Summary of Tom’s and Grant’s panel at SVCC

Northern Californians booed Grant for his Dodgers jersey. #TheFlash #SVCC2017
He said it’s a good sign to open to boos and then said “why don’t I take it off.” That got cheers. #TheFlash #SVCC2017

Grant is excited for his first comic con.  #TheFlash #SVCC2017

Tom was nervous for his first day on #TheFlash set. #SVCC2017 “I felt like I was an outsider. I’m English.” -Tom Felton #TheFlash #SVCC2017 

Q: Who causes the most shenanigans on set? Grant: *no hesitation* Tom Cavanagh. #TheFlash #SVCC2017 

When @ThatKevinSmith first saw @grantgust in #TheFlash suit, he cried. #SVCC2017 

Q: What do you like about your character? Tom: He’s got a nice dress sense. I like his cynicism and his dry wit. #TheFlash #SVCC2017 

Tom just got down on his knee in jest and then asked “Grant, will you have me back for season 4?” #TheFlash #SVCC2017 

“I watch TV and movies constantly.” -Grant Gustin 

Q: What do you do to disconnect? Grant: PlayStation. I’m a homebody. Everything I do to disconnect is in my apartment.     

Q: What do you do to disconnect? Tom: I play guitar. 

Grant says tht Tom is the reason he decided to finally attend a con. Tom likes meeting ppl. Grant says “it scares me.” #TheFlash #SVCC2017        

Q: What’s your go-to karaoke song? Grant: Karaoke terrifies me. #TheFlash #SVCC2017

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Tom: Don’t take advice. #TheFlash #SVCC2017

I was pretty new before Flash. #TheFlash has prepared me for pretty much anything.“ -Grant Gustin #TheFlash #SVCC2017

Tom: Did you like the musical episode? Crowd: *goes wild* #TheFlash #SVCC2017

Grant says he thinks they "pulled it off” about the musical episode. #TheFlash #SVCC2017

Q: Favorite superhero? Grant: Superman. He has a tattoo that combines his love of Superman, his mom, & a line of his from West Side Story.

Q: Is there any other job you wanted? Grant: An architect. Tom: A fisherman. #TheFlash #SVCC2017

Q: What should I do at Potter World? Tom: Get something #Slytherin #TheFlash #SVCC2017

Q: Do you get a discount on #Slytherin goods? Tom: No, but being Draco I get the ‘ol five finger discount. #TheFlash #SVCC2017

Q: How fast can you actually run? Grant: Not slow. I’ve never liked running. That’s my confession for the day. #TheFlash #SVCC2017

People keep trying to get Grant to sing. “I love you all. It’s not going to happen.” #TheFlash #SVCC2017

“I think Zoom has been the most terrifying villain.” -Grant Gustin #TheFlash #SVCC2017

Q: Will you follow me on Instagram? Tom: I will find you, buddy, and I will follow you. #TheFlash #SVCC2017

Q: Tom, will you marry me? Tom came down and hugged her. “Let’s give a cuddle.” #TheFlash #SVCC2017

A girl finally got Grant to sing when she asked if they could duet Summer Lovin’. He sang it comically. “Life goal achieved,” said the fan

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I’m shy
Almost enough to not eat
So together
Across from one another
In a restaurant
You’ll say
What ?
And I’ll just say
It’s cause you’re really pretty
Which will make you grab my hand
Slender, gentle, olive and all
On a day
Such as this
Lay with me under
Northern Californian Sun
Amid Hussle and bustle
Be a lazy one
I’m waiting to watch you
Watch me
Laying side by side
Fuck I feel like
Stevie Wonder,
So that when it comes
Three words
Off your scent
I’ll be
Off on harmonizing tangents
Tangerine in color
Say it again
So that I can put your
Small frizzy head
To my hearts beat.

Your OC is safely indoors during a heavy rainfall. How do they react to their situation? Do they stare wistfully out the window like they’re in a clichéd music video? Are they worried about someone/something that might be left out in the rain? Do they run outside without a coat and just relish in the power of nature? Or do they simply wrap themselves in a blanket and listen to the sound of rain?

Friendly Reminder to Californians

Berkley is being converted to an open PvP zone. 

Be sure to grind up some decent gear and level up a bit before venturing into the soon-to-be apocalyptic Berkley Wasteland.

What if in 2019 we all (the MCR fandom) dress up as killjoys, with bright hair and clothing, rayguns and masks and all, with our own unique killjoy names, and just walk around like that for the entire year. And people could dress up as Dracs and SCARECROWs, and they and the killjoys have fake battles in random public places, with fake deaths and everything, and we play the Danger Days album in the background of those fights (Particulary Na Na Na and SING) and it’s basically all one big worldwide roleplay for an entire year and I don’t know about you guys but I think this would be awesome and I’m gonna do it anyway