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Your Michael's Little Sister and He's Very Protective of You - Calum Hood

requested: yes by anon

summary: your mikey’s little sister and is oblivious to how whipped cal is for you

triggers: swearing, cute fluff (idk i tried)

word count: tbd

writer: caitlin

a/n: I’m gonna try to do a few more tonight. Thanks for all the kind words (: I finished writing this yesterday but I needed carly to read and make sure it was good lol

“I’m back!”

You step inside your older brother’s apartment, shutting the door behind you and sliding off your flip flops.

There was no reply, and you let out a sigh.

“I got pizza!”

Footsteps pounded down the hardwood floors into the kitchen, where you stood, rolling your eyes and setting the boxes on the counter.

Luke reached you first, high fiving you and grabbing a slice.

“Fuck yes,” Michael cheered, coming in next and giving you a quick hug, “This is why I keep you around.”

“Very funny,” You reply sarcastically as Ash and Cal strode in, breaking their conversation once they noticed the food on the table.

“Nice, thanks y/n,” Ashton grins, wandering over to hug you quickly before grabbing a few plates.

“Thanks, love,”

Calum mutters, coming up and hugging you from behind. His lips hovered just over your ear, making your head spin and your hands sweat.

You stammer something along the lines of “you’re welcome” before backing away and stumbling towards the pizza.

Michael watched the exchange with raised eyebrows but said nothing.

“You guys wanna watch a few movies?” Ash asks in between bites of food.

You all nod in agreement, finishing up the food and moving to the TV room.

“I wanna watch Step Brothers-”

“Luke we’ve watched that seven fucking times-”

“It’s a good movie-!”

“Nah I wanna see Deadpool-”

“Fuck no, we just watched-”

“Guys,” Calum spoke up, cutting them all off, “why, don’t we let y/n pick this time?”

“She’s probably gonna pick some stupid chick flick-”

“Fuck off Luke,” Cal growls, “she’s picking.”

Silence fell across the room as all eyes turned to you.

“I like Deadpool, but I don’t mind-”

“Deadpool it is then.”

Ashton gets up to put the movie in and everyone shuffles around to get comfortable.

Calum moves down from the couch to the floor where you sat, bringing a blanket and a few pillows with him.

He throws the blanket over the both of you, tucking the pillows behind your head.

“Comfy? I can grab more if you want,”

“I’m perfect, thanks Cal.”

He smiles, draping his arm around your shoulders as you yawn, allowing you to cuddle closer to him.

Mikey watches this cautiously but bites his tongue, trusting that you would take care of yourself, but making a mental note to bring it up to Cal later on.

By the end of the movie you had fallen asleep on Calum’s chest, and the others were still awake.

“You know what I found out the other day?” Luke whispers to Ashton.


“In second grade y/n used to wet the bed.”

The other guys giggled and Cal rolls his eyes.

“You think she still does?”

Luke snorts, “I wouldn’t put it past her,”

“Shut the fuck up you pissed the bed just last week,”

Cal snaps, trying his best to keep his voice down.

“Calum, chill, dude-”

“Protective of your girl, Hood?” Luke smirks.
Cal grits his teeth, trying hard to control the anger bubbling inside him.

You stir beside him and his anger subsides a bit, eyes casting down to your sleeping form.

Your eyes flutter open and you yawn.

“I’m trying to sleep and you guys are being too fucking loud.”

Luke opens his mouth but Cal cuts him off, “Let’s bring you to bed then, love.”

He helps you up, carrying you bridal style into your bedroom.

“He’s so whipped,” Luke snickered.

Ashton threw a pillow at him hitting him in the face.

“Fuck off, its cute.”

anarchyaustralia  asked:

calum reading some of his book to you every night before going to bed :-)

just thinking about this made my heart break into a million pieces because just picture laying in your bed with just a side lamp on and the glow is making calum look like a god and he would have his laptop sat on his lap reading you the rough draft of whatever his mind came up with during the day!!!! these moments would almost be more intimate than any touching you two could ever do because even though you saw calum’s every letter as pure genius he had always been insecure about others reading his work.  it was always a treat getting to listen to calum’s characters grow and one of the best parts of calum reading to you was that you could listen to his beautiful voice speaking to just you and that was prettier than any lullaby you could ever have.  except calum’s stories never put you to sleep they always kept you on the edge of your seat especially because when calum stopped reading there was truly nothing left to the story, that would be up to whatever the next day brought.  sometimes you would give him suggestions and it would bring a smile to your face to recognize your thoughts in the next night’s section.  calum would pause a lot to look over at your face that was usually smushed up against his shoulder to see if you were smiling or enjoying the story and of course you always were.  your opinion would mean the most to him.  you’d be calum’s biggest supporter always encouraging him.  cal is someone who, despite coming across as confident, would like to have the assurance of a loved one so you would always give him the most genuine compliments because you really wanted him to know how gifted he was with words.  and after every reading he would toss is laptop to the side and pull you in even closer to the side and kiss you on the top of your head as a thank you.

this got super long but im just emotional thinking about this!!!!

Forgiven (Calum Smut)

Requested :-)

Summary: Basically, Cal makes you feel insecure so then he makes it up to you. With his tongue.



“Fuck. Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets me going more than my girl saying she just got a bikini wax.” The room erupted in roars at the statement, made by one of Calum’s good friends. You and Calum were hosting a small get-together, and both of you had a few drinks in you. It had been a fun night, but you were getting tired. Since it was at Cal and Ash’s apartment, though, you couldn’t very well kick everyone out. So, you settled for listening to the silly drunken stories getting told by your friends.

“Listen, the bikini wax is a godsend,” Ashton slurred drunkenly, for some reason shirtless and with his pants unbuttoned. “It’s literally like… like…"

Ash never finished his sentence, instead plopping down onto the couch beside you.

“Nah man,” Michael laughs, shaking his head. He was actually still pretty sober. 

“I don’t give a flying fuck what’s down there. There could be a fucking jungle,” he pauses to take a chug from his beer as everyone doubles over laughing. “I’ll play Tarzan. I don’t give a fuck.“

“Bro, if you’re into that, then you and Y/N should fuck.” Everyone exploded into laughter at Calum’s blunt remark. Your cheeks heated as you turned to look at him, just now noticing how very drunk he was as his dimples popped cheekily at you.

“Got a nice carpet, Y/N?” One of his friends joked. You grinned, rolling your eyes. You wanted to cry, but you had to brush it off. Everyone was laughing. What could you do?

You were so mad at Calum. He knew you were insecure of your body hair. Waxing hurt a fuck lot and caused infections and breakouts sometimes, and you had been trying to give yourself a break from shaving every day, since your skin was getting dry and flakey. Calum had never mentioned anything about it before. You wanted to cry.

You didn’t, though. At least, not right at first. Not in front of everyone. Instead, you sweetly turned to Calum.

“Well, one of us have to have some hair in this relationship,” you joked through unnoticeably clenched teeth. “This one is like a naked mole rat.” Everyone chuckled at your statement, agreeing. You knew Calum’s lack of hair was a sore spot, but you didn’t care. You saw hurt flash in Calum’s eyes, but it disappeared quick enough. Good. He deserved to feel the sting of embarrassment, too.

“I think I’m gonna head out,” Michael said next, yawning as he got up from the couch. Everyone else in the room murmured their agreements, muttering goodbyes and leaving so it eventually became just you, Calum and Ashton left. 

Calum was passed out, so you decided to leave him on the couch. You’d deal with his ass tomorrow.

“He’s in trouble, isn’t he?” Ashton giggled as he stumbled behind you into the kitchen. You poured him a glass of water, watching him chug it.

“He’s such a dick sometimes,” is all you mumbled, leaving Ashton and going into your room. You changed into your pajamas and spread out on the bed. You felt so humiliated. All the other girls got bikini waxes, but none of them had hair like yours. It used to be a very sensitive thing for you, but Calum had always assured you that you were beautiful. Guess the truth monster reared its ugly face when he was drunk, though. As usual.


You woke up to a stubbly, chubby cheek rubbing against yours roughly, it being far too early. Breathing in the scent of stale smoke and liquor, you pushed against your boyfriend’s chest. Calum pouted at you but you ignored him, turning on your side so you weren’t facing him. He let out a huff.

“Okay, what’d I do?” He asked, trying to turn you over.

“I know you were drunk, but not drunk enough to not remember last night,” you mumbled, resisting.

“Was it that I forgot the pizza in the oven? That I never dusted the book shelves?”

“No.” You rolled your eyes.

“Then what?”

Groaning, you rolled so you faced him once again. Frowning, your voice came out much less confident than you had hoped.

“If you wanted me to start waxing again, you should’ve just told me privately.“

He stayed quiet for a moment, apparently just realizing the depths of his words last night and the impact they had on your confidence. That was one thing you liked about Calum — he never tried to bullshit you. If you were upset, then he knew he shouldn’t have said something.

“I’m sorry,” he finally spoke, quietly. “I didn’t mean to make it sound like that. I’m sorry, baby.” He nuzzled your neck, kissing your collarbone.

“It’s just,” you felt dumb, but tears were coming to your eyes. “It’s not my fault I have more body hair than other girls. It just… grows back. I don’t know what to do about it.”

Your voice cracked at the end, and Calum pulled you in tighter.

“It’s not a bad thing,” he murmured into your hair. “I’m sorry. You shouldn’t feel bad about it. It’s just you. I wish I could grow hair like you. Then maybe I could finally have a beard. You’re my inspiration.“

You smiled at his comment, dropping it once you remembered the low blow you returned last night. “I’m sorry, too,” you admitted. “About the naked mole rat thing.”

He laughed. “It’s cool. I deserved that one.” He rolled you onto your back, laying on top of you, apparently tired of talking. His plump lips pressed into yours, immediately sucking on your bottom lip. You moaned, pressing your fingertips into his golden skin. Your right hand moved up to card through his thick hair as he let a groan out against your mouth.

“Fuck…” He whined, arching his back as your nails dragged against his scalp. “Gonna make it up to you,” he mumbled, pressing kisses and sucking dark marks into your neck and down your chest.

His lips didn’t pause at your breasts, like usual. Instead, he kept moving lower, pushing your t-shirt off your body as he kissed below your belly button, pausing just above your bottoms.

“Off.” He tugged on them, hooking his fingers into your underwear as well so he could pull both items off as you lifted your hips. He tossed them to the side, not bothering to pay attention to wear they landed.

Bare again, you felt your embarrassment rushing back. You tried to cover yourself, but Calum beat you to it, moving his hands to press your legs apart.

“It’s okay. Let me show you how sorry I am,” he grinned, dimples popping as he lowered his face to below your hips, giving your thighs a kiss each. He used his fingers to tease your folds lightly, running his tongue to lap at your clit. Your breathing was increasing dramatically as he sucked lightly, trying to arouse you so you would relax. It was working.

“Cal…” Your hands found purchase in his curly, thick, messy hair, gripping it tightly, causing him to groan. You moaned as he moved so his thumb circled your clit, his mouth moving down. He stuck his tongue into you, moving it in and out as he ate you out aggressively. Slurping sounds filled the morning air as you tried to muffle your moans, feeling embarrassed now for a different reason. Oh god, what if Ashton could hear you?

You stopped worrying pretty quickly when Calum gently bit your clit, fingers sliding into your pussy as he sucked harshly on it. He hummed, opening his tired eyes to lock with yours as you tugged his hair again.

His fingers spread out, then closed again. Finally, he crooked them up, finding the rough patch that never failed to make you feel good. His nose was pressed against your unshaved pubic bone, but he didn’t seem to mind. Of course he shouldn’t. He’s your boyfriend for fuck’s sake.

“Cal, ‘m feels s’ good,” you mumbled out, bucking your hips against his chin. He brought a strong hand up and pressed against your pelvis, forcing your hips to stay still. He sucked harder on your clit, using his other hand to rub his fingers inside your pussy roughly, but when his eyes opened it was all love. Maybe it was because he looked about as fucked out and sleepy as you felt, or maybe it was the way you could see his plump top lip which was swollen as he went back in to suck your clit again. Whatever it was, you suddenly came harshly with no warning, something you had never done before. As you shuddered and your hands dropped from Calum’s locks, you watched through half-lidded eyes as he retracted his fingers from you, sucking on his two digits to make sure he didn’t miss any of your trace. He left one last kiss to your clit as he crawled back up your exhausted body, pressing a kiss to your jaw as your eyes fluttered open, your hands hooking lazily around his neck.

“Forgiven?” He murmured, voice raspy and rough as he laid down on top of you. He had a hard-on, but you both opted to ignore it for the moment.

“Yeah,” you breathed out softly, pressing a warm kiss to his temple and shutting your eyes, letting his warmth lull you back to sleep. “Forgiven.“