My middle school human video group yesterday performing for Fine Arts preview night! Thanks @spencerj24 for the awesome shot of that finale build of the throne! Tag anyone you see guys! I don’t have everyone’s instagram who has one from our group! #cravefa2014 #crave #craveyouthgroup #calvaryfl #finearts #fa2014 #Humanvideo @annelisegonzalez @adelineg7 @shay2001cb @gabbylulu22 @craveyouthchurch @calvaryfl

Very grateful for this massive family & everything they’ve done for me. Especially this past week, in my mom & I’s deepest time of sorrow. Feels good to have genuine laughs & be surrounded by so much love! #vscocam #vsco #calvaryfl (at Calvary Christian Center)


(Part 2) You’re a good good Father, You respond to Your children. You’re never too far away. So we give You this praise. #ThisIsMyCalling #ILoveMyChurch #calvaryfl (at Calvary Christian Center)


Seriously, I can’t express to you enough how massive my heart & love is for this church and worship team. Being apart is the most humbling and stretching thing EVEEER. This is a snippet from service today. #calvaryfl #lovemychurch #ThisIsMyCalling (at Calvary Christian Academy)