If you think liking a ship that’s based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding is boring or “vanilla~” then fucking drown me in buttercream and call me a cupcake because I live for that shit.

One of our favorite blogs ’Call me cupdake!’ made these gorgeous little strawberry cheesecake jars yesterday!

These will be cooked live on on the 24th of April at 14.30 CET.

Now you’re cooking is a three-day international live stream event by Electrolux to celebrate their new Expressionist collection. The event is completely dedicated to food, with lots of inspiring recipes, ideas and competitions. Don’t miss it on the 22-24th of April!

Well, I’d best be going to sleep soon, since I have to get up early to go to one of my uncle’s one of my dad’s side for Thanksgiving.

But before I do, I would just to say that I’m thankful for so many of you, and for how you’ve all stuck by me through what has certainly been a rough year for me, and many others as well. Even if some of you are on hiatus, or don’t follow me, I still think you are wonderful people. Even if we fight or disagree sometimes, I hope nothing truly bad will ever come between us.

I don’t have time to tag every last person, but I will tag as many as I can:

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I’m thankful for having such wonderful and supportive people in my life, and I know this phrase is usually attributed to a story which takes place at Christmas (it was originally coined by Mark Twain, but still), but I guess it really is true for any occasion or holiday; no man is a failure who has friends.


You did it! You finally figured a way into Neverland!

“Who are you and why are you here?” a stern voice said from behind you.Smiling manically, gripping your axe you swung at whoever spoke.

“What on earth is your problem?” the voice spoke again this time on the other side of you.

“Oh what a shame I was expecting your head rolling on the floor” You say with your famous smile still plastered on your face.

“Why would you do that!” the boy in front of you yelled,a boy with eyes the color of the forest.

“That didn`t sound like a question cupcake” You smile stepping closer to him,he seems enticing and you wanted more.

“Fine, who are you and why are you here. also never call me cupcake again” The boy said this time sounding like a question.His angry tone was soon canceled out by a grin on his face.

“I`m Y/N but most people call me Cheshire cat and im here to paint your flowers red with the blood from your heads, What`s your name or should I just call you angel face?” You swing the axe on the ground looking at your surroundings for the first time.

“Im Peter.Peter Pan and you`re crazy” He said with a matter of fact tone to his voice.

“I may be crazy but all the best people are” You say as you start skipping past Peter, as soon as your next to him you whisper in his ear “I`m crazy but you love it, don’t you?” you proced skipping leaving a confused Peter standing by himself.

“Oh you`re trouble Kitty cat” He says turning around to follow you. You`re trouble and Peter Pan loves trouble.

Hello, hello! After some not-so-gentle encouragement from Crybaby over at @tossing-cookies, I have finally started my own sickfic blog! You can call me Cupcake, if you want to talk to me at all. This work features the patron saint of this blog, Ciel Phantomhive. 

Warning: graphic depictions of vomit under the cut.

     Ciel had always found train travel boring, ever since he was a kid, and him and his parents would take the train wherever Vincent’s work took them. As soon as he had learned to read, Ciel learned that reading on trains would not resolve boredom so much as completely obliterate any hope of having a peaceful travel day. Trying to focus on tiny printed words while the countryside whipped past the window of the carriage left him with a splitting headache and the sensation of liquid rising in his throat. And so, on every train journey, he would sit and watch the scenery, occasionally speaking to Sebastian about whatever they were headed to solve.

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[Hey, trying to have an adult conversation over here.]
                                     All right, you´re two years older than me!

If behavior analysis doesn’t work out, I can consider opening up my own cupcake shop. Sprinkles Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream!


Currently taking Valentine’s Day applications. Apply in my inbox. ;)

While There’s Still Time Left: Birthday Edition

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s my birthday, and while there’s still a few hours of the 19th left where I am, I would like to let my friends know, and hopefully send me birthday wishes. I may be tagging some people who’ve already sent me a message, but I still need to tag other people who may have missed out.

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I’m glad to have you all to support me.

everlastingellexir  asked:

I'm just getting into baking and understanding the technics behind it all. Do you have any book suggestions for someone starting out? / What are your favorite baking cookbooks? :) Thanks, Jess!

(( OOC: Hm, although I have an awful lot of cookbooks, if I’m looking for recipes I tend to refer to cooking/baking blogs or YouTube channels. I recommended some of my fav YouTube channels here if you’re interested!

As for books, the GBBO recipe books they release after every series are actually really good places to start, as well as Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood’s own books. And again, some of the contestants from the show have released some brilliant cook books - Ruby Tandoh, John Whaite, and the lovely Nadiya Hussain in particular.

Other honourable mentions are Fay Ripley and Lorraine Pascale, I have a couple of really good basic books from these ladies too.

In terms of baking blogs, definitely take a look at Top With Cinnamon and Call Me Cupcake, I could scroll through the beautiful food photography on these forever. ))

gratitudejoyandsorrow  asked:

What other car would laf drive other than a Maserati??? That flamboyant boy! Also you called me a cupcake! You can bite me 😛😊 hahaha


if biting you I receive just a TEENY TINY hint of your talent, I think I have to 😌😽