Cambridge Pizza

Cambridge Pizzeria - Cambridge, MA

My band polaroids played a gig up in Massachusetts a few weeks ago and I figured it was a prime time for me to sample some out-of-state za. More specifically, some out-of-the-pizza-belt za. I was pretty gung-ho to eat some garbage pizza and write a scathing review. Incredibly however, Cambridge Pizzeria held its own in the pizza game.

For those who live outside of the Tri-State, maybe not being able to order single slices comes naturally to you. However, a pizzeria that only offers full pies is a major buzzkill to me. Cambridge Pizzeria is one of those spots. Like, I’m not tryna get a group of 4 together every time I want pizza just so it makes sense to get a full pie. I would practically never eat any pizza then and that would be a serious crime. Luckily, I was with a group of 6, so we went ahead and ordered 2 plain pies. They took a while to come out, but whatever, at least it was fresh.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by how decent this pizza was. Nice and cheesy, the sauce wasn’t nasty and overbearing, and the crust had a nice fluffy taste to it. Not bad, Mass, not bad. Also, two pies was a little too much for us, so I ate at least 3, maybe 4 slices. And I didn’t mind. We decided to coat one of the pies with toppings (oregano, roasted red pepper, and garlic) and leave the other dry, and I personally preferred the one with toppings. Though it’s still got nothing on a halfway decent slice from NJ/NY, Cambridge Pizzeria is honestly not a bad place to stop if you can manage a full pie. They do offer personal pies as well, but those never seem to come out quite as good. Also, I don’t think the pies topped $10 each, which ain’t half bad! Hopefully NJ takes a hint and starts slicing their prices…….