Last week marked what would have been the 177th birthday of the father of national parks! On April 21, 1838, America’s most famous naturalist and conservationist – ‪‎John Muir‬ – was born. Muir fought to protect America’s wild places, and his writings convinced the government to conserve special sites like Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks in California. Photo Sequoia National Park along the iconic John Muir Trail by Jeff Sambur (

Went to the doggy beach the other day when this beautiful St Bernard ran behind me and accidentally pushed me; the impact almost threw me to the ground. I felt like I got tackled by a football player but I couldn’t stay mad at this guy since he is such a cutie. 

Image by Adriana Damian


I’m Engaged!

My best friend and love of my life, Austin, proposed to me on Friday (April 24, 2015), in one of our favorite places in the whole world, Big Sur. The spot where he proposed to me has a lot of sentimental meaning to us. When I graduated from grad school in 2010, Austin flew from Ohio to California, for the first time ever, to help me pack up all of my belongings and move cross country to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I would be working on several short films. On our drive, the first stop we made was right after the Bixby Creek Bridge, to an overlook to take in Big Sur. This is where I took one of my favorite photographs of all time. This spot made me realize how in love I am with California and how it will always be home to me even though I was ready for my new life with Austin. 

Jump to 5 years later…

Since I have been so distracted and worn down from planning and throwing Erika’s 30th Birthday this week (photos to come shortly), he decided that it would be a fun break to have a picnic in Big Sur. To make a long story short, everything worked out absolutely perfectly. He set up the picnic, put out these beautiful light up letters, put on our favorite song on his speaker, got down on one knee and proposed. Afterwards we ate the delicious picnic he packed and spent the day overlooking “our” Bixby Bridge, and then visited our favorite and most beautiful inlet at the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

Everything was perfect, everything is perfect. 

(Separate Ring post, to come.)