VICTORY: San Francisco to Ban All Animal Performances!

San Francisco is CHANGING the game for animals! The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously in favor of a ban on all performances by wild and exotic animals in the city!

This means that San Francisco will soon become the first major city in the U.S. to protect elephants, tigers, chimpanzees, and every other wild and exotic animal from the abuse of constant confinement and violent training—not just in circuses but also in film, television, and advertising.

This is the perfect move for a state that has already seen Los Angeles and Oakland ban weapons, such as bullhooks, that circuses use to beat elephants.
Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur
Just before Christmas, Andrew and I took a trip down to Pfeiffer State Park in Big Sur. We only camped one night and stayed another night at the Costanoa Lodges. Even though it was a short trip, we made the most of it. Here are some shots from our sweet little trip. Locations: Pfeiffer State Park, Bonny Doon Beach, Costanoa in Pescadero, and San Gregorio State Beach.

Nice dude trip to Bishop, CA for some cali sun, bouldering and good old fashion shit talking. Any excuse to get these idiots together from Washington, California and Utah is always a plus… we seem to use climbing as that excuse often. Photos by Dirtlegend’s Scott Hall