5sos most beautiful lyrics

  1. Take a breath no rest till the sunrise (Kiss Me Kiss Me)
  2. Let’s make tonight the best of our lives (Kiss Me Kiss Me)
  3. We’re never gonna stop cause we’re dreaming out loud (Kiss Me Kiss Me)
  4. We know what we want, we know we’re gonna get it somehow (Kiss Me Kiss Me)
  5. I was wrong I admit, numb from your kiss, while you were slipping through my fingertips (Everything I Didn’t Say)
  6. Taking every breath away, with all of the mistakes I made, from all the letters that I saved, this is everything I didn’t say (Everything I Didn’t Say)
  7. Wake me up now and tell me this is all a bad dream (Everything I Didn’t Say)
  8. Holding onto a broken and empty heart (Everything I Didn’t Say)
  9. It started out like in the movies, but it ended like a bad dream (Heartache On The Big Screen)
  10. This ain’t a movie that I wanna see, a tragic story starring you and me (Heartache On The Big Screen)
  11. Runaways, we’re the long lost children, running to the edge of the world (Safety Pin)
  12. Oh but this time, maybe this time, two wrongs make a right (Safety Pin)
  13. We’ll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together, patching up all the holes until we both feel much better (Safety Pin)
  14. Raise ourselves and a middle finger cause they all think we are twisted (Safety Pin)
  15. No more waiting, we can save us from falling (Safety Pin)
  16. I don’t wanna stay I wanna run away but I’m trapped under your spell (Voodoo Doll)
  17. Won’t you please stop loving me to death? (Voodoo Doll)
  18. She sits at home with the lights out, seeing life in different colours (Unpredictable)
  19. We can run down the streets with the stars on our eyes, we can tear down this town in the dark of the night (Unpredictable)
  20. Hey we’re taking on the world (Unpredictable)
  21. Pick you up if you fall to pieces, let me be the one to save you (Unpredictable)
  22. Earthquakes won’t wait for another day (Unpredictable)
  23. We’ll stumble through it all (Unpredictable)
  24. I’m trapped under your spell, it saves me breaks me, till I fall back to you (The Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place)
  25. Twisted back up in the madness, repeating history (The Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place)
  26. Even when we try to say goodbye, and you can cut the tension with a knife in here (Gotta Get Out)
  27. Helpless thoughts and out we sing, prayers go to the sky (Gotta Get Out)
  28. The rain it came to soon, I will wait for you, to love me again (Outer Space/Carry On)
  29. I guess I was running from something, I was running back to you (Outer Space/Carry On)
  30. If I was an island in search of castaways, maybe I’ll find you (Outer Space/Carry On)
  31. The darkest night never felt so bright with you by my side (Outer Space/Carry On)
  32. Sail along, let your path unfold (Outer Space/Carry On)
  33. I got one foot in the golden life, one foot in the gutter (Outer Space/Carry On)
  34. Carry on, outlast the ignorance (Outer Space/Carry On)
  35. I can’t sleep cause my mind keeps racing, my chest hurts cause my heart keeps breaking, I’m so numb and I can’t stop shaking and we all fall down (Permanent Vacation)
  36. And it’s the road that leads to nowhere, but all I want to do is go there (Daylight)
  37. Is it tears or just the fucking rain? (Want You Back)
  38. I remember the roses on your shirt (Want You Back)
  39. So look at me in the eye, is anyone there at all? (The Girl Who Cried Wolf)
  40. The truth is spelled out in your eyes (The Girl Who Cried Wolf)
  41. Holding on to a dream while she watches these walls fall down (Broken Home)
  42. Shattered glass, like the past, it’s a memory now (Broken Home)
  43. There was life, there was love, like a light, and it’s fading out (Broken Home)
  44. You painted memories, then washed out all the scenes (Broken Home)
  45. Don’t talk, let me think it over, how we’re gonna fix this, how we’re gonna undo all the pain (The Only Reason)
  46. All the crossed wires, just making us tired (The Only Reason)
  47. I swear I see you shining, brighter than the flame inside your eyes (The Only Reason)
  48. Bitter words spoken, everything’s broken (The Only Reason)
  49. I need your love to light up this house (Never Be)
  50. I need your love to guide me back home (Never Be)
  51. It’s time to leave this old black and white town (Never Be)
  52. I feel our hands intertwine, I hear our hearts beating in time (Never Be)
  53. Everyone was asking for your name; you just smiled, and told them “trouble” (End Up Here)
  54. Take me back to the middle of nowhere, back to the place only you and I share (Long Way Home)
  55. Remember all the memories, the fireflies and make believes? (Long Way Home)
  56. I wanna get lost and drive forever with you, talking about nothing, yeah whatever baby (Long Way Home)
  57. Hiding out in a dream, catching fire like kerosene (Long Way Home)
  58. Till the sun comes up we can own this town (Long Way Home)
  59. Throwing rocks at your window at midnight (Wrapped Around Your Finger)
  60. In the moonlight, you looked just like an angel in disguise (Wrapped Around Your Finger)
  61. You had me wrapped around your finger, I’m wrapped around your finger (Wrapped Around Your Finger)
  62. Tonight we’re fading fast (If You Don’t Know)
  63. If I could say the things that I wanna say, I’d find a way to make you stay (If You Don’t Know)
  64. Go ahead, rip my heart out, that’s what love’s all about (If You Don’t Know)
  65. Another day of painted walls and football on the TV, no one sees me (Invisible)
  66. Lost inside a memory of someone’s life, it wasn’t mine (Invisible)
  67. I was already missing before the night I left (Invisible)
  68. Just me and my shadows and all of my regrets (Invisible)
  69. Looking on, as all of life’s colours seemed to fade to grey, I just walked away (Invisible)
  70. Who am I, when I don’t know myself? (Invisible)
  71. Embers and neon signs paint up our sky (Airplanes)
  72. A love lost and buried here it comes to life (Airplanes)
  73. Make believe worlds make us all feel alive (Airplanes)
  74. I won’t fade into darkness (Airplanes)
  75. I can still taste you like it was yesterday; making plans to rule the world (San Francisco)
  76. Leaves fall from the tallest trees, even mountains crumble into the sea (San Francisco)
  77. Drove into infinity, I held you till you fell asleep (San Francisco)
  78. We don’t gotta say anything, we don’t gotta say anything, don’t say a word at all, don’t say a word at all (San Francisco)
  79. I’m lost in the swirling seas of your sorry eyes (Catch Fire)
  80. I can’t change the world, but maybe I’ll change your mind (Catch Fire)
  81. Oh say, do you know, I’m a broken stereo out of time? (Catch Fire)
  82. The ghost of survivor’s guilt can be so unkind (Catch Fire)
  83. This is broken love in first degree (Catch Fire)
  84. The salt on your skin is pulling me in (Waste The Night)
  85. I don’t say goodbye to another night and watch you walk away, and I don’t wanna let it burn in the city lights and make the same mistake, this time (Waste The Night)
  86. The scratch in your voice leaves me no choice (Waste The Night)
  87. I want to print our hands in the pavement, savour your words I won’t waste them (Vapor)
  88. You sound so sweet when you lie to me, make it sound so sweet when you lie to me (Vapor)
  89. Nothing left but picture frames (Castaway)
  90. All your screaming whispers slip right through my fingers, but these memories linger on (Castaway)
  91. Heartbreak that I can’t escape, a sinking ship I’ll never save (Castaway)
  92. Setting off like fire in the wind (Fly Away)
  93. I won’t waste another day wishing this would fade away, running without looking back (Fly Away)
  94. I want a little bit of open ocean, with a New York state of mind (Fly Away)
  95. A never ending replay of memories I can’t erase (Fly Away)
  96. You push and you push and I’m pulling away, pulling away from you (Youngblood)
  97. Lately our conversations end like it’s the last goodbye (Youngblood)
  98. They say we’re losers and we’re alright with that, we are the elders of the not coming backs (She’s Kinda Hot)
  99. Sometimes I feel like I’m going insane, my neighbor told me that I got bad brains, but I’m alright though (She’s Kinda Hot)

youngblood is like sounds good feels goods hotter, older brother who goes to college and can drive.