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Hi, Hi~! Congratulations on your ambassador role! <3 I hope this question isn't too sudden but I was wondering on what alcoholic beverages are popular other there? I wanted to draw Spain drinking something with his friends but I don't know what exactly to draw ^^; Is Kalimotxo/Calimocho okay?

Hello! Thank you for your kind words 

As for your question: I guess that depends a lot on what kind of gathering it is. 

Calimocho (a mix of cola and wine) is mostly consumed in parties and festivals, since it both gets you drunk and gives you energy (besides, you can drink a lot of it).

For informal gatherings with friends in bars, where sitting for long hours and talking is the norm, I’d say beer and wine are more popular (not at the same time). Spaniards prefer blond, ice-cold beer with soft flavor. (Brands: san miguel, estrella, cruzcampo…). Red wine is more popular in inland parts of the country and among older people, while white wine is more coastal and also is preferred by younger people. (D.O. map)

Also, in most areas of Spain you also get a pincho with it (a bite-sized bit of food) or a tapa (a few-bits-sized bit of food) that varies from bar to bar. On top of that, just drinking is not normal, you usually ask for more tapas to go with it. That’s why it’s often called “ir de tapas” (going to get tapas).
So it would be cool if you could include little plates of food too. (some inspo)

Now, I know a lot of you are wondering now “what about sangria?” 
Well, it’s a very summery drink. Not to mention that it’s difficult to prepare (compared to just dumping cola and wine together in a 1/2l glass), so it’s less common than you think. Although lately its popularity has been raising among local youth too. Mostly because more bars and restaurants have it on the menu all year round because the tourists keep asking for it. So why not order it as well? 

But yeah, I’d either go with a “caña” (tall glass of very cold, blond beer) or a glass of good wine. 

In fact, my uncle, that works in the industry, told me that wine consumption goes up in colder seasons (November to May) while beer surpasses it in summer by a narrow margin. So I guess long sleeves+wine & short sleeves+caña are the best combinations.