The Erskine fire in Kern County, #California, was the largest wildfire this year, ravaging nearly 50,000 acres of land and taking two human lives. Photographer Stuart Palley (@stuartpalley), whose series ‘Terra Flamma’ has extensively chronicled the cycle of #wildfires throughout the state, captions this image with the following words: “Fires by their nature consume and destroy. The living fuel perishes in order to for life to start anew on the fireground. First, weeds, sprouts, grasses, and saplings. Then small trees, shrubs, and decades or centuries later, towering pines and oaks. The cycle runs again. Wildfires are the mythical phoenix in action.” // #erskinefire #fire #landscape #joshuatree

Onyx Fire Holding at 200 Acres in California

A house fire in Kern County, California, triggered a brush fire that spread to 200 acres and displaced a handful of people. The Onyx Fire, burning near Onyx, California, was holding at 200 acres in the evening on Wednesday, July 14, according to the fire department.

Two houses were damaged as a result of the fire, and three adults and six children were displaced. Three adults also suffered smoke inhalation. Credit: Facebook/Kern County Fire Department