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PSA: Clearing shit up

- Luke and Arz arent pr

- Management could give a fuckless about their train wreck relationship

- Crystal and M are pr

- Nia and Cal are Pr

- Mike and Luke do NOT live together

- Cal and Ash do live together

- Arz was at emo night with Luke last night

- Luke posted the pic on insta cause Arz nagging

- Cal and Ash both like some one

- Management does control the boys social media accts and tells them at times what to post

- Calum is in LA


pairing: ashton x reader

here’s a lil ash christmas imagine !! i hope u like ^.^ lmao im like 2 hours late on posting this i was packing and got off track so sorry

((guys omg my birthday is sunday and i might puke im turning 16 this is too much))

“I miss you.”

You bit your lip, your fingers toying with the ends of the oversized sweater that draped over your shoulders, waiting for Ashton’s response. The TV was on in the background playing The Grinch Who Stole Christmas–your favorite Christmas movie. Your eyes concentrated on the steam coming from the cup of hot cocoa on the coffee table, still too hot for you to drink.

You heard Ashton sigh on the other end. “I miss you too baby.” He said in a guilty tone, probably so sorry for letting you down this year. 

There was a rustling sound on the other end, louder than you expected. You moved your phone away from your head, raising an eyebrow at the sudden noise. “What was that?” You inquired, sitting up and grabbing the cup of cocoa, taking a short sip from it and burning your tongue for the second time tonight. You mumbled a quiet fuck under your breath, resting it back down on the table.

You could hear Ashton talking, but it was very quiet, like he was talking to someone else. Just barely, you could make out him thanking someone, but he came back to you. “Sorry, babe, I just got out of an Uber.”

“Where are you headed again?” You asked, remembering him telling you about his plans for tonight, mainly involving a Christmas party somewhere.

“John’s house. He’s having me and the boys over for dinner to celebrate, remember?” 

You nodded to yourself. “Yeah, I forgot. Sorry.” There was a comfortable silence after he told you that you didn’t have to be sorry for anything. You continued to fumble with the end of your sweater. “Are you sure you won’t be home by tomorrow night?” 

“Afraid so, babe.” He said in a disappointed tone. “But hey, I’ll be there as soon as I can, okay?”

“Okay.” Your heart dropped, since you would be spending this Christmas alone this year. You had even bought a cute little lingerie set just for Ashton, knowing he loved seeing you in red and it was the perfect time of the year for it. Deciding you had nothing better to do, you got up and walked into your bedroom into the closet, searching for the little bag containing the delicate lace. “I have a surprise for you when you get home.”

“Oh really?” He asked. You could practically hear him smirking through the phone as you put him on speaker, resting it on your dresser.

“Yeah, you’re going to love it.” You pulled the sweater over your head, allowing it to fall to the ground so you were standing in only your underwear. Just for fun, you took the lingerie out and put it on, admiring yourself in the mirror. You giggled, twirling around and picking your phone up again. “You’re going to go crazy.”

The lace clung to your every curve, accentuating all your best features. You smiled at your appearance, taking him off speaker and holding the phone to your ear again. “You sure you can’t come home early? I’d hate to see you wait this long for your present.”

Ashton’s breathing increased, it seemed, and you furrowed your eyebrows just as the line went dead. 

“Hello? Ashton?” You asked, but there was no answer.

There was, however, a knock at the door. You quickly threw the sweater you previously had on over your head as you walked into the living room and opening the door cautiously. There he was, standing with his hands behind his back and grinning wildly. “Hey baby.”

“Oh my god!” You shouted, jumping into his arms and hugging him as tightly as you could. “You fucking liar!” 

“Hey, it’s not lying. I was surprising you.” He said. He held one of his hands above the two of you, where he held a little bundle of mistletoe. His eyes flickered up to it, then to your lips, and you happily crashed your lips onto his, savoring the taste of him you dearly missed. When you pulled away, he looked up at you cheekily. “You think I can, uh, get my surprise now?”

You smirking and bit your lip. “Hmm, I don’t know…”

He took a step into your apartment, setting you down and closing the door behind him. “What do you mean you don’t know?”

Shrugging, you decided to give him what he wanted, since you probably wanted it more than he did. So, you took the ends of your sweater between your fingers, pulling it over your head tantalizingly slow, Ashton drinking in your image as his breath hitched in his throat. “Merry Christmas, babe.” You said sweetly and smiling innocently. “I know how much you like red on me.”

“I love red.” He told you, taking a step towards you and connecting your lips, catching you off guard a bit. “But I love you more.”

Calum Hood Imagine: Everything Is Grey.

 *Calum POV*

“Hi, erm. Can I sit here taken?” I ask a girl sitting next to the only other available seat on the bus. She nods her head without looking up from her phone and I awkwardly sit beside her. I stare out of the window at the miserable grey looking street going by. Some people laughing with friends or partners and others alone looking depressed. From what I can see the sun looks like it is shining but I can never really tell. I havent met my soulmate yet so everything I see is in a constant grey scale, like an instagram filter but all of the time, which is actually not as good as you would think. From the when your born to about 5 years old you can see in basic, dim colours because well you don’t know really know what love is at that age but after your fifth birthday all color is drained from your world until you find your soulmate. I am going to meet my friends and band mates Ash, Luke and Michael, these have all met their soulmate so they can see everything in colour. Michael was the first to meet his soulmate and he described as when Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz steps out of her house into munchkin land and everything is so much prettier. He then apologised to us for making us feel bad and then because Luke had been distracted by his story he ended up walking into his soulmate and falling over, on top of her. He helped her up and they looked into each others eyes and at the same time said “What the fuck is happening.” It only works if you look into each others eyes so you could walk past your soulmate everyday and not realise. 

“Do you mind staring at me?” I heard a voice pull me out of my thoughts. 

“Huh?” I asked turning in the direction of the voice.

“Staring at me. Please stop.” The girl beside me said, still looking at her phone. 

“Sorry.” I said shyly. 

“It’s okay.” The girl said looking up at me laughing. 

I looked back at her laughing awkwardly and I couldn’t help but think she had the most beautiful Y/e/c eyes. Wait, what. how can I see the colour of her eyes. I looked around me and i could se colors everywhere. The off blue of the bus seats, the yellow sun shining outside, the red of the persons coat sitting infant of me. I can vaguely remember what these colours are from when I was younger and it is the greatest thing in the world. However I am very confused as to why I can see in color all of a sudden, I haven’t met my soulmate yet, have I? Maybe I accidentally made eye contact with somebody on the bus, I mean it is really busy. I look beside me out of the window but glance at the girl who is sat beside me, she looks just as confused as I feel. 

“Are you okay?” I ask in an uncertain voice. 

“Erm. No, I don’t think so. I can suddenly see in colour and I don’t know how because I haven’t looked at anyone except… well you. Ah, I see. Erm hello.” She said smiling shyly. 

“Hi.” I said looking down. 

“Well it looks like we are soulmates. When do you want to get married? I can do next Tuesday.” She said seriously. 

“Wh-at?” I stuttered. 

“I’m joking. It was meant to make you laugh. Sorry. I am not that weird I promise. Let’s start again. Erm, what’s your name?” She replied sounding a bit panicked. 

“Oh, yeah I knew you were joking. I was just a bit shocked. My name is Calum, what’s yours?” 

“My name is Y/n. Nice to meet you.” She said shaking my hand. 

We chatted for a bit as the bus journey took longer than expected due to traffic. We talked about what our jobs were, what we liked to do in our spare time. Anything really. We exchanged numbers and talked for a bit more. I can see everything in colour and it feels amazing. I can’t wait to tell Ash, michael and Luke about this. They are going to be so happy. I have finally met my soulmate and I have never been more happy in my entire life. 

“So, do you maybe want to go on a date sometime.” I asked nervously. 

“Yeah sure. When?” 


I woke up in a hospital bed a day later with Luke, Michael and Ash sat around my bed. As I woke up I got attacked by 3 large giants all crying and saying how much they thought I was going to die and how much they were going to miss me. Apparently the bus driver had got annoyed with the amount of traffic and as soon as the light had turned green he had drove without checking and a lorry had gone into the side of the bus. They told me I had been one of the lucky ones and only got a few cuts and bruises, some cracked and broken ribs and a mild concussion, however some people had not been so lucky but only a few had died. That’s when I realised that I could no longer see in colour anymore and that the world around me had turned back to black and white. 

Mr. & Mrs. Hood (Part 7)

Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 8th:
Mr. & Mrs. Hood (Part 7)

Pairing: Y/N/Gangmember!Calum

Request: Yes

Masterlist: Right here

Summary: The fairytale of trying to create a normal life between Y/N and Calum with marriage and pregnancy didn’t seem to stop them from going back into old habits of guns, drugs, and hunting down their old gang’s rival, Lance.

Mr. & Mrs. Hood on Wattpad

”Is she okay?”

Calum looked up tiredly by Luke’s question, his eyebrows furrowing at first as if he believed it was only a joke but when seeing the confusion in his eyes he spoke up.

“How would you feel if you had just found out half the family that abandoned you when you were 16 suddenly shows up from the dead?”

“I know it sounds like a dumb ass question Cal but it’s the only thing that’s proper to ask right now.” Luke was quick to scold, trying to knock some sense into Calum because he was having such a hard time trying to deal with all of this, they all were.

“She’s shocked. So completely shocked she has been mute for almost an hour now.” 

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Before and After

Prologue: Twelve Hours

Ashton Irwin story.

The story of a Bella’s life before the attack and then after. She meets a wonderful stranger, Ashton, who shows her things she never thought possible. She shows him how to love even in the darkest of times. They slowly find their way through their said excuse of life. 

I’ve always been afraid of death. But right now, I want to welcome it with open arms. The blow to my back was the last thing I felt from my attacker. Everything else didn’t faze me. My face is numb and covered with my own blood. My body is curled into fetal position, but it doesn’t matter. Every fiber in my bones is flaming with pain. I had stopped screaming a long time ago. I wish I would pass out. I wish I would fall unconscious so I don’t have to feel it anymore. I wish I would just die already. That’s his plan right? To kill me? I don’t know why or how, because I don’t even know this man.

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Another imagine with Luke. I hope you’ll enjoy it !

Requests and asks always open :p

I was heading back home after a long night of work. As I feel so lazy and tired I just wait for the elevator to come and leave me in front of my flat on the fifth floor. As I get in I see a blonde guy coming in too. It was my neighbor Luke. He lives one floor under me and he makes a lot of parties so I assume when I see that it was 4am that he comes back from another one. I press the button to my floor and he did the same.

The door closed and the elevator starts to lift us in a monotony sound. Between the second and the third floor we hear a big crack and the elevator stops and the light turns off. I try to look around and freeze, I hate being stuck in closed place a little as an elevator. I was closed from claustrophobia.

Suddenly a bright light in the elevator, it takes me almost a minute to understand that it was Luke’s phone. He looks around him and asks “You know what button should be pushed for an emergency?” I shake my head and then remember that he couldn’t see it so I say no. He pushed a button but no one answers, and after some other tries he gives up and sits on the ground “Well, we are stuck for a moment so sit too you won’t stay up for what could be hours.” I obey to him and our legs touched a bit.

He lets his light on so we can see each other. I take off my jacket and look at him. I start to fake playing piano on my tights to calm down, he notices it and smirks “Something is wrong Mozart?” he asks. I look up and stop my hand “Sorry that’s just because I kind of have claustrophobia”. He frowns and sits next to me and takes my hand “Hey…You’ll be fine I swear. The mechanic is asleep right now but then he’ll wake up and help us okay?” I look at him surprise but I nod. I didn’t expect that from him. We never really talked before this morning and now he holds my hand and tries to calm me down. It was pleasant anyway.

It’s been now an hour that we are stuck here and I was resting my head on his shoulder. He sighs and says “If we don’t talk or do something I’ll die” I smile and hum a bit before saying  “You were coming back from a party ?” he nods and asks for me “I was going back from work, I work as a nurse at the hospital 2 streets further”.

He didn’t say anything for a while and suddenly he says “You know what? I find that sad that you work your best to save people and help them to be happy and everything when on the other side all I do in my life is being drunk and have one night stands. I mean you are a savior and I’m just a fuckboy. You shouldn’t be stuck with me in a elevator you should be in your bed because you are fucking tired. You would never say it because it’s your dream to healed people. I mean you did a lot of school and you get over it and now you are just an amazing person”.

I open my eyes wide cause I was shocked about what he just said about me and my job. I was also confused I mean if he knew how bad he was then why he doesn’t change? It takes me some minutes to get my thought back on track and I finally answer “Being a nurse doesn’t make me an amazing person, that’ll be too easy. I made mistakes just like everyone and that’s normal. We’re not robots but humans and it’s our mistakes that make the difference. I am just a nurse, I give meds to people who needs it and sometimes I have to be cold as ice because I face death. Some people think we are heartless but they don’t understand that it’s our job and if we cry each night somebody dies that we will never work. And also if you know how bad your situation is why don’t you try to change? I mean it could be hard at the beginning but you’ll see that your life would be better. Just do everything you can to be the guy you wanted to be”

He smiles and nods “I’ll try to but it’s not that easy to change yourself, we all rather change the other and put the blame on the whole world when something is wrong whereas it’s only because of oneself. And stop dragging you down : you are someone amazing, everyone loves you in this building and I’m sure it’s the same at your hospital cause every time I see you around you are smiling and you look happy. Maybe you’re not but you make people happy so you deserve to be happy too”. He kisses my cheek and as I go red he smiles and adds “And you are a cutie”

We didn’t say a thing for a long time. Suddenly the light comes back and the elevator moves again. We both smile and get up; our muscles were numb from the long moment in a little space like that. We both look pretty ashamed because we knew that when the elevator will stop on the fourth floor he will leave me and maybe we won’t see each other for a long time.

The door opens and he gets out. I was letting out a light sigh when he turns and smiles before saying “Come on the fourth some times. Could be fun to have you around” The doors cuts his little moment of cheesiness to remind me that a floor upstairs, the real life was waiting for me. I was a bit sad to leave the elevator.

Five months later we take the stairs to see each other.