Poznałem kogoś. To był przypadek. Nie szukałem jej. To było jak burza. Ona powiedziała coś, ja jej odpowiedziałem. (…) Jest zupełnie szalona. Sprawia, że mam ochotę się śmiać. (…) Nie wiem, co jest między nami. Nie wiem, dlaczego miałaby marnować na mnie swój czas. Wiem, że cudownie pachnie.
—  Hank Moody “Califonication’

Hey peeps.

Check out this awful picture of a thing that I own. 

I finally own a record player. And I can play records on it. Now I have a great excuse to build up my collection. 

It sounds pretty great. 

It is a Califone player, and it has a handle on it and stuff so I can bring it to all the rad parties I go to. (I do not go to parties.)

I also got a really great sheet for my Halloween costume. 

Swell yes. I am going to be the best sheet ghost in all of Oregon.

And before anybody asks, yes, I did go out and spend a bunch of money to deal with the crushing blow of no longer being employed. 

Thank you for asking. 


// funeral singers - califone


Califone - Our Kitten Sees Ghosts
Live at Bottom of the Hill SF, CA 19th October 2010
Video by susanvirginia7

anonymous asked:

Wait so your asexual buty ou post a shit ton of sim smut

lol don’t make things weird anon.. because I personally don’t have interests in relationship/sex means my characters aren’t suppose to?

they enjoy sex very much if you haven’t noticed, bruh. also i don’t post ‘shit tons’ of ‘sim smut’. i can’t even recall the last time i’ve posed my sim giving a blow job, i mean seriously. 

i think this is the reason why some people (a large portion actually) in the sims rp community fail to differentiate themselves from their characters and end up taking situations very personal. i’ve noticed here quite a bit (in my own experience) that folks tend to confuse their characters with a perception of themselves and have them react OOC. it’s unfortunate because it leaves the other person in an uncomfortable position.. aka me.

you are not your character.. i wish more people understood this.

Go Gently

“Then Bilbo turned away, and he went by himself, and sat alone wrapped in a blanket, and, whether you believe it or not, he wept until his eyes were red and his voice was hoarse.”

01. The Parting Glass - Ed Sheeran, 02. Underneath the Stars - Kate Rusby, 03. End of All Things - Panic! At the Disco, 04. Heartache Is A Cold Place - A Boy and his Kite, 05. Bottles & Bones (Shade & Sympathy) - Califone, 06. Blackberry Stone - Laura Marling, 07. River (Acoustic) - LIGHTS, 08. Whole Made of Pieces - Jonsi, 09. Falling Into You - Mae, 10. Heysatan - Sigur Ros, 11. The Longer I Run - Peter Bradley Adams, 12. Homesick - Sleeping At Last, 13. That Home - Cinematic Orchestra, 14. Dreaming of Bag End - Howard Shore, 15. Long Time Traveler - The Wallin’ Jennys