ArE You TrYiNg tO kill ME?!,,,!!

midnight || calum hood

it was always midnight when they met. 

(inspired by the movie ‘the first time’)

y/n closed her eyes and inhaled the clear night air, relieved that she managed to escape the crowded party scene;  she was getting slightly lighted headed from the loud thumping music and the smell of beer, sweat and marijuana. 

she knew her friends weren’t going to be looking for her as they were probably too busy hooking up with some horny high school guys which they’ll obviously forget the name of the next day. y/n was sick of guys hitting on her and asking her out for a date, they all meant nothing to her and she meant nothing to them.

every guy she dated in her 17 years of life all wanted either sex or just a ‘fling’ that would keep them occupied for the nest couple of months until they were sick of being in a relationship. all she wanted was a person who would genuinely love and care for her; someone who would look at her as if she was the only star in their life and have deep and meaningful conversations about their dreams and fears.

she told her friends what she wanted, they told her to wake up.

the street was dimly lit by a few lamps and there were barely anyone around except for the kids leaving and entering the party through the back gate. with a small sigh, y/n sat on the side walk with her arms wrapped around her knees and mindlessly fiddled with the rings on her finger, completely bored and a bit sick of people in general.

“hi montana, i have to tell you something. so, the girl i’ve been telling you about is actually you. yeah i like your more than i should, like more than a friend.”

y/n looked up from her boots to see a tall guy in the distance, his shoulders were slunched and he seemed to be talking to a wall. she couldn’t figure out what he looked like due to the poor lighting and the fact that his back was turned to her.

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Next Door Neighbor Final-Calum Hood

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Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven 

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Boyfriend Tag- Ashton Irwin Imagine.

Requested: Yes! 

Summary: Ashton and Youtube star, Y/N have been dating secretly for 5 months and they are both finally ready to make their relationship public. What better way than to do it in a video?

Word count: 2298


“Are you positive you want to do this, Y/N?” Ashton asked from the doorway of your recording room as you set up the camera in front of the couch. 

You glanced over him with a nervous but reassuring smile. “A hundred percent, babes.” You beamed at him as he walked towards you with his own nervous smile. He wrapped his arms around your waist, towering over you but making you feel cutely small in his embrace.

“No matter what the response is we’ll get through it together.” He said softly, pecking your lips gently before resting his forehead on yours. “Just you and me, baby girl.”

Your smile grew at the sound of the nickname and you gave him another kiss but this time letting it linger, making him smile and hum into your mouth. “Us against the world.” You pulled back with a smile, backing up to take hold of his hands and give them a little squeeze. “Ready to do this?” You asked and he gave you a small nod before letting you rush over to the couch.

“Just tell me when, love.” He whispered before the beeping of the camera turning on filled the room. 

“Hello everyone!” You cheered and gave a bubbly wave at the camera. “For my new lovelies that happen to drop by I’m Y/N and welcome to my channel!” You paused and reminded yourself to had some beat filled music. “And for all my oldies this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for.” Your eyes snapped up to Ashton who was making a funny face at you and you broke out into a laugh. 

“Will you stop that? I’m trying to introduce you.” You giggled into your hands before composing yourself and looking back at the camera but not before seeing his wink. “I know in many videos I’ve mentioned my boyfriend A. Cue montage.” You snapped your fingers and made a note to add in the small video you made for this part. “So without further ado please welcome my boyfriend!” You started to clap your hands and glanced up him with a smile. 

He stared at you for a second, not sure if he should go out yet and quietly whispered. “Do I come out now?” You let out a loud laugh and nodded you head at him. “Oh.” He chuckled and walked in front of the camera, sitting down next to you. “Hey guys!”

You shook your head and looked up a the camera. “I thought he was a fine piece of ass.” You started and cut your eyes towards him with a smirk. “But turns out he’s a fine piece of dumb ass.” You teased and giggled once he rolled his eyes playfully. 

“Yeah but I’m your dumb ass.” He grinned and you let out a little awe before kissing his cheek making him give out one of his famous Ashton giggles. You guys stared lovingly at each other for a good thirty seconds before you remembered you were filming.

You snapped your head back at the camera and gave out a awkward giggle. “On to the questions.” You exclaimed while pulling up twitter as Ashton made funny faces at the camera to entertain the viewers. Once you found your tag you looked up and saw what he was doing, a laugh leaving your lips. “What are you doing?” His funny face broke off into a look of happiness as he let out a soft laugh.

“I was entertaining the lovelies.” He cutely giggled and you could almost hear the sound of your subscribers screams of joy. “Stop judging me and get on with the questions.” He shoved you playfully and you let out giggle before glancing down at your phone. 

“Dork.” You muttered before reading the first question. “This one is from @Y/n_slay_queen and she wants to know where/when did we meet?” You smiled fondly at him as the memories flooded your head. “Love the username by the way.”

“She is a queen, isn’t she?” Ashton grinned at you and giggled once your cheeks lit up in a bright red. “Should you start or should I, your majesty?” 

“Go head, babes.” You beamed and smiled down at your hand once he linked his with it. 

“It was about…five months and six weeks ago when we first met. Well, more like the day I laid my eyes on the most beautiful girl in this whole world.” He said and a ear from ear smile grew across your face. “We were at a coffee house that I just happened to stop at.”

“More like he saw me through the window and rushed in.” You interrupted making his cheeks flush. “And he was so nervous to talk to me that when he was walking over to the table I reading at he tripped and dumped tea all over my bag.” You laughed at the memory.

“Well you try staring at someone as beautiful as you and walking at the same time. I bet you’d spill tea too.” He said and you let out a shy giggle. “But let’s not forget about how nervous you were to talk to me and you fell out your chair trying to stand up and shake my hand.” He added and you hid your face with a groan.

“I swear everyone laughed when that happened.” You mumbled, sticking out your lip in a pout. Which made Ashton laugh a awe and pull you in a hug.

“Well it made me feel a lot less nervous knowing that you were as much as a klutz as me.” He chuckled as you rolled your eyes. “I mean I’m almost positive if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t have worked up the courage to ask for your number.”

“So I had to bust my ass for you to ask for my number?” You asked and gave him a funny look.

He nodded with a shrug. “Basically.” You stared at him for a few seconds before both of you busted with laughter. “That’s one of my favorite memories.” 

“Mine too.” You smiled before scrolling for another question. “Alright this one is from @DominatedbyAshonly94.” You paused and glanced up at the camera. “Girl me too.” You smirked and laughed loudly once Ash chocked on the glass of water he was drinking.

“Y/N!” He gasped and looked at you with a shocked and flustered face. You shot him a wink before continuing on with the question. “Little tease.” He muttered and you prayed it didn’t pick up in the footage. 

“Her question was what is our favorite activity to do together?” You read and you both looked at each other before raising eyebrows at the camera with a smirk. 

You reminded yourself to add sexual music in the background before you both erupted with laughter. “Okay next question!” You both giggled and the video went from there.

Sooner than the later you were on the second to last question and this time Ashton wanted to to pick one. “Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.” He hummed as he scrolled through your twitter and you shook your head at the camera letting out a exaggerated yawn.

“Any day now, slow poke.” You teased and he stuck his tongue out at you but never glanced up from the phone. His face suddenly lit up and gave you cheeky smile. “What?” You gave him a skeptical look and he began to read the question.

“@Little_Lovelies96 wants to know when where our first I love you’s?” He smiled and you felt your cheeks warm up. The thing was that you guys hadn’t said I love you but you definitely were ready to. Just could never find the right moment. 

“We…uh…haven’t said I love you yet.” You tried to say as calm as possible while the words bubbled up in you throat. “But…” You trailed off and he raised and eyebrow at you as the three little words began to form in his throat too.  

You had found your moment. The moment to say those three little words that meant so much to the both of you. It wasn’t everyday you were announcing the best relationship you’ve ever had to the world. With the little drummer boy you were so hopelessly in love with. So either go big or go home. 

And he had found his moment as well. Watching you record was different than doing it with you because your positive energy always flowed into him and he loved everything about that. He loved the way you were so happy with the little life you created and the fan base you managed to gain and love. He loved how you didn’t run away like everyone else when he asked to keep the relationship secret. He loved that you were sticking by him while you made it public. He loved that it’s you and him against the world. He just loved…you. 

 “I love you.” You both said simultaneously and your hearts fluttered at the sound of hearing each other say it at the same time. You both gave giddy giggles and pressed foreheads together. 

“One more question.” He whispered as your eyes dropped to his lips and your smile continued to grow as the words floated in your head. His eyes glanced down at the phone but he didn’t move away from you. “@LoveMeLongerY/N says. Oh my god I hope you see this and I just want you to know that I love you so much and you always make me smile. I’m really excited to finally see who A is and if you do see this will you please kiss on camera? Thank you! xoxo.” He read in a high pitch voice, making you giggle which sent your minty breath washing over his lips. And he only craved your lips even more at that smell. 

“Thank you @LovemeLongerY/N.” You giggled before he pressed his lips to yours in a heartfelt kiss. You both smiled into the warm embrace and moved your lips together perfectly, putting every ounce of love you felt into it. He cupped your cheeks and pecked your lips multiple times before pulling way for air with dopey smiles.  

“I love you.” He beamed with a fond look. You pecked his lips with a bubbly smile and felt butterflies soar around in your stomach.

“I love you too.” You giggled before glancing over the camera. “Oh hi guys!” You grinned and waved slightly. Ashton chuckled and leaned back against the sofa, messing with a pillow as you did your goodbye. “I hope you are having an amazing day wherever you are and I’ll see you real soo-” You broke off into a gasp as a pillow smacked against your face and Ashton let out his famous giggle.

“See you guys later!” He waved goodbye before rushing out of the room to find a hiding place, knowing you would be coming after him as soon as you finished. You stared at the camera with now messy hair and a mischievous glint. 

“And we’re done!” You gave a wave goodbye before running out the room screaming. “You are going to get it, drummer boy!”


Your phone buzzed with a text as you were cuddle against Ashton a few hours after you posted the video. It was your best friend telling you to check tumblr instantly and she’ll send you screen shots from twitter. “Babes, can you hand me my laptop?” You asked Ashton as you sat up from your spot. He nodded before grabbing it and giving it to you.

“Whatcha doing?” He yawned as he leaned his head on your shoulder, watching as you logged into tumblr. 

“Y/F/N wants me to check tumblr.” You said right as your dashboard loaded and gifs of the video filled the screen. “Oh my god.” You giggled as there were so many of your fans posting pictures and talked about how cute you guys were together. “Babe, listen to this.” You beamed as his own smile formed once his eyes roamed the multiple pictures of the two of you. “Honestly if I don’t ever have a relationship as cute as Ashton’s and Y/N I’m going to jump off a cliff.” You read and a soft chuckle slipped from his mouth.

“Look at this one.” He said and pointed at a gif of you guys staring lovingly at each other. “The captioned says excuse me while I go adopt a thousand cats. Like how do you even compete with this kind of cuteness?!” You giggled before scrolling down.

“This one says my new pick up line is will you be the Y/N to my Ashton?” You broke off into a laugh. “They made us into a pick up line. Ash.” You smiled down at him and he responded by kissing you gently with his own smile. 

“They love us.” He grinned and it was like music to your ears. “I love us.” 

“I love us too.” You pecked his lips quickly and your phone buzzed next to you. You unlocked it and let out a excited laugh. “#Y/N+Ash=Otp is trending on twitter.” You exclaimed and glanced down at Ashton  who was staring down at his phone with a smug smirk. “What?”

“Luke just texted me.” He said and you gestured for him to continue. “#Y/NisAshslittletease is also trending on twitter.” He said proudly and your mouth fell open in embarrassment.

“I’m going to kill you.” You screamed playfully and climbed on top of him, ready to attack with tickles but was stopped once his hands captured yours and he pulled you down for a kiss. You let yourself melt into it and soon found yourself in a slow make out session with your little drummer boy.  

He pulled back to give you a sweet smile and linking your fingers with his. “Together?” He asked and you pressed another slow and tender kiss to his mouth before replying with one simple word that meant the world. 



A/N: I love this so much! It was so much fun to make! And the fact that I just had a dream like this but with Luke made it even better!  Send in Request!

Mechanic | Cal

Summary: your car is shit and you somehow ended up stranded on an abandoned road with a moody mechanic

sorry for the wait!

You hated your car so much. So much.

Obviously, you were extremely appreciative that your parents had even gotten you a car in the first place. The day before the start of your senior year of high school, you woke up to a car in the driveway, a car that was yours.

You would never have complained that the car was 12 years old, lacked a tape player and a CD player, and didn’t have air conditioning. You were just completely thrilled that you were able to drive to school for your last year.

But the car had its fair share of issues, and when your brakes started making a loud, scraping noise, your dad urged you to take it to the mechanic down the street.

You pulled up to the empty lot, your brakes halting to an earsplitting screech. Stepping out of your car, you swung your keys around your finger as you warily entered the old garage. The building housed the only car mechanic in your small town.

“Hello,” you called, looking around the large garage for someone. A moment later, you heard a clanging from the other side of the garage before a boy appeared, covered in grease. He rubbed his hands on his gray pants as he walked towards you.

He didn’t speak but instead ran his probably dirty hands through his thick hair, making it stick up on its ends. He was prodding you to tell him why you were there, that you could tell, but you were too busy checking him out. You took in his tan skin, big eyes, and pouted lips. He was stunning.

“Staring is rude, babe.”

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#12 - You don’t even like hot sauce 

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Settle Down: Ashton Irwin Imagine Part 2

Part 1

“(Y/N)?” Ashton and Luke both gasped in unison as your eyes locked with Luke’s as he towered above you.

Ashton felt glued to his seat at the bar as you smiled at Luke and stood onto your heels to wrap your arms around him.

“Oh my god, Luke Hemmings! It’s so good to see you!” You gushed and pulled back from the embrace.

“Uh…it’s good to see you too.” Luke replied, far less confidently as he would have had he met you under different circumstances and Ashton wasn’t a few feet away.

Truth be told, it was good for Luke to see you. You had become a friend to him just as any of the other boy’s girlfriends had. He loved having you as a friend, once even viewing you and Ashton as his best friends as a unit.

“How’s your lovely wife?” (Y/N) asked him.

Luke tugged at the short hairs at the nape of his neck.

“She’s good.” Luke said, an easy smile spread over his lips at the thought of his wonderful wife.

“Good. I’m so happy for you guys!” (Y/N) said.

“You have to tell me everything! How’s the baby? How’s Michael handling being a dad? And Calum?” You asked hurriedly.

“Everyone is great.” Luke replied, the only answer that seemed to come to mind.

You nodded and smiled, as it became even more clear how uncomfortable this situation was for him.

“How’s Ash?” You asked the only question you truly cared for an answer with a timid voice.

Ashton, who was hanging on every word you spoke to Luke that he could hear from the bar, felt his heart flutter when you mentioned his name.

“Well…” Luke began, his nervous blue eyes shifting to Ashton and back to (Y/N).

(Y/N) soon followed his anxious line of vision to see Ashton on the edge of his seat the bar, gripping the beer in his hand so tightly you were surprised it hadn’t shattered.

“Oh.” Your mouth hung open as the only word that surfaced in your mind bubbled from your lips.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?” Luke prompted.

You brought your eyes back to him.

“Oh. Uh. No, no. I think I should go. Now.” You muttered and stumbled to collect your things with shaky hands, knowing you couldn’t face the love of your life in your current state.

“Please don’t.” Ashton’s voice spoke.

You looked up to see him standing in Luke’s previous position as Luke stepped away, eager to watch this all play out.

You almost dropped your purse and coat that dangled from your hands.

“Please?” He pleaded.

His expression softened and you knew you couldn’t say no to his shining hazel eyes.

You softened and dropped your things. Awkward silence and tension filled the air between you as you looked at anything to avoid his intent stare.

“You can’t even look at me?” Ashton said, posed as a question, but it sounded far more like a statement.

Your eyes flickered up to meet his for just a moment and you noticed his eyes were brimming with tears. You looked down at the floor beneath you, entirely unsure of what to do or say.

“I’m so sorry I hurt you.” He spoke softly.

You finally looked at him directly.

“I know that I promised I never would. And I know that I broke that promise. And it was the biggest regret of my life.” He said and reached out for your hand.

“But I can make the promise now, and I know I’ll never break it, if there is any way you could ever love me again, I would do things right. You were the one for me and you always will be and I can’t stop loving you, (Y/N). I just want you to feel the same.” Ashton spoke and exhaled, the words clearly taking a toll on him.

You watched his expression carefully for a moment. He opened his mouth to speak, but you closed your lips on top of it.

“I can’t stop loving you either, Ash.” You said sweetly against his lips.


“Babe! Take a picture of me and this puppy!!!” Your boyfriend animatedly asks you everytime he sees a dog.
Soon enough your photo album is filled with Calum and a dog in a party, at one of his friend’s house and your own- every dog he meets!

neither you or calum really had much interest in watching the Superbowl, so instead you made it tradition to watch the Puppybowl every year together. it was calum’s favorite day of the year when you two would cuddle up on the couch under a mass of blankets and pick your favorite dogs to root for, and during every commercial break he would try and persuade you to adopt at least two more dogs into your family to which you would roll your eyes and remind him how often he was gone and who would really be taking care of them. As the show began he would pull you into his lap because he loved the feeling of being as close to you as possible, but whenever you tried to push things a little further he would swat your hand away yelling “babe we can’t do that stuff in front of the puppies!” as you laughed, adoring just how cute and playful your boyfriend was

Requested: No

Author: Julia

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this one, so I hope you enjoy reading it. not edited

Content Warning: swearing, relationship anxiety (I guess idk), and Arzaylea (ik a lot of y'all hate her)

Summary: (Y/N) and Calum have been very close for six months, but with (Y/N)’s trust issues, Calum’s sweet gesture, threatens their relationship.

Things have been going great with Calum, too great in fact. It’s only a matter of time before he realizes I’m not good enough for him, and he leaves me. But I’m going to enjoy my time with him, while I still can, we’ve been… very close friends for eight months, it’s going to happen anytime now.

He’s flown me out to see him on tour almost ten times, and I usually stay 2-5 days at a time. His friends are so sweet, they always keep me up to date on their weird inside jokes, and include me whenever they want to go out. Its almost like I’ve got this whole group of friends, I’m not used to that. I’m sure they’re just being nice for Cal’s sake.

Its 4AM here in LA, but I’m wide awake watching Calum’s beautiful face as he’s sound asleep. That sounds so creepy, but with his arms wrapped securely around my waist I can’t move, leaving me no choice but to watch his perfect features. His full lips move every so often, and his eyes squeeze shut, pulling his eyebrows together. I’ve already kissed his soft lips this morning, several times if I’m being honest, I just feel like I can’t get enough of him.

I don’t know what I’m going to fo when he finally gets rid of Me. I stupidly let myself get attached to him, my one rule with guys, and I broke it. But how could I not get attached when he has been the only person, ever, to treat Me like I belong, and like I matter. Just the way he looks at me makes me the happiest girl in the world.

We met back in Australia, he had gotten separated from his security, and because he was so far from home, he had no idea were he was. He was outside a bakery I love, and there were fans and paparazzi everywhere. I was trying to get inside, an impossible task through the ocean of people, and once I finally got to the front of the crowd, some girl shoved me, making me fall by Cal’s feet. He helped me up, and told the girl that it was rude of her to do that.

Because I knew my way around, I helped him back to his hotel, and we ended up hanging out for an hour before his security showed up at the hotel looking for him. Neither of us really wanted to go, but he had to get to the venue for his show that night, so we traded numbers. We ended up talking daily for about a month, and then he invited me to Italy to see them play, our relationship just blossomed from there. Now eight months later, here I am wrapped up in his arms in some fancy LA hotel.

Now that my bladder is starting to hurt from holding it, I had no real choice but to chance waking Calum to get up. I lightly grabbed his wrist, moving off the top of my waist and to his side, then quickly got up and ran to the bathroom.

As I walked out of the bathroom, I noticed Cal sitting up and looking around the room, with a confused look across his face. “Did I wake you?” I ask apologetically, sitting in bed next to him. A sleepy smile found his lips as he fully opened his eyes, and saw me. He didn’t answer though, just pulled me into his chest and laid us both back down.

I chuckled, but chose to let the comfortable silence remain. About five minutes later he finally spoke in his gruff morning voice. “You didn’t wake me baby girl. Your absence did.” His soft lips brushed lightly against my neck as he spoke, sending chills through my body. “I’m not used to sleeping without you.” he added on.

I rolled in his arms to face him “You sleep without me more often than you do.” I laughed, kissing his nose. His beautiful chocolate eyes were dancing with amusement as he looked my face over “Maybe so. But when you’re here, and not next me, my body knows it.” He raised his eyebrows cheekily, pulling me even closer to him.

I laughed shaking my head “I don’t think that’s how that works, Cal.” His beautiful smile was making me feel like a little school girl who has a crush. Although I might as well be, I do like him more than anyone I’ve eber met. “It is baby girl, I just know it.” I bit my lip, holding back a giggle “Whatever you say babe.” I kissed him, and escaped from his grip.

“I need a shower.” I explain, seeing the sad look on his face. He rolled out of bed and followed me in to the bathroom. “Let me help with that.” he winked slapping my ass.

The rest of the day was a lazy day, we only left the room to go visit everyone in Michael’s room. “The cool people are here! Let the fun begin!” Cal announced as we walked in to the room. I shook my head at him, and decided to sit with Ashton, and Luke’s girlfriend: Bryana, and Arzaylea.

“Where have you two been all day?” Bryana joked, nudging my shoulder with her own. “Back in his room. Nothing too dirty, get your head out of the gutted Bry.” I joked, smiling as the two girls laughed. “Are you two coming out with us tonight then? Everyone is going, and two of Michael’s friends are tagging along.” Arzaylea asked nodding to Michael and the two people I don’t know. I looked over to Calum, who hadn’t mentioned anything about wanting to go out tonight “I’m not sure. I’ll ask Cal. He didn’t say anything about going out tonight.” I motion to Cal who is now smiling over at us.

I got up and walked over to Calum who’s talking to Ashton by the mini bar. “Hey baby girl.” he smiles at me once I get to his side. “Hey. Hi Ashton.” I smile at Ash who’s smiling back at me. I turned back to Calum and wrap my arms around his waist, and kiss his cheek. “Are we going out tonight? Bryana and Arzaylea were wondering.” he nods down at me, and kisses me. “I was thinking we could. But we don’t have to?” he asks, sweetly.

“No I want to, I just wanted to know if I should go get ready with the girls.” he smiles, and agrees, as I leave his side to go get ready with th girls. We only have an hour, and I haven’t even done more than a bun with my hair today.

An hour later, the girls and I walked back into Michael’s room, meeting the boys who are all ready.

Leaving the hotel was awful -as usual- there were fans, and paps everywhere. And again, as usual, questions were being shouted left and right at everyone, mostly to Cal, Ashton, and Luke about the girls and I. But even when we were asked questions, we didn’t answer, it’s impossible to say the right thing.

The club we’re going to is only two blocks away, so the nine of us in our group decided to walk. The most annoying part of this plan is that means fans and paps will follow us. Even with security, we’re still going to get followed.

Luckily Calum knows all the questions, and yelling gives me anxiety, so he held my hand the whole way there. Ten minutes later, we were at the club, getting right inside as the boys are who they are. We didn’t stay as long as usual, only a few hours, enough to have drinks and hang out for a while.

Around 2AM we all left feeling exhausted. Not as many paps were outside, but still enough to follow us. LA seemed to be even more crowded at night than during the day, making everything more annoying in mg tipsy state. All the boys, minus Calum and Ashton were messing around, pushing each other around, and just being obnoxious in general.

We had to stop at a cross walk, as there were dozons of cars driving by quickly. One of Michael’s friends yelled something, making me turn to see what it was, when someone fell into me. I fell backwards, and almost into the street, but something broke my fall moving me out of the way.

I turned to look behind me, and saw Calum sitting centimeters from a taxi, blocking me from the car. Both of us stood, taking a step on the sidewalk, the boys started praising Calum, pulling him away from me leaving me to walk alone on the sidewalk.

Everyone started walking again, the boys were a buzzing about Calum and what he’d just done for me. But all I can think about is that this stupid boy just threw himself between me and a car.

We were only two minutes from the hotel how, the boys were still in front talking, and now the girls were asking if I was okay. I just nodded, wrapping my arms around myself like I’m cold. Once we got back to the hotel, everyone split up, some went to the hotel bar, some to the gym to fight, leaving Cal and I in the elevator alone. “Are you okay baby girl? I was trying to ask but none of them would shut up!” I nodded, saying nothing and walking in front of him once the elevator stopped on his floor. Sadly, because I got to the room before him, I had to wait because he had the key card.

“Babe?” he asked scanning the card, opening the door. I walked in, walking straight to the bathroom to take off my makeup. “(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” he asks confused, watching me through the mirror. .“I gotta go home in the morning.” I mumble, throwing the makeup remover pad in the trash. “What? No! Why? You’re supposed to stay for two more days.” he turned me so I was looking at him, I did my best not to cry, that would only make things worse.

“Calum I’m going home. I knew this wouldn’t work. I was stupid to even pretend it would!” I snapped. In the few seconds that followed I saw hurt, confusion, and sadness cross his face. I had to look away, because it hurt knowing I caused him to feel those things. “W-what did I do?” sadness dripped from his voice as his grip on my arm loosened.

“I just can’t Cal. You’re so stupid, but so so sweet and I don’t deserve you. I’m not going to be the person that you stupidly try to save every time I get hurt. I’m not letting you do it.” I swatted at the tears falling from my eyes as a look of understanding crossed his face “You’re mad I didn’t let that car almost hit you?” I looked up to his sad, yet almost amused face.

“Its not your job to save me!” I mumbled angrily, looking away from him again. “(Y/N) I like you a lot. Okay?” he lifted my chin so I was looking at his soft eyes. “I know you don’t want to have someone treat you like the princess you are.Or maybe you think you don’t deserve it. I don’t know, but like you a lot. I have since the second I met you, and I want nothing more than for you to be my girlfriend.. But I know you don’t want to get hurt.” He frowned, moving his hand so our fingers were interlocked “I’ll never let anything or anyone hurt you. Please let me be that for you?” he ran the pad of his thumb across my cheek, wiping away my tears

I just nodded, resting my head onto his shoulder, wrapping my arms around him. “Please?” He asks again. I look up to to his soft eyes, and kiss him. “Okay.” I smile weakly “But don’t you ever do anything like this again, Calum. I wont let you get hurt either.” 

“Baby girl, why are you so mad that I helped you?” I shook my head, as he picked me up bridal style, walking to the bed, sitting with me on his lap. “Hmm?” He prompts. I look into his eyes and give him the complete truth “I’m not used to people caring about me.” I whisper, looking away from him quickly.

“Well get used to his baby girl. Because you can’t stop me from caring.” He kissed my temple, holding me close to him. “So will you be mine?” He asks, moving my face to look at his. I nod shyly, only seconds later he kissed me. “I love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” 

Twisted Love. Calum Hood AU

I just got a part of Juliet(Romeo and Juliet) so could you do like a Romeo and Juliet AU with Cal

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tattooartist!calum who’s had his fair share of drunken walk-ins but none of which have ever been quite as pretty or persistent as you - and none who’ve ever requested to get his name tattooed on their ass. and while he’s flattered that you’re drunk beyond belief and are willing to get his name tattooed on you even though you’ve never met before and he finds it really endearing that you get embarrassed when your friends mention that the two of you would make a cute couple, he has to try and explain to you that he’s not allowed to tattoo anyone who is as drunk as you are at the moment.

in the end he has to compromise and gives you his business card with a note attached saying that if you still want his name on your ass when you’re sober you can come back and he’d be happy to oblige. and when you leave he honestly never expects to see you again but then a few days later you come back into the parlour and he recognises you immediately and you seem to recognise him too because you walk right up to him and say, ‘i don’t really want your name tattooed on my ass but i did have a few other ideas we could talk about’.


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Part 8 - CEO Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1.183


Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

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“Hi.” I heard someone say as the door opened. I didn’t need to see who it was. Rage, one emotion that I didn’t feel in a long time because I was always in control, like I was taught, came hunting me.

“Was it you?” I asked with a low tone that probably could make little kinds never want to sleep ever again.

“I what?” I heard confusion in his tone of voice.

“You told her to kill him didn’t you? She was on your team! She was your spy!” I said my voice raising with every word. I stood up from the chair and turned around from Luke and faced him.

“You’re talking about agent Rachel?” It was Maya’s real name. In the time I’ve spent here looking after Mr. Hemmings I did my research on her. It didn’t make sense that she was a cop and shot Luke. She couldn’t get away with it. I needed to know why. Something was escaping me and it made me furious. “No I didn’t tell her to kill him. I’m a police agent I can’t just tell my team to kill people. It’s true I implant her on your group but I would never tell her to kill him, especially him.”

“What are you talking about? You don’t care about him! You chose your job over him!” My voice was powerful I wouldn’t let no one screw with me.

“You think if I wanted him in prison I wouldn’t have him in there by now? Don’t underestimate me. I’m not after him. I’m after you! I’m after those who made you.” He seemed pissed off that I insinuated that he wanted to kill is best friend.

“So you want to bring down the organization?” I asked smirking.

“Yes.” He talked bravely but that wouldn’t be enough to bring them down.

I started laughing and his anger increased. “That won’t be as easy as you thing Hood.”

“I’ll do it. Believe me, I will. Can’t you see what they made of you? You’re not even human anymore! I met more of you over the years and I can’t stand it, I can’t stand what they do to people. You could have had a normal life Y/N. Have a boyfriend, a house, a family… I don’t know what they did to you, what could possibly made you forget your humanity but I’m willing to fight against it.”

“Are you willing to let you mother, you father and sister and even Andrea die for that? Because believe me they will come after them, not you, them. And if you’ll keep coming after them they will kill every single person you ever known and when they are over with them all they will kill everyone you talk to, everyone you look at.” His face expression seemed shocked but he pulled the thoughts away in seconds.

“That’s why I need you.” He looked me in the eyes.

“What do you mean?” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“You’ve been there, you know everything about it. I need your knowledge. And I made our cover, they think I’m after Luke so no one will know I actually want the organization.” How long has he been planning this?

“What makes you think that Maya didn’t tell the ones that ordered her to kill Luke?” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Because she didn’t know. She thought we were after Luke. No one knows what I really want, not even my team.” So he is been planning this for a long time. He probably selected his own team and worked his plan out with no one knowing it.

“Not even your boss knows?” This was the important part.

“No. I was thinking on reporting what I have in mind when I’ve got something good because if I don’t have some kind of proof he could just take me out of the Hemmings case.” Good.

“You can’t tell him.” I said uncrossing my arms and getting closer to him.

“Why not?” His face made a confused expression.

“Because the organization I worked for was created by the government.” I was now mere inches from him and whispered it. The walls have ears.

“What?” He said shocked with wide eyes.

“Who do you think makes their dirty work? When someone tries to rise against them, who do you thing they call? They created the perfect human machines to make their work with no one noticing and if someone does they erase them. That’s how the world works. So are you willing to fight against who you vow to protect?” I needed to put as much pressure on him as I could because if he really wanted to advance with this I needed to make sure he would back out at any moment.

He seemed hesitant. “Yes. I vowed to protect the people of my country not the government.”

“Are sure you can handle what’s coming?” I stared straight into his eyes.

“Are you sure you can turn on your own kind?” He asked me.

“Hey babygirl, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be training?” He asked coming from behind me and embracing me in his arms.

“I’m just thinking.” I breathed out looking to the sky. I felt his breath on the right side of my face as he landed a kiss on my head.

“What are you thinking?” He whispered on my ear.

“Do you think we could be like them? The humans… You know have a home and kids.” I knew it was wrong thinking about this. We were assassins we couldn’t have I life we only took them.

“If you really want that, we could.” He whispered and I felt his lips changing into a smile, that silly smile that I loved. And it made me smile along with him.

“They won’t let us. I don’t even know how they allow us to be dating.” I could feel tears rising in my eyes.

“Shh. It’s alright babygirl. If they won’t let us we’ll run away. I’ll do everything for you.” He held me tightly to him drowning his nose on my hair. “I love you babygirl.” He said in my ear hugging me from behind as he rocked us from right to left.

“I love you too Ashton.” I whispered kissing his cheek.


‘I love you’ I could see his lips shape as I felt his blood hitting my face while he fell to the ground. His curls stained with his own blood, lifeless covering his face. I already missed his smile, his silly chuckles, his touch… all of it was gone in one second and it revolted me that I could never have it back. Just one second and everything that made my life worth living was gone. How could so much disappear in so little time?

I felt tears running down my face willingly. I remember that was the last time I cried.



“They are not my kind. They’re just the people who taught me how to survive. But I never wanted to survive I wanted to live.”

Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.


| See You Again |

| Luke Hemmings Story | Chapter One |

A/N: I hope you guys like this new story! Its going to be written using Y/N so everyone can relate. Feedback is always appreciated. Also remember with the point of view of Y/N I try to keep things general, but somethings might be more specific to the story just to make it flow better. There will also be multiple  :)

You’re standing in front of the mirror looking over your body in a black dress that flattered your curves. You never wear dresses but your friend invited you out to her birthday at some bar which you weren’t entirely looking forward to it because of the crowds, but she was a really good friend and you couldn’t just ditch her. You quickly took one last into the mirror letting out a sigh before you grabbed your bag heading out the door getting an uber to your destination.

When you reach the bar you start searching for your friend, but she was already out on the dance floor with some guy. Shaking your head laughing at yourself not surprised you walk over to the bar grabbing yourself a drink, “Bartender?” you ask and he steps over to you, “May I have rum and coke please?” you ask and he nods, “That will be eight dollars miss,” he says and another voice joins the conversation as you were reaching for your wallet, “Hey Jerry. Put her drink on my tab,” he says and you look up at the mystery guy, “Oh no. That wont be necessary. I appreciate it though,” you smile up at him as you grab your drink from the counter sliding your money to the bartender, but the dirty blond haired guy grabbed the money sliding it back into your bag, “Save it for a rainy day.”

You look up noticing his piercing blue eyes, “I don’t think I caught your name. I mean if you’re gonna buy me a drink I think I should at least know your name right?”

He gave you a sideways smirk, “My name is Luke,” and after saying those words your friend ran up in between you to you a little tipsy, “HI MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD,” she yelled. Maybe she was a little more then tipsy, but you just smiled, “Hi sweetheart Happy Birthday,” you say giving her a hug, “ARE YOU HAVING FUN? I’M GOING TO DANCE WANT TO JOIN?” she continued to yell, but you shook your head, “No I’m going to watch the band for awhile. Have fun ok?”

You walk over finding an tall empty table and lean against it slowly sipping on your drink watching the live band perform. You always loved live music it was your passion, if you could get a job just watching people perform every night you would, but now you just sway slowly to the beat when you hear a familiar voice behind you, “They are pretty good aren’t they?”

You look up seeing those piercing blue eyes, “Hello again,” you say looking back at the band, “Yeah they are pretty great. They have a good sound a little different then what you hear around lately which is refreshing,” he nods in agreement, “Yeah it’s like everything you hear on the radio has been done before. People need to be more creative and create songs from their hearts instead of just trying to write the next hit.”

You look back at him mesmerized by his words, “I completely agree. Oh and I’m sorry about my friend interrupting us earlier,” he smiles, “Thats ok you can just make it up to me,” he says causing a nervous laugh to escape your lips, “Oh? And how would I do that?” you ask and Luke smirks taking a step closer to you, “You could do me the honors by giving me a dance.”

You blush slightly and nod, “I’d like that,” you say as he extends his hand which you gladly take, but you get nervous when the song becomes a little slow. He pulls you close to him your arms automatically hooking around neck as his go around your waist, “Your eyes are gorgeous,” he says looking down at you as your eyes meet with his, “Look whose talking,” you laugh and he smiles, “I bet you have all the ladies here swooning,” you say and he shakes his head, “I wouldn’t know. There is only one girl tonight I have my eyes on that I keep running into.”

You start too look around, “Hmm who?” you ask putting a smirk on your face causing  him smiles pulling you a little closer, “She’s closer then you think,” he say inching closer to you leaning his head down his eyes skimming over your lips. Right before his lips touched yours you turn your head to the side so his lips hit your cheek, “Luke I’m,” you start to say pausing until he looks at you, “I’m not the kind of girl who kisses random strangers here and there. I’m sorry you seem like a great guy, and maybe if I got to know you, but its just not how I do things. I’m sorry,” you say shaking your head disappointed in yourself. He smiles his hand moving to cup the cheek he just kissed, “Then why don’t we head back to my place. We can get to know each other better,” he says pulling his black lip ring in between his teeth, but you shake your head, “I don’t think thats a good idea,” you say leaning into his hand, “I might not be able to control myself, and do something I regret.”

Luke leans his forehead against yours, “Please there is something pulling me towards you. Something is telling me to get to know you,” he says quietly, but you shake your head smiling pulling away slightly to look at him, “Luke. You seem like an amazing guy. Very…intoxicating, but I have to go. Its getting late,” you say feeling his grip tighten slightly by your words which makes you smile, “Maybe I’ll see you again sometime Luke,” you say sealing your meeting with a kiss on his cheek. 

You pull away from him and quickly walk away leaving the bar still feeling his touch on your cheek and his eyes on you as you walk away.

A/N: Alright there is Chapter One :) I hope you guys liked it and if you want to see a chapter two make sure you put a request in my inbox :)

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