Korean teenager answers her pro Overwatch doubters with live demonstration of skill
When you come out of nowhere and dominate in the Korean pro Overwatch scene, defeating the other top teams to qualify for the Nexus Cup, people are going to…

So I am very surprised people on Tumblr aren’t all over this news already, but here’s the rundown. A 17 year old girl in Korea was kicking ass in Overwatch (made it the eighth in the world) and two pro gamers accused her of hacking. So what did she do? Fucking proved them wrong. She demonstrated her skill on a live stream of a popular Korean streamer to show there was no cheating involved. 


It’s sad that she felt she had to wear a mask to hide her identity during the stream because she was afraid she would be targeted for online bullying. She even gets emotional at the end of the stream because this accusation had weighed so heavily on her.

The two “pro gamers” even threatened to quit playing if she was proved to be legit, but Blizzard stood behind her and let those two idiots walk away. I may not play Overwatch, but I know if there was a girl who did this in League, CS:GO, or any other online game she would be accused of the same thing.

Now I don’t usually post original content, but this is HUGE for online gaming. No one even batted an eye when Rekkles (Fnatic Marksman in LOL) started in the Pro League of Legends scene at 17,but this girl was targeted as a hacker. For Blizzard to stand behind her is an amazing development in the online gaming community and I hope everyone supports her whether they play Overwatch or not. 

Good Job Blizzard. And thank you Gegury for being such a strong person and proving those assholes wrong.


against my better judgment I bought Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. I had heard that for the first time I could go through the entirety of the Campaign as a woman and well apparently that’s good enough for me to buy a game.

But the point is that the game does not change the character interactions or relationships regardless of your gender. Some people view this as lazy writing and that’s probably true but it has resulted in something I view as a plus.

There is a romance in this game. Its pretty contrived and you’ve seen it a hundred times before, BUT because the character interactions/relationships are the same regardless of gender; PLAYING AS A WOMAN MAKES THE STORY ABOUT LESBIANS.

CoD: Black Ops 3 managed, through straight up laziness, to give create a B-movie, action-flick ABOUT LESBIANS.

A game I expected NOTHING from has made me happier than Rise of the Tomb Raider, which I had high hopes for.

What upside-down world is this?