, and it would make you blush at first.

But then you remembered it was your boss.

“So what?” Your best friend, Marie, would complain, “he’s hot and he quite clearly likes you.” You just shook your head and denied it, because how could he like someone who was probably, at least, ten years his minor, that just sat in an office and wrote up the notes from a meeting.

Nonetheless, you enjoyed your job and it paid the bills, which meant that you could stay in Camden and occasionally see your family back home in Southampton. 

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Under the Full Moon

A/N: Okay, here’s to my first imagine! Yay! This is a in-period werewolf au with Alfie! Shout out to @dontblinknerdhere for the idea! Also, bunny is a 1920s nickname for someone who is lost but in an endearing way, kinda like saying “oh hun.” Also, I’m thinking of a part 2 or turning this into a series? idk what do you think?

Warnings: there’s a bit of gore, nudity, some cursing

Word Count: 1,598

You pulled your coat tighter and your purse tighter as you made your way through the streets of Camden Town. The nipping air of October setting into your bones and the unfamiliar streets putting you on edge. 

These streets weren’t the most unfamiliar, you had been here a handful of times but it wasn’t Birmingham. You knew good old Birmingham better than you knew your own mind if you were being honest. 

The reason for your visit tonight was the only reason you ventured to London. Your family and a certain Shelby family had been friends for years and naturally when they got into the booky business, you were right there with them, and with that association, there came some duties. One of which is the driving force of you going to London on the regular basis you did. Alfie Solomons.

For whatever reason, the gang leader took a liking to you the first time you two ever met for some reason that was only known to Alfie. With your consent, Tommy exploited that affection to fullest extent he could. 

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Finnigan’s brewery expands business, now owns Camden inn and tavern 

Gastrowitch | Reviews: Finnigan’s

Established in 1999 by Seamus Finnigan, Finnigan’s has grown from a fledgling butterbeer brewery to a major player in the wizarding world’s flourishing F&B industry. 

One year after the end of the Second Wizarding War, Finnigan and his cousin Fergus McLoughlin threw together all their savings and bought an old brewery in County Antrim, where Finnigan grew up. They began experimenting with butterbeer recipes, eventually hitting on a concoction that became wildly popular with the postwar generation. 

A few years later, an anonymous benefactor funded the opening of a small pub in Camden, London; just in time too, for Finnigan had perfected a firewhiskey blend that he was keen to debut. It soon outsold every other firewhiskey on the market, and is now the hallmark of the brand. 

Finnigan’s has since expanded its premises – a visit to the same street in Camden will reveal a large tavern that serves a wide range of food as well the famous intoxicants, with lodging available in the rooms above. 

As for the establishment’s name, McLoughlin has been quoted as saying, ‘Pah! Seamus is the real brains of the operation, honest – and lord knows I owe him one for all the times he wet his pants when I first learned to apparate. No, no, Finnigan’s is the right name, always will be.' 

Finnigan himself has offered no comment on the subject, nor on McLoughlin’s infamous quote. 

Well worth a visit. 

Rating: 5 stars
Nearest floo station: Greenland Place

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