They told us to duck and cover. They told us to run for our lives at the sounds of the sirens, from the winds that whipped around us. You ran for cover and you called to me and told me to follow, but baby what you don’t understand is I am the storm they are telling you to run from. I am the hurricane that is drowning houses as we speak. I am the tornado ripping apart homes, I am the tsunami taking the lives of the people around me. The sirens are screams of people telling you to leave. The wind is trying to drag your innocence from my grasp. And the rain are the tears I have shed because I continue to push the best things in my life away from me. So listen to the warning, listen to the sirens, but if you listen to them you have to listen to me too. The storm won’t last forever. Soon the sirens will silence. The winds will calm. And the rain will cease to fall, but I will always love you.
—  Me (aka m.f.)//The Storm//

About to post an old fic that’s errrr…. a bit….. smutty. The lovely @promisedyouforever had saved it, and asked that I put it back up.

Still trying to muster the courage. (I’ve become cowardly in my old age.)

Welp - I promised myself to include all parts of my uni experience both good and bad in this comic and to give an honest reflection of my experience, which includes THIS part of it - My degree show opening night was leading up to be one of the most important days of my educational career, and it ended up being the worst.
What I will say though…. Fundee isn’t over yet. :)

it’s been completely uneventful and dead the entire morning at work (which is rare), and someone (or some-THING) just phoned the house and no one responded when i picked up EXCEPT after 5 seconds of silence at which point an automated voice said “goodbye” in a weird tone.

today is going to be the day i die, i think.