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107 Fantastic reasons to lose weight

1. To feel better about myself.

2. To increase my feelings of self worth.

3. To be able to run and jump without worrying about hurting myself.

4. To look good in a tight dress.

5. To be able to wear shorts in the summer.

6. To be able to go swimming without being self-conscious.

7. To feel I can go swimming at all!

8. So my back doesn’t hurt so much.

9. To be healthier.

10. To not have fear going to the doctors, because he’ll make me get on a scale.

11. To be able to wear a bra that actually fits.

12. To not worry about lawn chairs breaking.

13. To not worry about where to sit at a picnic or on an airplane.

14. To not get “those looks” at a restaurant, even when eating normal food.

15. So my ankles don’t puff up and look like there’s half a tennis ball on each side.

16. To be able to use a public washroom comfortably.

17. To be able to go into any store, and buy the clothes I like, not just the ones that fit.

18. To not feel awkward about going clothes shopping, or shoe shopping.

19. To be able to order clothes from a catalogue without worrying if they will fit.

20. To be able to wear something that doesn’t say PLUS on it.

21. To reduce my blood pressure.

22. So I can feel comfortable.

23. So I can run on the beach in a bathing suit and feel proud.

24. So taking a bath is a luxurious thing, instead of taking a shower so I won’t risk overflowing the tub.

25. So my pants won’t wear out between my legs while the rest of them are still in good shape.

26. I want to be able to read the scale by just looking down, straight down.

27. I don’t ever want to feel my fat jiggle again!

28. So I can look in the mirror from the neck down and like what I see.

29. To feel strong and fit again.

30. So I can show off my muscles, instead of just feeling fat.

31. So I can play with my dog again!

32. So I can drive my car and feel comfortable.

33. So I don’t feel like I’m always leaning back while sitting in a chair, because of my butt.

34. So I can walk up a flight of stairs and not feel winded.

35. So I can wear tight jeans.

36. So I can get up and dance and not feel weird.

37. So I can go on rides at amusement parks again, without stuffing myself into the seat shamefully.

38. So I don’t have to worry about the maximum weight an exercise machine can take before I use it.

39. I want to deprive my cats of a perching spot on my chest because it’s too small.

40. So I don’t get that pitying look when I go to a gym to work out.

41. So I can lay outside and suntan on my front lawn if I want.

42. I want to wear underwear that looks cute and dainty, not something industrial.

43. So I can buy lingerie that fits, and looks good.

44. So I can buy lingerie without getting weird looks from store clerks or other customers.

45. I want to be able to at least consider entering a triathlon and have it be a possibility.

46. So getting dressed every morning is a joy and not a dreaded chore.

47. So I can pick the haircut I really want and not just one that is for fat people.

48. So I’m when people start talking about weight loss, I don’t feel they mean me.

49. So no one ever calls me “a big girl” ever again.

50. So I’m not embarrassed to have my picture taken.

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Daily calorie total 9/19/11

I haven’t done one of these in a while so here I go! Edit: Slight side note … I’m not happy with how much sugar I consumed today. I’ll work on that. I also try to drink two seltzer bottles a day, something I never write down since it’s 0 calories.

Morning -

2 slices of Weight Watchers toast - 80
jam - 40
coffee with fat free half n’ half - 20
Several bites of some insane left-over french toast thing before my sister and I threw it out due it’s danger because it was so damn tasty - I’m assuming 100ish

(I like to have more protein and less carbs in the morning but I was out of eggs. Food shopping will happen soon!)

Snack at work -

grapes - 20
orange polish cookie - 65 (I couldn’t say no! A coworker brought them in!)

Lunch -

quinoa fried rice (so good!) - 300ish
apple - 70
coffee with lactose free creamer - 30

Inevitable work snacking - 130ish  (I work at specialty food store, it’s impossible NOT to taste things)

Dinner -

Butternut squash and turkey chili - 340ish
cucumber pizza’s (brilliant little idea! only 20 calories per ‘slice’) - 60

Dessert -

Fudgsicle - 40 (greatest creation ever)

Daily total - 1,295


Very interesting video about the accuracy of calorie information. I still think the government should make restaurants provide calorie information, for the consumer to get a general idea, but we definitely need people to make sure the count is accurate. 

McDonald’s Calorie Displays Mean Nothing!?

In a new study published by The American Journal of Public Health, it was found that displaying the calorie count of items at McDonald’s has no effect on consumers.

The study discovered that calorie counts listed next to items didn’t actually prompt people into choosing a healthier meal. The fast-food giant has been displaying the massive calorie loads in their food since last September.

In addition to listing the counts, McDonald’s also made the effort to add several healthy alternatives for people to eat….that they’re not interested in. Study author Julie Downs, an associate research professor of social and decision sciences in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, stated: 

“The general inability of calorie labeling to result in an overall reduction in the number of calories consumed has already been pretty widely shown. So that’s nothing new. But in the face of that, there has been the growing thought that perhaps the problem is that people don’t know how to use the information without some framework, some guidance.”

Downs believes that asking people to complete simple math problems in addition to all of their daily stresses is simply too much to ask.


Do you count how many calories you’re consuming? Let us know in the comments down below!

Ignore the crappy phone picture but I needed some visual representation. They taste MUCH better than I make them look! And for 103.2 calories a muffin? Yes please!

Low Fat Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins


1 ¼ cup canned pumpkin 
1 tsp cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp vanilla
¼ cup sugar substitute (or regular white sugar)
1 egg 

1 tsp baking soda 
1 tsp baking powder 
1 cup whole wheat flour
½ cup rolled oats 
½ tsp table salt 

½ cup unsweetened applesauce 
½ cup semisweet chocolate chips 


1. Preheat oven to 350
2. Mix pumpkin, spice, vanilla and sugar together then add beaten egg (or egg whites) and set aside. 
3. Mix together remaining dry ingredients in a separate (larger) bowl. 
4. Combine mixtures together and mix. Add applesauce and mix until combined.
5. Gently mix in chocolate chips.
6. Grease muffin tins and fill approximately 2/3 full.
7. Bake 20-25 minutes (until not gooey in the middle)

Number of Servings: 12

Found at:

The link also has all of the nutritional information, so check it out!

Don't leave out important information, like this woman

A while back I worked with an individual who wanted me to work on her diet. She has competed in the past and was hard working but told me that no matter what she did she simply could not drop fat and she remained at the same body weight for quite some time despite how clean she ate and trained. I worked with her diet, analyzed the situation, and gave her a new program. After two weeks of working with her she ended up dropping 4 pounds. Eventually, she told me she didn’t feel the diet was supporting her correctly. I later found out she was running multiple miles just about every day, that which she never told me about originally. 

This leads me to my point- when planning out diet changes make sure all physical activity is accounted for. Remember that cardio, weight training, plyometrics, yoga, etc., are all forms of physical stress and they must be considered. If calorie count is too low, not only can physical ability be compromised, but so can other factors such as mood and focus. 

Day two of Healthy Girl

Alright so I’m in day two of the healthy girl diet and so far I think I’ve been doing well. It says we don’t count veggies or fruits so I eat a lot of the two and try leaving out the carbs and stocking up on proteins. Plus you subtract the exercised calories from your total and whenever I do that I come up with a really low total. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad, since I still have to remember I’m not adding in fruits or veggies. But here are my intakes for the last two days. I may try and keep these up to date and if anyone spots something wrong, like with my adding and subtracting and net stuff send me a message for how to fix it!



½ Quaker Oats- 150

1 teaspoon peanut butter-31

2 Teaspoon Maple syrup- 35

Total: 216


1 cup cold seasme Noodles-250

Total: 250


Chicken breast and two legs- about 124 or 150

1 cup skim milk- 90

Total: 214


1 Peanut butter cup-105

I fun sized candy bar- 100

Another candy- 150

Total: 355


Brisk walking/running for 150 minutes-714

So after adding all this [Remember, it was Halloween so I ate candy. Big deal] but I came up with 1035 but subtracting my calories burned I came up to 321. Would that be my complete intake now since I burned off all those other calories and I’m way under the 900 calories I could have?



Whole wheat waffle-186

1 tbsp peanut butter-94


Total: 282


Greek yogurt-160

Fruit falls juice-5

Total: 165


1 slice of pizza-126

Tuna fish-12

1 ½ skim milk-135

2 Tbsp Light cranberry walnut dressing-70

Total: 343


Peanut butter cup-105


37 minutes running-507

Body circuit-125

Total: 632

Over all total 263 after subtractions. Now is that right? Or am I doing something completely wrong. Am I just not eating enough? I have no idea.

Honest Question...

I weigh 278, right? But today I got a healthy eating book (for a dollar cuz the library had a used book sale, SCORE) & it says you lose more weight eating 1200 calories. It also says if 1200 is too little eat 1500, if too little eat 1800. Being so big, should I stay with 1800 or is it possible to try 1200 or 1500? Thoughts…

Ps. I currently eat around 1800, I’m usually a little under (sometimes over & not always the best food for me) but when I wake up in the middle of the night (I have a bad sleep pattern) my stomachs grumbling, but I feel eating late isn’t always good for you. Even though I know, calories have no bedtime. So I just wait til breakfast 2-4 hours later.