Raindrops (Luke smut) DAY 29!

Summary: After an outing ends in rain, you find yourself back at Luke’s apartment. You decide to confront the mutual crush you’ve shared for years, with extremely steamy results

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: This is smut!

A/N: I’m highkey v proud of this, I really hope you enjoy reading it! Check out Smutty September!

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this gif is so fucking pretty I can’t deal

For as long as you can remember, Luke has always been a presence in your life. You went to nursery together, travelled up through high school and eventually attended the same college.

Your relationship with the handsome blond has always been a little confusing. You use the term ‘friends’ very loosely around Luke as both of you mirror the same feelings for each other.

The flirtatious banter and teasing comments have gone on forever, both of you liking to wind up the other until the sexual tension feels unbearable. It’s something you thrive off.

But, still, nothing’s ever come from these feelings. The occasional kiss here and there, maybe a touch of grinding, but you’ve never gone all the way. 


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Luke: come onnnnn

Michael: alright Calum 

Luke: -sits down on calums dick-


Michael: alright put that pussy shit down, here ya go

Luke: -starts slapping both of calums cheek-

Calum: ow ow ow ow

Michael: come on

Ashton: -sits and stares like a proud dad- 


Calum: -sits on Michaels dick-

Calum: -puts his arms behind his back so Michael can put his hands through-  but it actually looks like that Michael handcuffed his hands ;)

Michael: -humps Calum-

Calum: -makes orgasm faces-

Am I shooked or am I blessed? 

calum being the type of boyfriend to linger when ur getting ready for a night out like he’d be on his phone being annoying trying to show u memes or not even paying attention playing on his bass but EVERYTIME u caught his eye he’d be full on staring at u. “calum fuck off im getting ready”, “im not even looking shut up” n he’d go back to doing whatever he was until u end up in ur underwear n he can’t keep his eyes off u


calum is really confused guys