Kalimotxo (vino tinto y refresco de cola) versión de kukuxumusu (“beso de pulga” en euskera) (Kulumutxu) /
Kalimotxo (calimocho, red wine and cola) version kukuxumusu (“flea kiss” in Euskara) (Kulumutxu) / 
カリモチョ(赤ワインとコーラ)kukuxumusuバージョン(エウスカラ語で"ノミのキス") /
Kalimotxo (vino rosso e coca cola) Kukuxumusu versione (“bacio pulce” in euskara)


Lunch at Gjelina in Venice today: 

  • Marinated crimini with parmesan 
  • Pickled Japanese mackerel on rye
  • Grilled broccolini in chili and vinegar, and merguez sausage on sauerkraut. 

Plus pizza with chorizo, asparagus with romesco, and to drink: a calimocho! (Red wine mixed with Coca Cola and lime. Way better than it sounds: it’s a little bit sweet, tart, and bitter. Great afternoon cocktail. Might make myself another one right now with all of our leftover party supplies.)