spending 4 days drawing homestuck; boss battle edition™

do u ever think about how calliope lived exclusively in a 100ft radius her whole life in a bleak shitty room on a bleak shitty planet with a gross red sun and a stupid asshole brother who is probably like 90% of the reason she hated herself so much and an uncomfortable hard sarcophagus bed and now she’s living in the lap of luxury as a queen in a palace full of bright colors and probably gets to sleep in a really massive royal bed next to the love of her life and she finally loves herself and is happy

because i do

i think about that a whole lot

Homestuck doesn’t queerbait, it straightbaits.

Remember when the comic seemed as if Dave would end up with Jade and Karkat would end up with Terezi? Yeah well DaveKat is canon instead

Way back when it seemed like John and Rose were set up to be together but she has super hot alien vamp wife.

Roxy and John are getting along well! Oh no she’s gay and possibly dating his grandma too

Terezi obviously has to choose between Karkat and D– nevermind she chose Vriska

The hets have been bamboozled again



XII. The Hanged Man (Artist: Vorpos)

  • ▲ Heavy sacrifice, release from burdens, surrender to one’s situation, martyrdom
  • ▼ Stalling, pointless inaction, the danger of deception and fake harmlessness

XIII. Death (Artist: Aeritus)

  • ▲ Endings and beginnings, a radical change, metamorphosis
  • ▼ Demise and departure, stagnation, clinging to the past

XIV. Temperance (Artist: A-Vodka-Mutini)

  • ▲ True balance, mutual understanding, mediation, harmony
  • ▼ Polar extremes, severe imbalance, conflict and chaos

XV. The Devil (Artist: Calicorn)

  • ▲ Materialism or powerlust, enslavement to desire, a warning of impending doom
  • ▼ Corruption of oneself, amoral or damnable actions, freedom from personal shackles or liabilities


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