Happy 100th birthday to Lassen Volcanic National Park! Underneath this California park’s serene surface lies magma, which creates volcanoes and hydrothermal features like boiling pools, gurgling mudpots and steaming ground. Lassen Volcanic is one of the only places in the world where you can see all four types of volcanoes – you can even hike each type! Sunset photo courtesy of Beth Young.


Perseid Meteors and Stars by Jeff Sullivan
Via Flickr:
Normally photographers separate out the meteors from the background to create a composite image. I decided to try a few composites where I left the stars in. They trace their path through our sky nicely, like a star trails image, without fully eclipsing our view of the meteors. This image contains a real reflection, as in all of my images (I consider undisclosed faked reflections to be unethical).