This term, my weekly supervisions are on a Friday at 1pm. This means that my week revolves around one hour (or usually two) of intense one-on-one contact time with my supervisor. After a supervision my brain always hurts so much, and I usually feel mentally drained but also weirdly energetic (?). I usually go to the gym straight after supervisions to release energy, but I’ve also found that the time following a supervision is great for organising the week to come. 

I had a brand new Moleskine delivered today (yay!), so I spent time drawing out a timetable for next week & I’m gradually filling it in. My week may seem quite empty at the moment, but I usually fill each day in as I go through the week, informed with an overall view of what I need to get done by the end of the week. It may seem unorganised to do this, but my degree is quite self-motivated with hardly any contact time or relevant lectures, so organising my days as I go along works for me. Also: some things here happen very last minute, and I wouldn’t like to tightly pack my schedule early on in the week only to have to change it later. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and would hate to scribble stuff out. 

But I can tell you something: most of that week from 8am-9pm will be filled in with red: WORK TIME. Thank goodness I love my degree. 


King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, United Kingdom



Sorry I haven’t posted in ages, hopefully after today I’ll be able to write a few interesting posts! (FYI this is really just a boring look-how-pretty-my-library-is post).

It’s the deadline for my portfolio of essays tomorrow, but I have a 21st birthday to go to this evening so for me, the deadline is THIS AFTERNOON. I only need to tweak & format one essay out of three, so I feel like I am on track- feeling positive! I was the first person in Girton library this morning ~so keen~ 

Term ends of Friday, and I’m only going home for 4 days before coming back here to work on my dissertation. I can’t concentrate on work at home, and I also weirdly love Cambridge during the Easter holidays (I did the same last year). College is a lot emptier and less distracting, and I can spend days working in various cafes/libraries in town without worrying about contact time/supervisions to get to. It gives me time to chill and reflect as well as be productive. There will be a few more ‘active’ and interesting posts during Easter in preparation for revision/exam term. 

This has been a difficult term, but the end is near! 😊 


Serially awesome Cambridge economics professor Ha-Joon Chang has written the world’s smallest economics textbook. 

It’s five key points, all of which are illustrated above; and most of which boil down to “economics is a discipline for the people, and to serve the people. It must be taken back from the political agents known as economists." 

Lost medieval cemetery found under Cambridge University

A lost medieval cemetery discovered under Cambridge University contained graves that had been pre-dug in anticipation of winter deaths, archaeologists have discovered.

The huge graveyard was found during excavations beneath the Old Divinity School at St John’s College during recent refurbishments.

The mass cemetery, which was far larger than the small burial ground which archaeologists had expected, contained around about 1,300 burials, including about 400 complete skeletons.

And experts made the sinister discovery that many of the skeletons did not fit their graves. Read more.