Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show 2016

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The Super Bowl 50 halftime show took place on February 7, 2016, at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California as part of Super Bowl 50. It was headlined by the British rock group Coldplay with special guest performers Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, who headlined the Super Bowl XLVII and Super Bowl XLVIII halftime shows, respectively.
Ecosystems pulling apart as some plants shift habitats, possibly adapting to climate change
A UCLA-led study exploring California plant species’ shifts to higher elevations showed that non-native and invasive plants are moving fastest.
By Alison Hewitt

Their analysis showed that 15 percent of plant species in California are creeping higher. However, 27 percent of non-native species are on the move, compared to 15 percent of native species and just 12 percent of endemic species, according to their study, “Altitudinal shifts of the native and introduced flora of California in the context of 20th-century warming,” which appeared Jan. 22 in the journal of Global Ecology and Biogeography.

The researchers analyzed 682,000 specimen records of the 4,426 species present in California, making this the most comprehensive study of its kind. They compared what elevation ranges individual species used to grow at against where they grow now. The study is also unusual for being an empirical study of where plants have been found and are found, rather than a model of where plants may move in the future.

On average, the plants that shifted their range moved upward by 13 meters, and there were significant elevation changes in a smaller percentage of plant species than other studies have observed in birds and mammals — another potential indication that ecosystems are pulling apart.