Cambridge Pizza

Cambridge Pizzeria - Cambridge, MA

My band polaroids played a gig up in Massachusetts a few weeks ago and I figured it was a prime time for me to sample some out-of-state za. More specifically, some out-of-the-pizza-belt za. I was pretty gung-ho to eat some garbage pizza and write a scathing review. Incredibly however, Cambridge Pizzeria held its own in the pizza game.

For those who live outside of the Tri-State, maybe not being able to order single slices comes naturally to you. However, a pizzeria that only offers full pies is a major buzzkill to me. Cambridge Pizzeria is one of those spots. Like, I’m not tryna get a group of 4 together every time I want pizza just so it makes sense to get a full pie. I would practically never eat any pizza then and that would be a serious crime. Luckily, I was with a group of 6, so we went ahead and ordered 2 plain pies. They took a while to come out, but whatever, at least it was fresh.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by how decent this pizza was. Nice and cheesy, the sauce wasn’t nasty and overbearing, and the crust had a nice fluffy taste to it. Not bad, Mass, not bad. Also, two pies was a little too much for us, so I ate at least 3, maybe 4 slices. And I didn’t mind. We decided to coat one of the pies with toppings (oregano, roasted red pepper, and garlic) and leave the other dry, and I personally preferred the one with toppings. Though it’s still got nothing on a halfway decent slice from NJ/NY, Cambridge Pizzeria is honestly not a bad place to stop if you can manage a full pie. They do offer personal pies as well, but those never seem to come out quite as good. Also, I don’t think the pies topped $10 each, which ain’t half bad! Hopefully NJ takes a hint and starts slicing their prices…….


Day 67 - July 29

We want to veer off our route again. We’re not too far south Davenport, Iowa and the Quad Cities. We had such a great experience in Fort Wayne. It’s nice to be back in more urban centers and Fort Wayne was really the first in we’d hit on the whole trip. We only spent a quick day in Chicago. We’re excited to hit some museums and art galleries, our hosts tonight mentioned a great Thai food place and our eyes kind of glazed over. We miss Thai food. We miss any kind of food that’s not “American.”
Got an early start again. Only twenty miles to go, so not as urgent as the past few days. Not as hot, too. Rode into Cambridge. Found the pizza place not open. But they were serving the rotary club lunch, and were happy to dish up some extra plates for us. Then the library (of course!) and then onto our hosts. Who are very cool and kind. But I’m too sleepy to go into detail. Camped in the yard. Going down to the low sixties tonight. Hallelujah! First time in days I’ve unpacked my sleeping bag.
Tomorrow: Iowa! The Mississippi!