Rescued wolves move to Mohave County animal sanctuary

January 2016 - Wolves rescued from a Northern California ranch devastated by wildfire have arrived at their new home in Mohave County. The four wolves now live at Keepers of the Wild animal sanctuary in Valentine, 26 miles northeast of Kingman. The wolves previously lived at a ranch near Chico, California, where last year’s Butte Fire consumed more than 70,000 acres of forest lands and 500 homes. According to a media release from Keepers of the Wild, the wolves survived the fire by creating their own “safety zone,” digging a 15-foot deep den to escape the heat and smoke as the wildfire raged on.

Their 1,300-mile relocation to Mohave County was assisted by 12 people, including Jonathan Kraft and Tina Matejek of Keepers of the Wild.

Getting the wolves there wasn’t so easy, even with a team of 12 people with plenty of requisite experience. “It was a grueling rescue but well worth it in the long run,“ Kraft said in the news release. "They were running through the forest. They were very skittish. All jaws, all teeth,” Kraft said. “We tried to drive them into a pen. No way. With 12 people, we couldn’t corner them. No way. They were so fast and smart.”

Eventually the team immobilized the wolves with tranquilizer darts, which still took some doing. (There were lots of missed shots.) It took 10 hours to capture all the wolves and cart them to the waiting truck, on top of a 12-hour drive each way.

A veterinarian from Angels Camp, California, provided medical services during the journey, and the entire rescue was documented on video by a film production company.

The wolf pack is led by Banyanita, a 9-year-old female Arctic wolf. She is the mother of the three youngsters. The father wolf, a Tundra wolf named Skeena, succumbed to advanced heart worm disease prior to the rescue. The pups, Pawnee, Shadow and Unita, will turn 5 years old in April. During the rescue, the wolves were immobilized, examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated and microchipped.

The release said the wolves are exploring their new habitat and will soon be available for public viewing. Keepers of the Wild is located at 13441 State Route 66 in Valentine. The sanctuary is home to more than 140 wild and exotic animals, including 29 big cats.

Keepers of the Wild will be sharing the full details of their rescue along with video and photo footage in the very near future, so keep an eye on their website.

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Hungry baby sea lion wanders into a San Diego restaurant, seats herself

Employees at an upscale San Diego restaurant opened for business Thursday morning to find one very hungry diner already there: An 8-month-old sea lion. The pup apparently made her way into the restaurant overnight and then wandered over to a booth with an ocean view before falling asleep.

“[She] was a little bit early for [her] high tide breakfast reservation,” Marine Room executive chef Bernard Guillas wrote on Facebook, later telling Reuters that it was “almost like she wanted to have dinner.”

Watch the video of her rescue here.