Okay, so Fall Rally was amazing!

D36E won! That’s OUR division! We got the spirit stick twice in a row, we are amazing<3

Ugh, but I had so much fun with 

We were getting crazy<3 

We were going around asking EVERYONE how they felt, lolololol I’m pretty sure everyone got annoyed by the end of the night.

Fall Rally was so fun, and winning the spirit stick was the best feeling ever<3

“Yeah, Uh-hu you know what it is! BLUE and YELLOW, BLUE and YELLOW, BLUE and YELLOW, BLUE and YELLOW”


and Rocky Mountain challenged Cali Nev Ha


D30S; MAGNOLIA KEY CLUB, represent. gunna sport our magnolia american apparel mhskc shirts alongside with my personalized glow in the dark mhskc officers sweater

yeah yuhhhh

though the weekends of my senior year this year have all been incredible and to die for, im pretty sure this weekend is one to hit the books. especially sunday night. wooootttt! packing is fun; can’t wait! 

downside though is that after DCON, my term as magnolia high school key club secretary will have officially ended and so will have been my last key club year in high school. :( booo. 

but whatever. NOTHING’S GOING TO BRING ME DOWN THIS WEEKEND; going to be like the steelers. black & yellow. 



Cali-Nev-Ha just kicks rocky mountains butt! We need to step it up!!!