our second competition.

so yesterday was our second competition! we all got to school at around 12 and just got ourselves situated. we got our instruments, equipment, headed outside, and started warming up. we started with brush fire and rain where our drill was changed and our new work was added. ms. smith said it looked good, but i’m sure it was terrible. so we did that for a while. then we went straight to the gauntlet set for gazelles…which was scary. i always hated that set. and then we went to set 14 of gazelles where we snake through the band and i almost hit brendan with my flag. then we did set 14 to almost the impact of cool shade. it was a great practice.

when we did the run through, i smiled until my cheeks killed, did my best, did not drop one of my tosses, and did my absolute best. i felt beautiful and ready.

then we all got ready and hopped onto the buses. on the way there, i had a heart-to-heart with lauren, one of the new girls. it calmed me down a little bit and i don’t know why. maybe it’s her being so kind or maybe it’s her voice. I DON’T KNOOOW. and then when we arrived at owen j. roberts, the song, “i gotta feeling” came on and i made everybody sing to get hyped. and it was awesome.

then we practiced and walked onto the field and DID AN INCREDIBLE JOB. sure, i set my brush fire flag wrong and had to look at somebody else for one part of brush fire, but i was really really good. i think it was a great show.

then we got back to the buses and before the boys got changed, i saw joe. i made him put down everything in his hands to hug me, and i think he got the jist because he did that stance that people do before they run into your arms. and he picked me up and we hugged for a solid half a minute. that was probably the best hug of my life. we talked about how awesome that show was. it was so incredible.

then we all got changed (except for me because i was going up for awards) and got off of the bus. i learned the salute for when we received awards and we all walked to the stadium. we stayed near the fence to watch owen j. roberts perform and then watched the expedition band which was temple! the poor guard, they must have been miserable because their flags were all wet and they were whipping against their bodies. but they seemed to be having fun! we went up to receive awards and we got SECOND PLACE. 81.6! (or something close to that) so awesome. SO awesome. so we got back, presented the trophy, and ms. e came up to me. since i was standing in the freezing rain for about half an hour waiting to receive a trophy, she handed me her jacket, covered me with her umbrella, and walked me to the bus with her arm around me the entire time. what a sweetie pie. (:

then we got on the bus, i did the pinky kiss thing, got out of my wet clothes, and fell asleep. jess gave me one of her hand warmers, which was so wonderful, and i put it in my leotard where my arms were freezing. i dubbed lauren to wake me up and she did so kindly. we got back, put our stuff away, and went home.

i love marching band.

our first competition.

so yesterday was our first competition! WOOHOO! we started early in the morning at 9:45 and we were all groggy - well, i wasn’t. but everyone else was. and we went into the auditorium to watch the show from the football game the night before. ms. smith said that serengeti sunrise had looked great, but it was probably the second worst of the entire show. gazelles needed some work, cool shade was pretty good, and brush fire was…a different story. after we watched it, we went outside to do marching basics but the colorguard went off to work on show work. i was excited for that because i know we needed improvement. so for about 2 hours we cleaned serengeti sunrise and the tosses. everyone did a lot better with them once we taught them tips and tricks. afterwards, we went inside to eat lunch and we came back outside. we were doing drill and i swear we ran the beginning set of cool shade ten times (my solo). but it was fun, i love love love cleaning drill. the focus wasn’t really clear, but mine was and that’s all that i could have contributed. so then drill was finished. we brought it in, got the flags packed, and got ready. we got onto the buses and headed to the competition.

when we got there i thought we had performed there before, but when i got on the field i realized we hadn’t. we warmed up and did marching basics and while we were doing that we were facing the road. a van passed by and i saw someone out the window waving and i recognized it was jon and i smiled really big since i was at attention. that instantly made me more motivated and happier. we concluded our warm-ups and basics and began to march onto the field.

during serengeti we didn’t set our flags at the right time, but then we started. my opener flag didn’t have a bolt in the top because it was weighted wrong, so i had to fake my horizontal, but the rest of the song was good. gazelles was good, i messed up a part of a set, but jumped right back in. my solo rocked. i don’t want to brag about it, but i felt great about it. and i nailed my horizontal. cool shade was so…..aoijefowiajefoihacnwaef that impact just hit me hard tonight. then i winked at lauren at that one set in the show and we concluded cool shade. brush fire and rain was sick, i think we did a lot better than friday night, by far. so we did that and we just kicked ass and the show was just amazing. we got dressed and katie and i did THE GAME. i basicaly guessed everybody right, which i’m proud of. but she ran me into the pit cart and now i have some bad cuts and bruises on my shins, but it’s okay. luckily she did that AFTER the show or i would’ve been marching funny. so we went back to the stands and watched cb west’s show which was okay, but the guard didn’t have uniforms and one tenor didn’t know how to march - at all. then we went to a section leader meeting which was kind of boring and tedious, but it’s whatever. then on our way back to the stands, matt burns ran into a sign and we all started cracking up. it was hilarious. we got back to the stands and watched THE PENN STATE BLUE BAND. i screamed several times. their marching style, the floating lions, the twirler, their cowboys vs. aliens show, everything was just unreal. i might want to go to penn state now.

come time for awards, we won our class with a 76.95. it was decent for our first show, but we will improve. and then we won the overall competition which was INCREDIBLE. ugh it was such a great day, overall. i miss marching band already. now i’m going to pumpkin painting. WOOHOO!