Calvary Christian Center

As Christians, EVERYDAY we have an opportunity to save a life, change a life, and change our world. But, how many times has fear held us back from standing up & saying something? How many times have these opportunities passed us by? Today, make the decision to take EVERY opportunity captive, & change your world. Stop holding back.

WOW, great word tonight at Crave.

Just got back from an AMAZING Fine Arts trip in Phoenix~

So much stuff happened, & it was ALL for the glory of God!

Our worship team not ONLY got callbacks, but ALSO we got 1st place in the State, and 8th place in the Nation! (that’s amazing!!!)

Secondly, our youth choir ALSO got callbacks, and 6th in the Nation!!! ;D

We got top 10 in alot of other stuff too, but i’m just so proud to say God took me on this adventure!

Truly unforgettable.

Putting up pics later :)


This is my church’s original song, “Abandon All!”

PLEASE LISTEN. I promise you, you’ll love it :)