Bearpaw a Pure London

PureLondon ha aperto le porte ai visitatori: Bearpaw è di scena in questa fiera di fama internazionale e anche nella homepage ufficiale.

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Bearpaw, leader nella calzatura in pelle di pecora, è un marchio nato in California, distribuito in oltre 40 paesi del mondo. Bearpaw rappresenta uno stile di vita “vivi la vita comodamente”: si è sviluppato da semplici stivali di pecora distribuiti nelle alte boutique di successo alle collezioni fashion, ed ora ha introdotto the Bearpaw “dri-hide” - lo stivale impermeabile in pelle di pecora.

Distribuito in esclusiva in Italia da Interga Distributions


Name: Estienne Calzature

Face: Peter Facinelli

Age:  24

Sexuality: Bisexual

Talent: Headmaster of The Academy, Head of The Society

Bio: Having changed in his when he was in his prime, he’s retained not only his cocky personality but his good looks. He founded The Academy after coming upon the discovery of a serum that granted immortality. After running tests, he decided that it was best to keep it to himself, immortality throughout the population would cause population overgrowth and give power to those who didn’t deserve it. Instead he opened The Academy to find the few people whom he decided would deserve immortality in order to keep the world in order. Estienne is a very influential man. With a network of trusted immortals throughout the world, he can pull strings no one else could dream of. He is a firm believer that legitimate magic exists, and pushes its discovery by forcing students to take classes on it 7 days a week. Having found his Eternal Mate in Concetta Bianchi, he has very little to be unhappy about in his life. Except when some students go rogue, perhaps using the Academy for their own nefarious purposes. But who on earth would want to do that…?