Calvin Klein Concept


Watch the Calvin Klein Concept commercial featuring model Matthew Terry. The latest offering from Calvin Klein Underwear features 360• seamless technology for a new standard in freedom and fit.




The Calvin Klein Concept underwear commercial featuring Matthew Terry.

Meet Chloe from #GetCute with Chloe!

Chloe won Seventeen’s Beauty Smarties Showdown and now she is back with her very own show, Get Cute With Chloe (#GetCute), on the HelloStyle channel! Since we’re all about fashion and beauty, we’re sending Chloe to New York Fashion Week to get the lowdown on what pops up on the runway. The best part of it all is that she’s then going to recreate beauty looks straight from the runway so that you can be ahead of the curve.

Before we sent her off to the tents at Lincoln Center, we filmed a promo video we’ll share with you soon at Lincoln Center. We also got the chance to ask Chloe a few rapid fire questions! Continue reading to see which designers Chloe prefers and who she thinks is the hottest male model around!

HelloStyle: Who’s front row style would you steal?

Chloe: Blake Lively or Vanessa Hudgens!

HS: Who is your favorite designer: Alexander Wang or Alexander McQueen?

C: Alexander Wang.

HS: You’re running around to shows all day. Which do you opt for? Heels or flats?

C: Flats.

HS: What is your favorite fashion season?

C: Spring/Summer.

HS: What type of beauty look do you go for during fashion week? Simple and versatile or dramatic and eye catching? 

C: Simple and versatile. 

HS: What is the one beauty product you need to have at all times during NYFW?

C: Some type of lip product!

HS: Most important question! Who’s hotter? Rob Evans, Marlon Teixeira or Matthew Terry?

C: Matthew Terry! I just talked about him the other day.  

There you have it! Chloe picks the Calvin Klein Concept underwear model! Not gonna lie. We did, too. Stay tuned for more awesome updates on New York Fashion Week and Chloe’s new show Get Cute With Chloe! Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@_hellostyle) and use the hashtag #GetCute for instant updates. See ya around!


Calvin Klein Concept 2013 Commercial Preview — Debuting During the Super Bowl (by calvinklein)

In case you were worried that guys in spandex playing grab ass before and after a Beyonce concert wasn’t gay enough, here’s a preview of Calvin Klein’s new underwear ad that will premiere during the game.